Sunday, 31 July 2011

One for Monday ...

Now we are back upto 20/22 on the Espana lays I feel confident in laying today's LOTD which is........

Ripon 15-15 - Johnny Lesters Hair , - £150 @ bfsp , quiet day tmrw this will be my only bet as I'm
On the beach all day happy all !!

Result = Unplaced @ 7/2jf = Won £150

Easy Money :-), long may it reign!!!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

One for Sunday ...

14-55 Chester - our boy jack - LotD - £150 @ bfsp
Result = UnPlaced @ 7/2 = Won £150

Easy Monies :-))

Friday, 29 July 2011

Just the one for sat ...

Let's hope we can do better today after finding Neebras yesterday!!, I really thought Western Aristocrat was a good thing today and just couldn't see Neebras reversing his form, I was wrong, and not for the first time , so on we march,
Today's Max lay will be in the 15-10 Goodwood , I have Layed , Snow Fairy for £500 @ 3.2 and set a keep back bet of £370 @ 4.2 for a profit roughly of either £110 or £130 , IMO It will struggle for pace here and as it likes to race off the pace I feel a trade is a cert so that's the way I'm playing, actually gonna proba have a full day at it tmrw so youse see me on , if ya do give us a shout , whatever ya do have a great day ... See ya soon x

Ker-Ching, Snow fairy loses , but more pertinently the trade was matched in the first 15 secs , so a very easy £130 made, happy days :-)), blog account back on track and now on 19/21!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Just watched...

Yet another re run of the Frankel race and it just keeps getting better and better.....what an amazing horse, canford hung left because it was distressed, horse talk talk for being pissed off at Frankel for accelerating so quickly it simply couldn't stick with it, Frankel is amazing!!!

Just the one for Friday ...

Today's LOTD is in the 14-35 @ Goodwood, and the horse is Neebras, for a variety of reasons that due to lack of sleep I cba explaining, all you need to know is that this really shouldnt be winning this today , I will be laying for both myself and the blog account a Max lay of £150 @ bfsp, ...

On the holiday front , it's been mental , just got back from a 12 hour Moorish festival , like a Spanish oktoberfest , out at 10 pm back at 10 am, fucking ridiculous crazy , shattered but but back up and out after just a couple of hours sleep, more beer and the first few buds are taking their toll lol,... Time for red bull to intervene , ... Tmrw is a " do jobs for my mum day ", which means some more painting in the morning then the pool, watch some racing , then the pool , then siesta and then back on the beer big time for a massive Friday night special at the abbey... Happy fucking days..., right o everyone enjoy Glorious Goodwood and I'll check back tmrw ...:-) ttfn .

Fuckety fuck this takes me to 18/20!!...shit!!,
Today's Result = Neebras 1st = Lost £645...
Not great ( however i did trade at 8.5 and 10.0 ), quite a dent on some otherwise good profits...still very nicely up so far but that was a kick in the balls for the blog , but in all honesty I have had a great Goodwood, some great lays and some decent win bets landed, so still very happy with my part time approach ( which is the best I can do at mo ) ... Let's hope we get back to winning ways tmrw...

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Just the one for weds....

Evening all ( Inc mr Anon ) , another day at the beach, another day doing mainly fuck all, now back to the drinking , starting later and later, tbh this place doesn't really come to life till about midnight .... Which means I always have time for a siesta :-) , today's Red Hot Lay is ........



...Arch Fire , max lay ( lotd ) , £150,-Result - = 2nd = Won £150
Gotta be worth taking on in this field , anyone that backs it is a mental!!..., Lay and fill ur boots ( I'm laying at bfsp btw )...

Gotta go the bar is calling, ....

As if I could forget or not say anything....FRANKEL will WIN, will show to be the greatest miler ever .....Please God let him win!!!!

Layers all TC x

FRANKEL WINS !!!, beating the brilliant Canford Cliffs by 5 lengths!!, 5 motherfucking lengths!!, wow, wow , what an amazing horse, this is why I love horse racing, to see animals like this, just incredible!!! ( and obv I cleaned up here:-)))!)

Monday, 25 July 2011

Just the one for Tuesday...

