Monday, 16 April 2012

Yawning All...

Yep indeed after such a Myriad of sporting events and highlights from the weekend today was always going to feel like a no show.
Back to Reality and back to the Maidens , im going to keep it simple today with it being so quiet , no race cards or reviews...Just the races and the selection.....

1.Windsor 14:00 
European Breeders' Fund Maiden Stakes
£5000.00 added, 2yo only, 5f 10y, Class 5

2.Windsor 15:30 
Windsor Vehicle Leasing Maiden Stakes (Div 1)
£3500.00 added, 3yo only, 1m 2f 7y, Class 5
..AEGAEUS ( EW ) -

3.Windsor 16:00 
Windsor Vehicle Leasing Maiden Stakes (Div 2)
£3500.00 added, 3yo only, 1m 2f 7y, Class 5

4.Wolverhampton 14:45 
32 Free At Maiden Stakes
£3500.00 added, 3yo plus, 5f 216y, Class 5

5.Wolverhampton 15:45 
Download Our iPhone App Median Auction Maiden Stakes
£3500.00 added, 3-5yo, 1m 141y, Class 5
.MAIN LINE - 1st @ 15.5

Briefly summarising i would say the most interesting runner there is the last named Main Line as this is another Progeny from the Rail Link ( had a winner in France Yesterday ) i like this blood line, top quality, strong and classy , Sir Maximillian is on breeding a shoo in but these sorts can quite often fail to act on the surface , run green or just not be all that , Interlocking is a speculative punt in a 3 way as i dont see many winning this and i will be surprised if it doesnt place at the minimum , Aegaeus is a hopeful selection and Meringue Pie is the obv call in a poor race.
As you can probably tell with my less than enamoured attitude i will be taking it very easy today  and with so little feedback or requests i simply am not currently motivated enough to do anything else.
There is as you may have noticed a you tube type box in the top rh corner , this is a sponsorship advert , have a click , have a watch ( high quality ) help create a prize pool.
Full Race Cards and PRP bets will be posted as usual , for the rest of the week if there are any type of specific races or betting styles that anyone wants highlighting then please just leave a comment and i will do what i can , if anyone is having a bet in the week at any time and would like a 2nd opinion on their selections feel free to get in touch , ok im off to go and wash down my huge 3 flighted stair bannister now , have a gr8 day, ttfn x


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