Monday, 30 April 2012


The Sun has returned!!...i dont know for how long but its a welcome return as its been a lovely morning and ive spent it sat in my back Yard soaking it all up ;-).
Had a Lazy day yesterday after getting completely wankered with Sledge ...
The same Sledge that after being without any female attention in his life for some considerable time finally hooked up with old friend Sarah a few weeks back decided to rather drunkenly stagger into Kans ( local after hours shit hole ) and do some tonsil bashing with another old flame...only for Sarahs Friend to come over mid grope and " enquire " as to what was going on  and who is the friend ??....PMSL!!....only fecking Sledge , true Legend in waiting ...awaiting texts to confirm his bachelor status once again....
Today is another damp squib racing wise as the ground is as wet as......( appropriate gag )....

So it looks like Chantilly and Kempton today with some Wolverhampton action tonight and that is as unappealing as it sounds , so i will be making a start today on fitting the new wood flooring ;-), which should be fun...not!! , although i will be having a little dabble just for fun today , two that i like today are Mutaafakir and Fluctuate i will have these in a win double and if the first gets beat i shall compound it into the 2nd...and thats it for me really today and the picture for the week is not that good either as most courses nationwide are suffering , so we will just have to play it by ear.#

New  P n L start for tmrw tho and will be starting to post and track on PRP from tmrw and will be using a predefined staking plan all will be revealed for tmrw .

Very disappointed that more people didnt or havent taken part in the new comp to start from tmrw ;-( im done with that tbh , we try and do comps and arrange fun games into our lifes but no one cares so..i will show the same lack of interest also.
Anyway that will do for today , hopefully back to normal from tmrw......Then Again.....?

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Finally ...Some Light Shines Thru...

Well Morning One n All , its been a tough ol' week , starting to slowly rise for the gloom and as i do the mind starts to work with some clarification and purpose , i think going to Spain to see my Ma' is going to help ( or maybe the 80° Sun ) either way hopefully im thru the toughest part.
Im quite glad i got the Broadband installed at my Ma's now as i think its going to be quite useful ;-) , haven't decided how long im going to stay for yet , maybe a week ? , maybe 2 months ?...
As the rains ( in some areas ) finally withdraw for a bit ( more on way tho' ) we may get a full card in today although i think i may give P'town a miss after seeing this race yesterday....^^^

So what shall we look at today ? , well i think the mixed card at Sandown is very much a go as i feel this is one of the hardest Tracks to run in the UK , why ? , well because of the final bend and long run in i feel this course sorts the wheat from the chaff and if your good enough you will win , there should never be any hard luck stories here and it is a course i hold dear as many moons ago during their late summer evening card they hold the Brigadier Gerard Stakes and that was an occasion when i won an amazing amount ( for me at the time anyway ) and as such has always burned brightly within...So today we shall again roll on with Sandown...

BACK - SADDLERS RISK - 2nd @ 9.51
EW - LEXIS BOY - 1st @ 13.5
*Saddlers Risk has shown he is not quite Class 1 but he is only a smidge below that level and a fair bit better than most if not all Class 2's....Saddlers deserves a change of fortunes after putting in some spirited performances in the bigger races and against the very best , there are no Grumeti's in this race and i simply cannot believe the price @ 7.6 !!...MAX WIN ( with place lay cover ) , this i feel will either demolish these hard on the steel or Pull Up if things dont pan out, i dont see this as an EW bet as imo it either wins or totally fails.
*Hmmm...Did ok in the race after trading out Saddlers @ 3.0 , lost on the Place Lay but won well with Lexi's Boy...Good Start.

BACK - TOUR D'ARGENT - ( Stablemate Won!...More rubbish Inf from Hendo Jnr lol )...
EW - BIG EASY - 4th @ 12.7
OUTSIDER - HELLFIRE CLUB - ( Went off @ 42.0 , ran really well hitting 6.40 before weakening at the end, good trade )
*IDK is convinced there is a big win to come from Hellfire Club so im gonna have to stick with it and try again even @ 38.0.....another EW punt , i will also be dutching the top two to try and make a profit if the inevitable happens...*Again Did ok , made a small profit thru trading and got some decent runs from the selections )

EW - SOMERSBY - 2nd @ 3.85
*WISHFUL THINKING has to be my LOTD  , such an inconsistent sort whose recent run reads better than it looked , still a shade high at 4.4 for me to really get stuck in , i will instead be monitoring the markets and will probably end up having an in running LAY set at 3.0 / 2.92 ...i may end yet having this as a BTL ..time will tell...IF French Opera can sort its jumping out it will be game over for the rest..but its a weighty IF?!.* Wishful Thinking was UNPLACED.

*Tough race and again we would like to see a half decent run from Free World but @ 170.0 i think maybe even thats a big ask , maybe a trade , yeah may have a nibble " just in case " , West end Rocker was my National Pick but fell at the start so i will be hoping this is his compensation race and Aldertune is due a nice win and rarely runs a poor race.

*I would love to see World Domination win and win well but i feel that after its amazing Maiden win it has nothing left , then again it has been racing against the best so maybe a break and a rest have done it good , lets hope so, twice over ran its usual game, gutsy  race lto and is sure to be there but im hoping a big run from the mudlark Poet can see him get the win he is entitled to , his form over CD when 2nd in the Brigadier Gerard Stakes to Workforce gives him every chance.

*Probably the Dutch of the Day.