Goodwood 15-45 -Boris Grigoriev - Max Lay - LOTD - £150 @ bfsp, quite simply is not good enough for this and will not win!! ( I've said that before lol ) ... Anyway cracking opening day card , good luck all , ASH - All Action in the first is worth a look for a trade...

Result = Unplaced = Won £150

Day 11 ( I think )

Sat in the abbey drinking and deciding on what to eat and where to go, swim ftw I'm melting ....dOne absolutely nothing for a few days now, still gutted about rewilding dieing, that was tragic...., getting myself ready for the big goodwill festival, not much has been happening of late, just swimming, golf and drinking although they have started the live poker again now so I may nip over for a couple of tourns:-)).

My only Lay today is in the 18-10 Windsor - Duke of Firenze , a likely Fav or second fav who will be a little better for the run, this combo have a weak fto strike rate and is well worth taking on against a field of improvers and likely improvers plus the odd newcomer, I wouldn't say this is a LOTD but it's not far off, I would say at 4.5 it's a mid bet so for the blog this will stand as a £75 lay @ 4.5, this shud pay for my beers tonight :-).

Big week coming up, any views or chat just comment , ttfn .

Result = 3rd @ 10/3 = Won £75

Easy money this was never reallyin it till the end and was a well beaten 3rd...
Now back in the abbey for round 2 of the drinks session ...happy Days :-)

Cya tmrw :-))

BTW that's 14/15 now :-)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Evening all...

Not a great day yesterday, just the one lay and it won ( thanks anon ), but like I said you can't win all...,I try but it's just not possible!!, however I'm gonna be laying these tmrw, all at Ascot... A thru the card fri special...
14-10 besito £50 @ bfsp - Unplaced = won £50

14-45 Enjoying £50 @ 11.0 ( keep bet )- Unplaced - bet not

15-20 Emmas Gift £50 @ 15.0 - Unplaced - won £50

15-55 Mountain Hiker £75 @ bfsp - Unplaced - Won £75

16-30 The Fonz £50 @ bfsp - Unplaced - Won £50

17-05 Fantasy Gladiator £150 @ 6.2 ( Lotd )- 3rd - Won £150

Whatever ya doing have a great day, and win loads....

6/6 (5/5 winning matched bets )...have it !!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Just the one...

For tmrw, LAY - Hollow Tree in the 14-45 Sandown , upped quite steeply in class this field should be far to good for him, his lot win over CD was on ground a lot quicker than this ...Lump Job !!!

Oh dear , snagged a winner today @ 4/1 ( 5.2 )= lost £420 today, c'est le vie!!....can't win em all....

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Weds Lays...

Good eve folks, been a lot tougher than I had anticipated, just can't get motivated enough to spend hours on the pc working when it's so hot and there's so much to do and so much fun to have, been up in the mountains today was great , been tweeting as well so should try following that, no TOTD's , but plenty of lays to get stuck into and some great winning performances from Col Berman and Betfairshark, I urge all readers to follow these closely as they have been producing some great results lately and some very good profits!!.
Tmrw's first lay is...
Catterick 14-10 Drummoyne -£100 @ bfsp - Result = Unplaced = Won £100

Second lay is ....
Catterick 14-40 - place lay - Jacci Uzi £75 - Result = 2nd = Lost £122

And the third Lay is ...

Catterick - 15-10 - Devlin £100 ( LOTD )- Result = Unplaced = Won £100

Also looking at some early prices ash I think you can call the following a TOTD'S ,
Catterick - 14-10 - Stormy Weather @ 4.5 will def trade lower , nailed on IMO, lump this trade!!

Whatever ya do luck and keep smiling!! X

So jakki Uzi the bitch let us down for another full house, but still made £78 profit for the blog, need to update with the totals !!, on just straight lays we are 9/9 which is quite respectable IMO !!
Also the trade was very good , so good in fact the horse actually won!!!, hope you
Made a few quid ash!!.

