The Euros

DAY 1.
France V Romania = BTTS best bet.
France will do well but wont win, they have an incredible midfield and some classy attackers but look powder puff at the back so expect goals in and out every game.

Romania are hard to break down but offer little whilst they await a new Hagi.

SCORE: 2-1 France - WIN
DAY 2.
England V Russia
England will win this and i think 2-0 or 3-0 ( 2-1 for cover )

England come here with high hopes looking to have a better than average chance of not continuing the trend they have for under performing.

Russia are maulers that occasionally get a few diamonds but i dont think many will shine bright this year.

Best Bet ENGLAND WIN.- England concede in the 93rd minute to end 1-1..wankers..= LOST


Wales V Slovakia
Wales with Bale can always salvage something and this is by far the best welsh team i have seen in my lifetime and against an average Slovakian set up i think they can nick this but cleans sheets will be a premium and this has BTTS written all over it.

Best Bet : BTTS

SCORE: Wales did well here and held on well for a gritty 1-1 Draw making this bet a WIN.

Next Euro Tip will be posted on Tuesday.


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