Thursday, 26 April 2012

After Morning

Howdy Doody Folks , Still feeling not quite at one with myself after being seriously let down....again! , Hey Ho life goes on and i will shortly move from the shadows of self pity and annoyance into a nice bright May , the future although unsure and insecure in equal measures is entertaining enough to keep me ticking over although my current mindset coupled with the weather ( Life Dutch ) is having an effect on my race reading skills and analysis as i cant quite focus as i should be , i also feel this whole non smoking malarkey is having a negative effect on my mind as im finding it hard to concentrate and focus properly ;-~@ .
Thankfully in real life i have Sledge to help me stay slightly cheery as his endeavours in romance rumble from the absurd to the marvellous , what a wonderful if slightly quirky chap he is ;-) , and in my virtual world of friends and friendship i have George Moorey whose role has been upgraded to right shoulder angel and Senor Jason Coote ( HCE ) a true friend and life companion whose words and musings are the fuel of thought , the Life of a Trader or indeed any other that demands an amount of time spent in solitary confinement can quite often be a shallow , timeless , empty existence , lack of human interaction and malevolence causes the mind to slow and regress , no one to share the good times with whilst the bad days seek a wider audience.
On the Racing front the weather is dictating matters and is having quite a say in the outcome of the races taking place , there are some tho' that love the soft/heavy going and relish getting their hooves stuck in and these are the ones that should be sought.
Here are a few that i like today...
This missed both Cheltenham and Aintree to wait for this after sauntering home by 30+ Lengths in soft ground at Ayr lto currently 3.1 and just a wee bit short imo but with only Tofino Bay to beat is priced accordingly , Wanted to make this my EW Nap for today but the price is too tight , will monitor thru the afternoon.

In a very poor looking contest this distance winner and Course 4th looks to have a great chance if fit enough , Brighton course form is important as its quite a quirky track and @ 4.7 i feel is a solid EW bet.

and ....

WOLVERHAMPTON : 14:50 : TIGERINO - Unplaced ( Led and Faded )
Got Kieron riding today which is interesting in itself , this confirmed stayer , course winner ( 2 runs over 17f have resulted in a 1st & 2nd ) and consistent sort looks booked for a win today and @ 6.6 this i feel is worthy enough to be the EW Nap for today , Place banker and good solid bet.

The above three i have in an EW Trixie and EW Treble ....
What ever your doing today , keep an eye on the going and weather , keep stakes simple and keep smiling...

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Yes it the Irish Festival now and yet more Soft ground conundrums to solve.
I wont be doing any race cards today so here are the selections from my speed ratings and myself.

Punchestown - 15:40 - Zest For Life ( EW ) - 3rd @ 7.40

Punchestown - 16:20 - Trifolium - ( NB ) - 2nd @ 1.62

Punchestown - 16:55 - Ceol Rua ( EW ) - Unplaced ( hit 1.64 for the win and 1.05 place )

Punchestown - 17:30 - SIZING EUROPE - NAP - 1st 1.66

Punchestown - 18:40 - Sir Des Champs - ( T ) - 1st @ 1.33

Punchestown - 19:15 - The Big Easy ( EW ) - 3rd @ 4.40


Southwell - 17:30 - Storm Moon / Woodland Mill ( Dutch of the Decade ) - Storm Moon 1st -

Southwell - 19:05 - Crowning Star - Unplaced

Southwell - 19:40 Bold Diva ( EW ) -

Wolverhampton - 15:20 - My Kingdom ( EW ) - 2nd @ 4.63
Wolverhampton - 15:55 - Hit the Switch ( EW ) - Unplaced

Thats it for today and pretty much sums it up , Feeling somewhat " Cheesed off " at mo so am going off to sulk , See you all tmrw....

Monday, 23 April 2012

Happy St Georges Day

Good Morning everyone on this great day , a day that we celebrate St George and not just us but also many a fair land including but not confined to Georgia, Egypt , Russia , Ethiopia , Portugal , Catalonia and Iraq , St George was a real man that carries many a myth whose borrowed colours and insignia ( St Ambrose ) engage many a story , today imo should be a Bank Holiday.
What a weekend , what a few days on the racing front as the Guineas picture unfolds we have seen some unusual races with some poor or disappointing performances in ground that is sticky at best and torrid at worst , we have trainers yet to truly start firing , some are hit and miss and some cant buy a winner , personally i have the last week tried to alter a few bets on PRP with minimal success as i have notched up a few losses so the DBB's will be returning to the usual format of 1 a day with selected others going into the hot picks to deliberate .
Overall the weekend although a profitable one was a disappointing one with a few results hitting the imaginary woodwork and some being just poor , it is that time of year where mistakes can happen and stats and averages take a beating but the key is to weather this storm and look forward to paradise as the season unfolds and all the form starts to knit together , i feel this week we shall just look at one flat meeting per day and highlight selected others i also feel i will have to decide upon a more rigid staking plan for the stats and results to give better clarity on performance, this will all take full shape from May 1st and that will be the first month of out statistical run will go on till the end of Oct.

Also anyone that would like to join our facebook page and drop in to say hi , pick a tip or two or just see whats happening just add me as a friend ( ) and i will then add you to the group , and get involved with the All New Comp starting May 1st!!..if you havent already Joined OLBG then do so via the HCE Blog and Follow the links to joining our League..C'mon Folks get involved!!

Spoke to Simon Cooper ( member ) over the weekend and he is off to Pontefract today i have done him a marginal card ( posted ) and hopefully that can steer him onto a few winners , whatever happens have a great day!.
Elsewhere today we only have Hexham as all the main action appears to centre around the 3 Early evening cards so todays card will indeed be for Windsor tonight ( can always check the cooper card for Ponte ) , Over at Hexham  , in the first i quite like Tipsy Dara EW , not a gold cup horse obv but is a dour stayer with very few miles on the clock , with its regular jockey on Lucy can guide this to a place at least as the ground is like a quagmire and when all the others have cried " enough " this can plod on thru and with some luck has a squeak of the win...and Constant Contact in the 15:30 should destroy his field IF taking to this heavy ground , purely on a form perspective it has shown enough to easily be a mega nap but the ground is a worry. ** ( 1 )TIPSY DARA , when advised this morning was 9.62 , backed into 6.8 just before the off and WINS by 15 lengths after outstaying them all in the mud = HAPPY DAYS!**
***( 2 )Constant Contact Wins @ 2.40 2/2 = Happy Days.
So on we go with tonight's Evening Card for the Beautiful Windsor ( had many an evening drinking in the Trout before popping over the road to the course ) ...