Done fuck all today except sit in the sun and fat my photo taken with Keith Lemins sister ha :-)..
Will be hitting the beach tmrw...may update later with some lays, see how it goes, feeling a bit mashed just now :-))


Wrote a long blog saying we are now 7/7 on the Espana Lays and a great review on the Frankel race only to find it didn't save and wasn't posted, today been out all day up at Alcaya in the nothing done today, at the beach, snorkelling all day tmrw so nothing doing and me mam had our first bust up today, surprised it took us 6 days lol...!all good now,....may update in a bit with a couple of lays for tmrw, just doing some race reading now...
Ttfn :-))

Monday, 18 July 2011

Tales from 6 ( already )

Good afternoon guys and gals, been doing some chores this morning in between multiple swims lol, just blogging and tweeting then it's back to the pool, all bets placed in total, think I'm making up for yesterday as I have had 26 bets lol, but obv only 3 will qualify for the blog, so here's the blogs best 3 for today...
Ayr - 14-30 - Lay - Eraada- £50

Ayr - 15-00 - Lay - Haadeeth - £150

Ayr - 15-30 - Lay - Royal Straight - £75

For the backers , in the 15-30 Ayr , Grand Diamond is expected to run a big race at decent odds and is well worth a nibble EW .

What ever ya do today, have a great day and keep smiling, I am ;-)))

All three lost so Won £225 and that makes it 7/7!!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Tick tick alert!!

Had two bets today, in the same race, £150 win on Bampire and £150 lay on Wonder of Wonders, so although very happy with blue buntings race win and I think just deservedly so, I was kinda pissed off as I missed out on a major pay day....but lOst nowt either, but I really should have traded in running...oh well the pains of long range punting !!.

@Sledge: LoL no it wasn't a spanny Fanny Hunt , ha ha, it was a nice trip to this amazing town built into the hills, superb!!

I will be posting 6 blog lays tmrw morning, take care and keep winning!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Tales from Espana Cont...

Good evening all, 4/4 on the Espana Lays which is good, nothing for tmrw tho as I'm out for the whole day on a coach trip, gonna take 2 and 1/2 hours to get there, somewhere in the mountains I think.... It's a surprise trip , so should be fun, hope everyone is well and winning, keep smiling, cya Monday :-))

Friday, 15 July 2011

For Ash..

I don't know if it qualifies as a totd but in the 15-55 at Newbury I feel their is some mileage in Trading , Byrony , currently 12.5 , is Hughsey's choice from three rides, had no luck last time out and is expected to run a big race , I think with a half decent ride this will be hung out the back and look to co
E with a rattling charge in the last furlong, then the price should hopefully collapsing , for a greed profit trade out at 10.0, for a better profit but requires the run to come you cud lay at 6.6 , and if you have big balls go for 3.2, whatever ya do , good luck mate .

@sledge: wish you was here :-)

Tales from Espana...

Spent 6 hours today painting the outside of me mums house, it was 90 degrees, felt like 110,and needless to say got little action going today....all day beach session tmrw, so unlikely to be doing much then either..,just reading the cards now and doing some work in the hope of finding a couple for tmrw...
Saturdays selection is on the 13-45 Newbury,
Max Lay on - Letsgoaroundagsin £100 ...let's make it an easier 2/2 please!!.
If I get the chance to add some further updates I will , for now it's chow , and adios , keep well and keep smiling !!

All 3 Lays = Unplaced = WON £300

Happy Days :-))))), 4/4 on Lays Espana!!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Early lay...

15-40 Newbury, Caspar Netscher - Lay lay lay, £100 max lay tmrw, 1st blog lay.
Fill ur boots!!

Result = 2nd = Won £100 :-)


Day in paradise, been in the sea, been to the nature park and then back to the pool, then off to the carrefour for some supplies ( beer ) , dinner then a beer crawl along the seafront, no time for trading again today....sigh,lol...what can I say?, just toobusy to trade at mo, it's all go go go.Tmrw is a day off so hopefully will get some work done and if I can iwoll update with some blog lays and a totd ...hopefully c u all tmrw, tc, stay lucky :/))

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Eve all

Been a mental day , still on lash,....will hopefully get back to it tmrw, currently 22-57 and 85 degrees, happy days.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

For Ash..

Before i go and finish off my Packing i will try and leave you with one more trade for this evening...

