Thursday, 5 April 2012

" Shuky "

Morning Mate , re: LAYING the values and angles i look for are fairly straight forward here is a non finite list of how i conclude a Lay ,
1.Fav running over a new trip
2.Fav running on untried ground
3.Fav has a penalty
4.Fav has a different Jockey
5.Fav is in a race where there are at least 4 Viable Alternates
8.Field size

Now this isnt an exact science but is a guide to what you need to be looking at when deciding upon what makes a good lay or not.

I will go through todays three main cards and see if any stand out today.....


Race 1. Nothing is Forever - 2nd @ 5/2F = WIN

Race 2. NQ

Race 3. NQ

Race 4. NQ.

Race 5. NQ.

Race 6. NQ


Race 1. NQ

Race 2. Perfect Words - 2nd @ 6/5f = WIN

Race 3. Roodeye Queen - Unplaced @ 10.7 ( 3rd fav ) = WIN

Race 4. Drawnfromthepast - Unplaced @ 3.88f = WIN

Race 5. Dove Cottage - 1st @ 6.99 = Lost

Race 6. Cotton Trader - Unplaced @ 4.65 = WIN

Race 7. Market Puzzle - 2nd @ 9.23 = WIN


These are my Ratings ( PAS ) system lays ( watch em all win now lol ) to give you an idea of whats what ol bean ;-))) , lets see how we do....
**Just Dove Cottage ruined a perfect Full House!!..Still good profits from the day so cant complain ;-), have a great Friday Bank Holiday everyone and i'll see ya back here for a Sat Spectacular ;-)))..Cheerio!!x


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