EW - MIDNIGHT RIDER - 3rd @ 15.0

MULTI - PALOMAS PRINCE - 1st @ 68.87




Sunday, 22 April 2012

Love this Pic...


**From MAY 1ST we will be running the first of our monthly tipping Comps , these are based upon our OLBG league and is very simple to join and follow  ,become a member of olbg ( if not already then visit HCE and join thru his sponsored link ) and join the league.
The league resets each money so is easy to track and follow and the rules are very simple , this costs £10 Per person and all prize Money will be split into 70% for the winner and 30% for 2nd , we have 10 already onboard , come on Guys n Gals join and make this one mental comp , thru the month fun n games...

1. Only Allowed 7 selections in any 7 day period  (Tues - Mon)
2. ONLY horses to be tipped
3.Cost is £10 to be paid using PAYPAL ( Donate buttone here on Blog is direct )
4.Thats it....Simples , Pay , Join , Have Fun...and Hopefully Win ;-)

Any problems then see either myself or Jason from HCE.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

My Saturday Double ;-)

My weekend is Paid for ;-))

Sat Info Horse

Emilio Largo ( 26.0 ) 15:45 Newbury
Spoke to IDK this morning ( he is friends with Malcolm ) and they are excited regarding this as they are expecting this to really step up this season , it is fit and ready and they will be expecting a good run , its been put in a very Competitive race for its seasonal début but is thought of at home to be Group Class and this should be within his compass, Rock Solid EW. - 5th ( Beaten about 4 lengths ) - Paying Top 4 GGGrrr...!

Went off at 30.2 ( 6.08 ) , Hit 4.7 in running for the win and 1.16 for the place ran on well with all the best work being done at the end....Good trade, good profit, One to follow.

**Actually i have just wastched the re run of this race and im convinced that Captain Bertie should have been Punished (,27770,492980,00.html ) i feel that without being forced to check up sharply in the final furlong we would have def made 4th and possibly top it yourselves and tell me what you think?...i think we was really unlucky not to get a bigger payday!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Free Tanning Session...

C'mon Ladies ( and Gents ) if your around Leeds or Wakefield over the weekend then i suggest you Nip in to Tanfanstique with many great stores to choose from and a delight in free offers , including Free makeover , FREE Tanning session plus much much more......Go on Treat yer self ;-)


One to Watch and Follow..Sentaril!!....Very Impressive!!.

Great Start..

As the 1st DBB goes in at a Nice Price and a good return ;-) is looking good!

Rail Link Alert

My current fav bloodline for 3yr olds Rail Link has another Progeny out tmrw ( 2/2 so far )  in NEWNTON LODGE whose mare was an unraced sort but is of the family tree of Mr Prospector and The Minstrel so has a blue blood continuity , this Won 1st time out over 7f and won well beating 4 from the stoute yard and 2 from the hannon yard with horses rated 80+ that looks strong , on its 2nd start it was slowly away , hung out the back and never really bought into the race , would have grown and strengthened over the winter , put this in your notebook and have a cheeky EW.

Result : Ran well at big odds, traded at half its SP and then faded when the pace quickened, desperately needs further imo.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

What and How...??

How the fuck has someone managed to get £4 matched @ 26.77 on Gregorian tmrw????.....i have tried and tried but can never get my reeedic odds matched!!, who does this and how?, who is the Lunatic taking these bets?.....please someone tell me!!...i want in!!!....if your reading this and its you, get in touch and take my £500 at 26.77 Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats it Now Till Monday..

Tmrw's Newbury Card will be posted up at PRP along with tmrw's thoughts and bets , so to everyone have a great weekend , have great Luck and Keep Smiling ;-))...See Y'all Monday...

One thing i would like to say.....How Fucking Unlucky was i today with my Mega Multi??!!...Fecking areholes...check this shizzle out..

8 Selections Chosen
1 Cheltenham 19th Apr - 23:00 Backing: Une Artiste @ SP - 1st @ 3.0

2 Cheltenham 19th Apr - 23:35 Backing: Arctic Ben OR Take Of Shocs @ SP - 2nd/3rd ( both gibbed at 1.24 and 1.01 !! )
3 Cheltenham 19th Apr - 00:10 Backing: Kells Belle OR Ixora OR Tante Sissi @ SP - 1st @ 10.0

4 Cheltenham 19th Apr - 00:45 Backing: Exmoor Ranger OR Bradley @ SP - 2nd ( done at 1.12 )

5 Newmarket 19th Apr - 00:00 Backing: Mickdaam @ SP - 2nd @ 6.4 ( poor Frank Spencer ride )

6 Newmarket 19th Apr - 00:35 Backing: Elusivity OR Mayson OR New Planet @ SP - 1st @ 5.74

7 Newmarket 19th Apr - 02:50 Backing: Martin Chuzzlewit OR Main Sequence OR Ahzeemah @ SP - 1st @ 3.5

8 Ripon 19th Apr - 23:45 Backing: Jet Away @ SP - 1st @ 2.0

Minimium i had was 6 folds!!, i had 5 Winners and 3 seconds!!! , 2 done at ridic low of 1.12 and 1.01!!....oh close today!!!! close!!

Your Bets
8-Fold from 8 selections
1 lines at $8.00 per line
Total stake for this bet: $8.00
Potential win: $10,267.73
7-Folds from 8 selections
8 lines at $19.00 per line
Total stake for this bet: $152.00
Potential win: $83,173.26
6-Folds from 8 selections
28 lines at $30.00 per line
Total stake for this bet: $840.00
Potential win: $193,679.89
Bet references: 31027760
*Odds shown are projected and may vary. More info
Total Backer's Stake $1,000.00
Your total potential win: $287,120.88

Some Pictures that made me smile this morning....

Awesome shot...

Just Funny...

So true... 