Killarney 20:20 : - BENALMA , Currently 11.0 , However i do think it will go to at least 14 -15.5 before the race at some stage, so i would advise a Back @ 14.2 and a lay @ 11.2 ( gteed ) or 8.2 ( highley likey ) or 6.2 ( very possible with nice profits )......
-Result = Benalma had a BFSP of 15.54 , Ran a good Race coming fifth and hit a very nice low of 3.70 in running.......Hopefully Ash mate this has made up for the earlier small loss ;-)

Good Luck Ash..hopefully , chat / Tweet soon....

Betfair Shark

A guy who runs this blog today has had already a 6.4 winner and a 10.6 winner..Great stuff, worth checking guys / Gals ( if ur backers )...>>>>

plɹoʍ ƃuıuɹoɯ pooƃ......

Hope ur all well and buzzing , packing me bags, sorting out the boarding pass , checking weather ( as if its gonna be anything other than hot hot hot !! ) , ...feel like a big kid ( which i am ) on xmas eve lol...Only had about 5 weeks there last year in total, so i got a lot of catching up to do....just hope the broadband is sorted as it was all fucked up last well as me sky tv , phone etc....
been out for the traditional supply quota of PG tips this morning... ( still need a nice brew in the morning no matter where you are ) .....
The days racing today is ..well...not great however we have 2 flat meetings in Ireland this eve so happy days ;-) as im loving the irish racing at mo , starting to get a real feel for it.....

Just had me mate Sledge on fone badgering me for a game of tennis , he obv needs an ego boost ( he always win..sigh ) gonna finish this, then go play some tennis...then back for the days racing...

Watch the Tweets for most upto date info.....

For Ash....

Brighton 14:10 : - ( TOTD ) - Best One - Back @ 7.8 + and have a trade set at 5.8 for £100 / £135 for a £35 + green up...;-)..this will be nimps as this imo will be the pace of the race and Best one likes to race prominently. - Result  - Hit 5.42 In Running - 

Todays Blog 365 Challenge Lays are..

Brighton 14:40 : - The Tatling @ 5.5 ( keep bet ) - £100 - Result = Unplaced = Won £40 ( Hit 5.3 in running , only part matched , rounded up )

Brighton 15:10 : - Lucifers Shadow ( LOTD ) - £100 - Result = Unplaced = Won £100

Brighton : 15:40 : - My Flame - £100 @ 9.2 - Result = Unplaced = Won £100

Thats it for now....he's downstairs waiting.....;-)

Watch for the tweets ...

Won £240 for the blog today..;-)

Monday, 11 July 2011

Tweet Me...!/snipersnipes

Just started...

On the TWEETS today , tweeting my lays and action thru the day....Crazy ol world lol...but 100% so far my massive following of 3 will be happy...tbh i dont really know what im a tweet newbie!!..but will carry on a bit and see what happens, need to open my avenues of communications whilst im away travelling and holidaying ;-))

My last 2...

17:00 Ayr - LAY - PURKAB - For as much as you can afford!!

17-20 Ffos Las- Laying - Joyful Sound - TO THE MAX!!


Over In Ireland..

I have been somewhat specialising in the Orish racing Lately and with a certain degree of success , One that does Interest me tonight is IRISH REEL ( Killarney 18:30 ) now racing off just 59 when last year he was running well off a mark of 70 , fair run after a break and now partnered back with Pat Smullen , i think it is a good win bet at around 4.3 and a Banker Bet in the place market @ 1.6+ ( tbh i would look to be getting nearer 1.9 ).
And in the 19:30 Long live the King Should run very well at a decent price , however this is quite a competitive affair so i would be looking to trade this.

**Its 18-28 and i have traded out for a good size green up in the win market @ 3.4...happy days....

HAPPY DAYS!!....Irish Reel 2nd....;-))))

And Welcome..

Ambler Gambler...;-)

A bright and Breezy Monday...

Suns shining and alls well today , no news or rants today, all chilled , just getting a few bits for me jollies n stuff.
Sticking with Doctors Orders until further Notice ( 3 a day ) , plus 1 x Highlighted Trade of the Day ( TOTD ) for Senor Ashworth ;-).