 The best Marathon Fancy Dress ive ever seen...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Its Early Evening...and its time to get ready for NEWMARKET tmrw ;-)

Yes that would be lovely if it was indeed the view from my rear or indeed front Window..Nonetheless it is still early evening and its still cold and wet.....and no matter how much rain we get we will still be in a state of drought because like everything else in this godforsaken country its managed by complete fuckwits whose only concern is the share price.
Moving on...Yesterday or as i write this today was a great success as i managed to win laying all the rather low priced beaten favs today , yeah i hit a couple as well but when liabilities are low its easy ( and foolish, but hey ho thats how i roll ) to compound losses and roll onto the next a bit like like a reversing martingdale system ;-)) , also had quite a few decent winners today from 1.37 to 21.0 so a good range , again the daily best bet won albeit at 1,37 but quite a lot if not most DBB's are at prohibitive odds as they are all about profit not glory......So moving onto Thursday we will be looking at Newmarket again and another Monster 8 race card , again we will shall try uncover value, find beatable favs and make some money.....

* Leaving all Hannon debutants alone at this Juncture as its my understanding is they are mostly short on work and are all benefiting from a run or two so on that basis im leaving Tassel out.
Alan Bailey is in great form so his Serephima has to be in with a shout , both Dascombe and Tate can ready a winner first time out and both are worth chancing at nice odds.
** And Hannons Wins , Ran green hanging its head all over but still won well, broke quick, stayed in the van and pushed out , nice run.
BACK - MUKHADRAM - 2nd @ 4.87
* The Wood Ditton and a Blue Bloods Wet Dream , amazing looking line up and this field is surely packed with future winners but which is going to be the most forward , without the advantage of a paddock eye or " word " im gonna have to do it " old school "....
With a plethora of A Rabs knocking about its hard to tell what is most liked or what their condition is, guessing with the Jockey Bookings and price tag is a speculative old game, ive gone for breeding a my magic Pin.
BACK - MICKADAAM ( NAP ) - 2nd @ 6.40
*MICKADAAM has form which puts him a mile clear of these and i will be shocked if he cant manage to rout these.
EW - MAYSON - 1st @ 5.47
*A very tricky looking Abernat a 6f sprint where a lot of clues have to be taken on trust so i am going to roll this purely on my own old PRP ratings and see what happens.
EW -
*Been searching my damnest to find holes in this and go against , i desperately wanted to have this as my lotd but just cannot, simply i cannot find any holes in its form, fitness shouldn't be an issue the yard are in rude health , Fallon is booked , and its currently 2nd FAV for the 2000 Guineas...Everything points to this winning , so im afraid i am going to have to row in as well..sorry guys n gals.
*Now a tricky Sefton Stakes and another Favourite begging to be taken on..Twice Over..Beaten in this same race when Odds On last year and albeit the Sir HRAC is in better form this year Twicey is also now a 7 yr old and although his opposition are not much younger im gonna take a punt against him and Lay although i am doing so knowing full well that if Twicey is fully fit and in good order it would monster these!.
Whats for me ?...Quite Simply the field....*Twice Over beaten into 2nd ;-)
EW - SALACIA -2nd @ 3.18
*Grab the Ouija Board and go with the flow ;-)
BACK - MAIN SEQUENCE - 1st @ 3.35
OUTSIDER - AHZEEMAH - 2nd @ 12.5
*Main Sequence will need to run well in this in order to justify its Dante entry.....
Updates, Extras and Salacious gossip all to follow tmrw..ttfn x

Hmm , Morning!!

Yes good morning indeed im sat here light headed , woozy , and full of flu!!....Fuck me i need a smoke ;-@@....But i will not give in!!!.....
Finding it hard at times to focus and concentrate.....3,2,1 and your back in the room!!.....
On the Racing front we had a fairly solid Day hitting a nice little 2/2 double which warms us up nicely for the week , and the Flat Season ( for me anyway ) really Kicks into life today with the Big Newmarket meeting ( duty free , Nell Gwynn ) and a couple of others also being ably supported with a little NH action at some gaff track called Cheltenham..that shud keep the In breds happy!!

As for today i think we can do a full card for Newmarket ,


EW - COGITO - 1st @ 21.10
*On paper this looks a tough and competitive Maiden however dig deeper and you'll find......nothing changes!! , sigh this race is full of under performers , under achievers and halfwits and thats just the Jockeys! , The horses dont seem to fair much better , with so many apparent non stayers in the field its a guessing game as to whether or not they have grown into themselves.
The One horse i find supremely interesting is MOSS HILL ( 70.0 ) The Hills family have trained the winner of this race for 4 of the last 10 years and they already have in Qannaas and its the Fav so why would Son Charlie Enter this horse owned by his father and former trainer Barry Hills and get the son to ride??..This is indeed a poser of a question....
Of those with race course experience it would appear that Paddyfrommenio and Muttafakir  are the two most likely to enjoy this trip and more as the others up to press either weakened , or showed a lack of gears in their mainly 6f races.
BACK - BAILEYS JUBILEE - ( NAP ) - 1st @ 1.37
EW -
*I think the price is shit but i do have this down on my ratings as the best 2yr old out so far , Thrashed the very heavily backed and future winner Lyric Ace , also comfortably beat Marvelino and coupled with a PRP rating of nearly a second more than Dreamy Ciara , this looks Nailed on! , i cannot see DC winning here but i can see one of the two newcomers running on for a place as both are quite choicely bred.
*Very tough race with a lot of quality about, Valbcheck is my LOTD today , ridic race to enter him into needs to find at least 24lb in improvement to get competitive, 2nd lifetime run and that is as a three yr old...Nah i dont think so!!...VALBCHECK did Win @ 6.05 and Won well, Improving  and improved with more to come, i would suggest 100+
BACK - TELWAAR - 1st @ 6.0
EW - BANNOCK - 2nd @ 5.4
MULTI - HAZAZ - ( 3rd @ 17.0 )
*A trappy little renewal of the European Duty Free ( Listed ) Hcap and i have this down as a straigh 4 way fight between Bannock ( Fastest PRP rating ) , Zumbi ( raced 3rd behind some useful types but beating eased horses ) , Telwaar ( same speed ratings as all bar Bannock ) and Hazaz ( totally unpredictable but does have a 3rd in the Horris Hill thats puts him 2nd fastest and right in the mix )......Now although i like the look of Zumbi and think its race when 3rd was a rock solid effort at 2.26 i am going to have to field against it.
This is not to say i dont feel it can win as it has a very obvious chance if improving and if has strengthened thru the winter i just feel for what it has done and what it is " expected to do " the price is too short , i had it down at 3.6 which i feel was a fair price not the uber skinny 2.2+, i have Dutched those three at BFSP and expect some fair prices and a fair run.
MULTI - NAYARRA - 3rd @ 28.90
*The Nell Gwynn , and this looks very tough with a lot of potential improver's and growers , a lot already have some quite useful looking form , One that i really like here is RUSSELLIANA although i always thought that anything under 1m would be too short a trip as she seems to only get wound up late on .
Personally i dont like Pimpernel , i know my ratings have it as back choice and most likely winner , but for me ..i just dont think so.
*Tough Call with a chance or a cursory word for all and a case for most , again this is another race in which i feel the fav is too short and exposed ( maybe im just anti fav today ? ) .
BACK - SHANTARAM - 2nd @ 2.31 ( hit 1.01 in running )
MULTI - YAZDI - 3rd @ 27.11
EW - HEERAAT - 3rd @ 13.11

Other Races to note...None as i have run out of time on here , Good luck ttfn x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mawning Yawning Mawning Yawning FFS GTFOOH LOL WTF!!

Hola Bola and Morning all , the header for todays Post may be going a bit fecking mental or it be may the way forward as i have today decided to GIVE UP SMOKING!!...oh Man oh Man....Im the most Impatient person i know in fact whilst im writing this im already annoyed that im not already " Healed " ..this is going to be a long , fraught and painful road i know but waking up and wheezing , lack of general fitness , baccy fingers , ruined shirts , standing in the cold , making a filth of my new decorating , stink and the general urghness has led me down this path , i know that a part of me will always be a smoker but i also know im stubborn enough and strong willed enough to fuck this off from the get go!!! here we go Day 1 ...Lets Kick this Shit!!!

Had a couple of really Nice hits yesterday , 3 solid bets which included 2 x win bets and 1 x Laybet which resulted in 2 x Winners @ 15.5 and 4.6 and a Winning Laybet ( Beaten 1.74 Fav ) so all was good yesterday on an otherwise tepid and lacklustre day.

Today does not appear much better although i will give it more focus....
Hmm well on the Flat we only have Southwell and with just the one Maiden to work on it wont take Long...
Southwell 14:10 Silver Blaze - 1st @ 2.94

Over the Sticks....
14:30 Exeter - Themilanhorse should hose up  , has tons in hand and only has to complete to win : 1st @ 1.70

So on a quiet day that will be all for now, Daily Best Bet is Posted up on the New PRP site ,
Chill out and Look forward to a Great Newmarket!!..all starts for me tmrw.....Nell Gwynn and the Duty Free is my Flat season starter....ttfn x

2/2 for today is a steady return and a nice little double ;-)...Happy Days.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Boom 2

The Only Horse that i really was interested in today MAIN LINE is 1st @ 15.5 ( why i didnt do this in a Double with Gold selection?? )...That'll do me for the day.


What a Cracking Start from The GOLD BETS from HCE , First Horse of the season advised to Members and Gold Badge Holders is BADDALINI and it Wins very Easy @ 4.65 !!..Superb , Well Done Jason.
Jason Coote - 2yr old Pro ;-)

Yawning All...

Yep indeed after such a Myriad of sporting events and highlights from the weekend today was always going to feel like a no show.
Back to Reality and back to the Maidens , im going to keep it simple today with it being so quiet , no race cards or reviews...Just the races and the selection.....

1.Windsor 14:00 
European Breeders' Fund Maiden Stakes
£5000.00 added, 2yo only, 5f 10y, Class 5

2.Windsor 15:30 
Windsor Vehicle Leasing Maiden Stakes (Div 1)
£3500.00 added, 3yo only, 1m 2f 7y, Class 5
..AEGAEUS ( EW ) -

3.Windsor 16:00 
Windsor Vehicle Leasing Maiden Stakes (Div 2)
£3500.00 added, 3yo only, 1m 2f 7y, Class 5

4.Wolverhampton 14:45 
32 Free At Maiden Stakes
£3500.00 added, 3yo plus, 5f 216y, Class 5

5.Wolverhampton 15:45 
Download Our iPhone App Median Auction Maiden Stakes
£3500.00 added, 3-5yo, 1m 141y, Class 5
.MAIN LINE - 1st @ 15.5

Briefly summarising i would say the most interesting runner there is the last named Main Line as this is another Progeny from the Rail Link ( had a winner in France Yesterday ) i like this blood line, top quality, strong and classy , Sir Maximillian is on breeding a shoo in but these sorts can quite often fail to act on the surface , run green or just not be all that , Interlocking is a speculative punt in a 3 way as i dont see many winning this and i will be surprised if it doesnt place at the minimum , Aegaeus is a hopeful selection and Meringue Pie is the obv call in a poor race.
As you can probably tell with my less than enamoured attitude i will be taking it very easy today  and with so little feedback or requests i simply am not currently motivated enough to do anything else.
There is as you may have noticed a you tube type box in the top rh corner , this is a sponsorship advert , have a click , have a watch ( high quality ) help create a prize pool.
Full Race Cards and PRP bets will be posted as usual , for the rest of the week if there are any type of specific races or betting styles that anyone wants highlighting then please just leave a comment and i will do what i can , if anyone is having a bet in the week at any time and would like a 2nd opinion on their selections feel free to get in touch , ok im off to go and wash down my huge 3 flighted stair bannister now , have a gr8 day, ttfn x

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Excellent Start to the day with a beautiful 4.6 Winner ( advised below )  and my what a great looking sort!!...