Ffos Las : 14:50 : - Hoh Hoh Hoh - Lay - £100 @ 8.0 ( LOTD ) - Result = Unplaced = Won £100

Ffos Las : 15:50 : - Dancing Primo - Lay - £100 @ 4.7 - Result = 1st = Lost £370 ( although personally i traded out at 8's, so did ok )

Ffos Las : 16:20 : - Record Breaker - Lay - £100 @ 12 -  - Result = Unplaced = Won £100

TOTD : - Ffos Las : 16:50 : - Timocracy , BET ( WIN ) £150 @ 5.5 = Profit of £675 and set Trade off for £180 @ 4.5 ( Liability of £630-00 ) , If the horse Wins you win £42.79 , if Timocracy Loses you Win £28-53.

Timocracy is in very good fettle at the minute, holding its form very well and likes to race up the front end  which ensues a drop in price also from its last three runs it has traded odds on in running as the graph shows...
Its now 16:41 and Timocracy is just 4.1 , so a very easy trade and profit made long before the race is off..easy money.
*Strange race , but did hit 3.8 in running....

Obv you can alter the stake to suit your own needs and requirements...., take a zero of and just make £4.28 or £2.85...., this is just one of at least 10 races that can be played like this today ( and most days )...Whilst watching the race if i dont think its working out i will also consider buying it back at 10.0 for £75 to minimise any potential losses , but in order to correctly do this you need to be a good race reader and decisive.                                                    

£170 Loss for the blog today....

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Good Day Rob..;-)

If you take a peek at the " Lays for today " tab , you will see the Fairyhouse card i sent to a member  ( Rob Tidy ) for his bets today , Just messaged me to say , hes had a treble up on first three, 3 x singles and hes quitting for the day, stellar profits rob well played...Always good to see someone winning and winning well...WD Rob .

Good Morning...( or not )...

Awake now....with one monster motherfucking hangover......ouch , could barely open my eyes this morning, heads banging with my own private orchestra ..;-@
Yesterday ...oh yesterday , over 100 bets placed , which is about 99 too many....Started off great ( first 2 races ) , then the wheels fell off in spectacular style both for my blog account and privately , took me ages to turn it around , finally got into profit at 19:00 , long day ( although blog account still down ) , was betting in a rather out of control fashion yesterday , doing bets i dont normally do , big dutches  and big win bets....15-20% of the accounts on singles is fucking madness....and yesterday i was the maddest i had been in a long time....really was in a " couldnt give a fuck " frame of mind...and thats not good for anyone , Calmed down now , needed to , and i have a long week ahead to sort this out , all i am going to be doing now , is 3 x £100 Lays a day , thats it, no dutches , no back bets and no or lose thats it , if it goes it goes , hopefully it will get back to where it should be , i missed half a dozen races yesterday having to talk to so many people at once and that had an effect on my day and concentration , trying to do too much on my own...
Today i have noticed there is a flat meeting at Fairyhouse , one of my better Orish tracks , so will be having a go there today.....
So no race cards or big tips for now , although i would gladly offer my opinion on any race upon request , so if your having a bet and you want my opinion on any given race just drop us a line...
Though i would have more time to myself doing this and working from , but spent over 12 hours working yesterday , takes me best part of 3 hours sorting my pre race trades out , working out all the figures for the trades, examining races and prices......that could be why i have the headache not the river of beer.....
What i would like to do tho is something more along the lines of the placepot challenge , a comp for readers and myself to participate in either during the week or just on weekends....ideas anyone?
Betfair and Bet 365 have offered prizes if the comp gets enough interest , so may be well worth it...or just create our own prize pool...all / any ideas welcome....
2 Days left and im off to Spain , got all my Wi-Fi spots located , got my broadband sorted, Laptop is all sorted , Betfair notified , ....its cooled down a bit now, now a very comfortable 89 Degrees...;-)
Rooftop Terrace , Seaview , Pool , Beer...all sorted , the break will do me good....obv i wont be trading FT whilst away , i will be sorting me bets out in the morning , and either placing them or leaving them as keep bets...then doing summit thru the day, as i have plenty of trips sorted , one trip i am looking forward to is the all dayer on The Island of Tabarca , Going Scuba Diving , brilliant there.....Got the Elche Festival , Battle of the Moors , Then obv a full 8 Days of mentalist drinking when me mates come over...its gonna be great....
Over to Fairyhouse it is then and here are todays 3 x Lays...................