Sunday EW Double

1. UP ( Up (IRE) ) - 3rd @ 6.2

2.HARRISONS CAVE ( Harrison's Cave ) - Stone Last ;-)

This is my EW double for the day , i simply cannot desert UP after watching her run 4th at Churchill Downs i am convinced there is more to come from this and the last run at Dundalk can be forgotten and Harrisons Cave has won over 1m5f so will stay and is another whose last run can be forgiven as he hated the dirt , i expect both of these to run well and at least Place , if they win well thats just a fine n dandy bonus ;-))

***Work Watch Alert***

Over in France today there is quite a tasty looking card going on and in the first we have a maiden for 3yr olds and it is as blue blooded a contest as you will ever see , the sort of race that will produce a hat full of future winners and if you have viewing access  then i would suggest watch it as it will be very informative  for a start HH Khan and K Abdulla both run 2 each and all from different trainers but my man in France tells me the most eagerly anticipated run is from LAST TRAIN , this Bay Colt from Arc Winner Rail Link is expected to go onto big things this season , this should go onto the tracker list no matter what happens today.

Booooooooooooooooom - 1st @ 4.6

The Photo Finish

Morning All , i write this a bit bleary eyed and still hungover , had a great day and night yesterday , the night for me was to act as a chaperone for my Dear friend Sledge who was having his first date in a gazillion years and it was a partially sighted one at that ( not a full blind date as they had swapped texts for 7 days prior ) and he was nervous ( bless @ 40 ) but needless to say it went perfectly well and he got chauffeured home at 9:30am ;-).
Heres a Pic of Sledge with his comedy Goggles on ;-) ...

And to any of you that Play Words for Friends you will appreciate this highest ever single word score!!.......257!!!

Onto yesterdays action , the usual Boo Hoo'ing from the Animal rights brigade after two horses died during the National , which was expected as they talk shit every year and wont stop till it ceases which wont happen , the race itself was superb imo , only 15 finishers from a full field of 40 , plenty of fallers and Brought Downs , super exciting and i had a good run from my Shakalakaboomboom until it tired 2 out and limped home 9th , great run and probably the best finish from the race i have ever witnessed ....It just doesnt get any closer than that!!! , i have to say a big well done to Seabass and Katie Walsh , great ride and performance vwd, earlier on in the day we saw some more amazing runs from the Hendo stable most notably for me was Simonsig , next year will be an amazing one imo.
Profitwise yesterday was again superb , hit all the right notes and called all the right tunes , very happy , today however we have a very flat and tepid fare on offer with only Leopardstown offering us any flat action so i have a feeling today could be very low key , whilst i continue to do some race reading i will let you enjoy some of the picture highlights of yesterdays Big Event.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

***Grand National***

Yes today is that day THE National Hunt Seasons big Hurraa , this 4m Snickers of a trip that finds many a good un out.
As usual we have a solid mix of Granite and Teak , Class and Arse , Dreams and Dreamers with a full line up taking place this is a spectacle to watch with the possibility of a payday at the end can we get that Winner , Can we get a decent priced placed horse?...I will try my best to conjure some horsey magic as i go through the card at Aintree today which will no doubt be as tough as the previous two days.
Two Brilliant winners yesterday in Darlan and Finians Rainbow , one Major disappointment in Gullinbursti and imo a very poor ride given to Call me a Star , but all my Laybets have been good and the profits are good so all in all a very satisfactory few days...Lets just hope we can continue.
Gold Star to anyone that can tell me the name of the horse in the Pic ;-).


RACE 1 Aintree 13:45 
John Smith's Mersey Novices' Hurdle (Grade 2)
£50000.00 added, 4yo plus, 2m 4f, Class 1
BACK -SIMONSIG ( NAP ) - 1st @ 1.50
EW -SUPER DUTY - 2nd @ 9.55
*Hmmmm...SIMONSIG , thats all that needs to be said really , i see no reason to be going against this all class animal whose only defeat this season was to a very good run from Fingal Bay , those of you that dont like backing shorties or want some " Value " then i would suggest Super Duty EW @ 11.5 / 2.12.
RACE 2 Aintree 14:15 
John Smith's Maghull Novices' Chase (Grade 1)
£100000.00 added, 5yo plus, 2m, Class 1
BACK - SPRINTER SACRE - ( NB ) - 1st @ 1.15
EW - N/A -
*Sprinter Sacre..Nuff said ;-).
RACE 3 Aintree 14:50 
John Smith's Aintree Hurdle (Grade 1)
£160000.00 added, 4yo plus, 2m 4f, Class 1
BACK -  OSCAR WHISKEY - 1st @ 3.25
*A small field renewal with just the 6 and only 3 of those have any real chance of winning , and @ 1.21 for the dutch i think this is buying money , an absolute nailed on cast iron earner , if ya have £200 spare lump it on , take the £40+ Profit and spend it all on fosters Gold ;-).
RACE 4 Aintree 15:25 
John Smith's Handicap Chase (Listed)
£60000.00 added, 5yo plus, 3m 1f, Class 1
EW - BATTLE GROUP - 2nd @ 7.40 ( hit 1.30 in running, great finish )
*An odd looking race with so many out of form, inconsistent or just very average with the exception of CHAPOTTUGEON , but even this plied its trade with the Hunters lto but does look the most reliable and does look the most likeliest of Winners.
Against it you have a very well treated Battle Group , a very light weight Marufo and the inconsistent Cannington Brook and backing any of those three requires a great deal of trust.
RACE 5 Aintree 16:15 
John Smith's Grand National Chase (Grade 3 Handicap)
£975000.00 added, 7yo plus, 4m 4f, Class 2
*Now we have it the BIG one , the monster and mother of all NH races , the " National " with a full field of 40 taking their place this is a pinstickers paradise , the mums will be backing names and colours, dads will follow form , the shrewdies look at the stables and everyone else listens to everyone else dont get " tips " for the National , you can only use what i would term as a Judgement Call , Look for a bit of class, solid Jumping ability , solid stayer with gears and likes the ground , use these as key pointers and you shouldnt go far wrong!...never forgetting that in the National the phrase " Anything can happen " is most apt.
My 4 from the field are ,
With a recent win under his belt confidence shouldnt be a problem , was bang in contention last year until shipping 4 out now races off a 5lb lower mark and this has been the horses main aim all season , laid out and punted with the yard very bullish , great chance. 21.0

A classy stayer bought down on the first circuit last year but reappeared this year on its first run winning the Becher Chase here at this track and over the National Course so has proved himself that he stays , jumps, quickens and has that bit of class , this is my 1st choice . 18.5

Now personally i dont feel this will stay but Hendo Jnr is convinced it will  , seems to have ironed out its jumping frailties and does seem a much improved performer this term and is the mount of the mighty Geraghty which itself is worth a few pounds , this is probably my weakest choice as its more of a " if i dont and it wins im sick " kinda bet - 18.0

My fav outsider and a personal fav of mine , i love this horse and its done me proud over the years has loads of talent and class but has been beset with its fair share of bad luck , can jump well , does stay , likes most ground types and is resilient all in all i feel with luck in running ( which tbh applies to all ) should run well , i can see it hanging out the back on the first circuit, moving into midfield halfway thru the second then moving into contention and thru beaten horses at the end and on the long run in if there will run on and can go and go...65.0 
RACE 6 Aintree 17:05 
John Smith's Handicap Hurdle (Conditional Jockeys And Amateur Riders)
£40000.00 added, 4yo plus, 2m 110y, Class 2
EW - DREAM ESTEEM - 2nd @ 13.4 ( hit 1.27 in running )
*Back to reality now and a very good races for the Amateurs and Conditionals and quite often with these it pays to side with the more accomplished riders.
My Favourite has to be Nina Carberry but she appears to have a very weak ride in Idarah whose only real piece of form was 2 runs back when ridden by NC had beaten the 136 rated Sportsmaster in a tough driving finish.
I would have to think that UBI ACE has a cracking chance with experienced Alan Berry riding along with DREAM ESTEEM who has arguably the best Jockey on in young Brendan Powell and Finally i also really like KEALIGOLANE with the very talented Lucy Alexander riding , this is bang in form , and interestingly enough other than Lucy the only other jockey to win on this is Nina Carberry lol when she rode it to win over in Wexford.
RACE 7 Aintree 17:35 
John Smith's Champion Standard Open NH Flat Race (Grade 2)
£25000.00 added, 4-6yo, 2m 1f, Class 1
BACK - POPULATION - ( My LOTD and is Unplaced )
EW - SIR JOHNSON - 3rd @ 16.4 ( hit 2.5 in running )
*This is a ridic tough race to have as the Finale lol , no " getting out " here im afraid although i have nominated POPULATION as my LOTD  , this is based solely on its price at 3.4 ( i have down as a backable 5.2 ) in such a super tough race at 3.4 i will gladly Lay all Day!.
For the backers and the mentalists  i would suggest Howaboutnow EW & SIR JOHNSON EW.
A great albeit tough day of racing , enjoy , relax and keep smiling , see you all on Monday ;-)x

Friday, 13 April 2012

**Message to Members**

To all Members and those that have opened up a Betfair account through the Blog can you please send me an Email , Many Thanks.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Aintree - DAY 2

Evening All ( or morning / afternoon whenever your reading , delete as applicable ) , had a solid opening day and very happy with a few of the results with most races panning out as i had expected although truth be told PRP suffered 3 losses from 5 bets yesterday , our worst run yet ;-((...some crazy shit afloat!! will probs roll back to 1 a day to steady the ship.... buoyed by the over spilling of profits i think i tried to accelerate it further but instead  took a £400 Loss...Still well on for the £1500 per month target just got a bit of catching up to do.
Looking forward to Day 2....Here we go......


RACE 1Aintree 14:00 
Tangle Teezer Top Novices' Hurdle (Grade 2)
£50000.00 added, 4yo plus, 2m 110y, Class 1
BACK - DARLAN - ( NAP ) - 1st @ 2.81
*A good looking race to start the day off with the field packed with Quality and none more so than DARLAN a horse whose form figures really should show 11111 as he looked the most likeliest winner when falling 2 out ( 2 runs back ) and was an unlucky 2nd lto in the Supreme at Cheltenham , A well bred sort that travels supremely well is generally a solid , fluent, quick jumper this will take all the beating.
I expect Agent Archie to be a lot more involved after running well till tiring 2 out behind Darlan lto along with the other 2 Hendo Runners.
Of the others Prospect Wells is a horse that flatters to deceive as it races like a winner in every race and finds little although i feel different riding tactics may be employed today,Vulcanite is quite Interesting as this was quite a talking horse before it had even seen a race course, ran well when comfortably taking its Novice entry then ran ok in splitting All the Aces and Montbazon ( still leaves it a bit to find on form lines ) and then totally emptied between the last 2 in the supreme i would think there is more to come from this.
So having had a good look at the field and adjusting their ratings i can see no logical answer other than the Fav DARLAN.

RACE 2Aintree 14:30 
John Smith's Mildmay Novices' Chase (Grade 2)
£75000.00 added, 5yo plus, 3m 1f, Class 1
*A small turnout for this Novice Chase but ultra competitive and hard to split the 5 runners although strictly on  pure form Champion Court looks the answer and Solix has no chance what so ever although the form of the Ryman Chase gives Join Together the upper hand , Silviniaco Conti will get outstayed and Yes Tom looks like its tilting at windmills!!.
So my Answer here would be...Champion Court to just beat Join Together.
For betting reasons i would suggest a round lay on Solix and split the laybet 50/50 on a free dutch with the two mentioned.
RACE 3Aintree 15:05 
John Smith's Melling Chase (Grade 1)
£175000.00 added, 5yo plus, 2m 4f, Class 1
*Interesting..Hmm..Now although the Fav Finians Rainbow has won over the Distance ( 2m3f110yds in the T-Bar @ Ascot 2010 ) this has always been thought of as an out and out 2 miler and having spoke with the team this morning this was confirmed , they are guessing as to whether or not it will truly stay a strong run 2m4f , over 2m this would be 1.6 or less after beating ( although rather fortuitously imo ) Sizing Europe lto this extra distance makes it a puzzle in a field that is a tad low on quality but full of confirmed stayers will there be something to come from the pack that can out stay FR on the long run in?.....Albertas Run is a battler and will certainly make a race of it , Kauto Stone is no " Star " , Forpaddy' is finished , Wishful Thinking lives life likes its name , Poquelin is only half decent , and the rest are out of form, out of their depth and cannot be considered so i would suggest that FINIANS RAINBOW is the most likely winner even being a ?? stayer , personally i will be backing this and having some cover on Albertas Run and a RFC.
RACE 4Aintree 15:40 
John Smith's Topham Chase (Grade 3 Handicap) (National Course)
£100000.00 added, 5yo plus, 2m 5f 110y, Class 1
*Now we move onto probably the toughest race of the day to call , a huge 26 runner chase over the National course!!...a mini national if you like as a few of these may have considered the National before this.
Im not interested in last years winner Always Waining at all , laid out , got ready blah blah...feck off! wont be winning this today.
The four i really like are ,
1.TRIANGULAR : A tough consistent sort that jumps really well is strong and agile , travels well and gets this trip really well on all ground types that are anticipated at Aintree today , at 12.0 this is a cracking EW bet.

2.SUNDAY CITY : Interesting as an EW bet to nothing , been racing most recently in Hunter Chases and lumping 12s6lb on its last outing in 2nd , now today on its return to " rules " it only has to carry 10s2lb that is more than an incredible 2 stone less!! will feel like it has no jockey on lol!! and at a mouthwatering 85.0 i think its worth an EW punt to nothing.

3.FABALU : From the McCain yard , this is obviously no Red Rum but still has enough in the locker to make a good go of it round here , solid jumper, stays all day, uber consistent and gteed a fair run and @ 21.0 is of a price that entertains me.

4. DOUGLAS JULIAN : Anything Sue Smith sends out lately merits respect as she is in very good form and her string is in top condition , this is no star by any means but does stay and more importantly is another solid jumper is in form having won its last race and again at 30.0 is worth consideration in a very tough looking race where jumping and staying will be key.
***Have to say well done to the connections of Always Waining, i could never have had that and wrote off completely his chance of a 3 timer...but my what a gutsy performance, i got it wrong.
RACE 5Aintree 16:15 
John Smith's Sefton Novices' Hurdle (Grade 1)
£100000.00 added, 4yo plus, 3m 110y, Class 1
EW - COTTON MILL - 3rd @ 7.64
*And the day doesnt get any easier with a very tough and competitive Sefton , the First horse to mention has to be FINGAL BAY a horse that oozes class and is unbeaten this term and although it has yet to race this far i see no reason why it shouldnt stay the extra 1/2 mile my only reservation would be as to its condition after getting pulled out of Cheltenham ( could be a blessing ) as it had suffered a minor injury/setback , a tough call to make regarding this as this is a race jam packed full of talent.
COTTON MILL is hugely of interest as i had this down as the winner of the Bingham until it ducked out and unshipped and the winner of that race Simonsig makes a form line suggesting that there is little to choose between this and Fingal Bay.GULLINBURSTI  was pulled from the finale yesterday but had already been entered for this now interestingly enough this was always the main aim as this is a g'teed stayer and a smooth traveller , Emma feels that her charge will be bang there all the way and will outstay Fingal Bay and the rest from the last im on EW @ 15 and may have a bit more yet.
Finally we have HARRY TOPPER another G'teed stayer who is expected to run a big race today , this has form lines through Lovcen that give it every chance and another racing with an encouraging price at 18.5.
To summarise i will be going against the Fav Fingal Bay who at 2.62 is far too short in a race where it has questions to answer , yes i will be laying it , just enough to cover my EW bets with a bonus , if it does win this then i would start to look at the ante post market for next years Cheltenham Festival races as it will be a major force in everything from 2-3m.....but nonetheless it still has to prove it can truly stay , this will be its acid test.
**How disappointing was Gullinbursti..;-((...gutted....Great Race , but ultimately disappointing...
RACE 6Aintree 16:50 
John Smith's Daily Mirror Punters Club Handicap Hurdle (Listed)
£40000.00 added, 4yo plus, 2m 4f, Class 1
EW - N/A -
*Again a tough race but one in which if you took away the last run of every horse lined up would look completely impossible to solve , i will however give another chance to BOURNE from the McCain's , although 9th lto it only weakened in the last 100 yrds as was only beaten 7 lengths in a tough race at Cheltenham , a class animal on the flat and has shown to be quite classy over the sticks with a current price of 8.0 this is a solid EW bet in fact i am making this my EW NAP for the day , i really like this.
RACE 7Aintree 17:25 
John Smith's Mares' Standard Open NH Flat Race (Listed)
£25000.00 added, 4-6yo, 2m 1f, Class 1
*Hmm , this is interesting as i have CALL ME A STAR absolutely miles clear and on ratings/form and stats should win this by a mile , but.....................actually there is no but lol , im lumping on this in the finale!! , what a fantastic " Get out of Jail Free " card to have after such a rough day!!..superb.
What a fantastic day of racing awaits , enjoy , be lucky , be prudent ;-)...ttfn x


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