14:05 : - Dodging Bullets - Lay - £100 @ 5.8 - Result = Unplaced = Won £100

14:35 : - Captain Cullen - Lay - £100 @ 10.0 ( keep ) - Result = 2nd = Won £100

15:05 : - Katla - Lay - £100 @ 7.0 - Result = 2nd = Won £100

Thats it  , thats all for today , for the blog anyway , obv there are quite a few others i will trading on and other bets , but as i cant detail and update all bets quick enough there seems little point as readers will start screaming " aftertimer".......

Willow ( Ash ) f you want any further details on Daily Trades or best way to expedite a daily profit routine get in touch as i know some of this may be hard to follow , i dont know what your angle of attack is at the minute..

Thats it for now , going to play tennis this aft...if the miserable rain holds off......

**Eay £300 made today ...;-)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A bit fed up today....

So i dont know what im gonna post up.....

Feeling quite fucking down today and have no reason why , but whatever the cause its shitty...feeling all melancholic and down..;-(.
However i must push on as i still have to get some money earnt today , gonna stay with first 3 race pick and mix for now ...Fuck me im writing this and struggling to keep head is crazy today ....


14:20 : - Lay - Fort Bastion - £50 @ 3.4 - Result = Unplaced = Won £50
I think 6f is still too sharp for this , even with the mercurial Peslier onboard a place beckons but not the win.
Two i like in this race are outies , Red Duke and Sound Advice @ 13.5 and 18.5 both have recorded very quick times in their respective wins over distance and both have proven quicker sectionals than any of the top 3 in the betting , so at decent odds these are def worth a look for the EW punter.
* Red Duke wins and i had a good bet on that w/p , but didn't post it so it doesn't count for the blog..But nonetheless that was a great result for me.

Result:1stRed Duke (USA)10/1
2ndChandlery (IRE)14/1
3rdSilverheels (IRE)16/1

14:55 : - Back ( Place Market ) - Red Gulch , Crown Choice and Manassas @ 4.1, 5.1 and 3.1 for £75 , £100 and £100 , also Lay - King of Jazz - £150 @ 8.2 ( LOTD ) - Result = all 4 unplaced = Lost £125

Weighed In:1stBrae Hill (IRE)11/1Full Result  
2ndExcellent Guest11/1
3rdFathsta (IRE)18/1
4thMr David (USA)33/1

15:35 : - Back - DELEGATOR - £150 win @ 6.2 and £250 place @ 2.38 , also , Lay - Elzamm - £150 @ 8.6
Delegator is the best sprinter i have seen since Dayjur ( my fav horse ) , yes he was that good, outstanding in fact , and if the ground was rattling quick he would probs be around 5/2 or shorter , that will be the key here , the ground, Dele' doesnt really like and juice in the ground....this will be the only thing that defeats him here today...If he Fails Hopefully Dream Ahead can win for David Simcock and Hayley Turner , but this horse has a lot to prove now.....- Result = Unplaced = Lost £400
*Delegator had no chance from where they started, ran on well , but i covered myself with a bet on dream ahead, so personally i made a profit from the race, blog lost , and i was dissapointed with the outcome , poor race.

14:05: - Back Win and Place ( dutch ) - BORDERLESCOTT and Hamish Mcgonagall - £150 @ 4.7 and £100 @ 5.0  , Place Values are £200 and £150 @ 1.83 and 1.88
And - Lay - Rain Delayed - £115 @ 15.5 ( Nap ) - Result = Borderlescott - Unplaced , Hamish Mcgonagall = 3rd , Rain Delayed = Unplaced = Lost £350 ( B'lescott ) , Lost £18 ( HM ) , Won £150 ( RD ), Overall = Lost £218-00
* Borderlescott ran his worst race in a long long time, broke bad, never in it , Hamish just ran out of gas.

Weighed In:1stMasamah (IRE)9/2Full Result  
2ndAmour Propre8/1
3rdHamish McGonagall7/2jf

14:40 : - Lay -  Tominator - £115 @ 15.5 - Result = Unplaced = Won £115
Will not follow up his lto win over this shorter trip and with a 6lb penalty , he needed every yard of that 2m last time and there will be quite a few too quick for him here , he will be lucky to place, in fact a place lay is probably the better bet.
The two i like in this very tough race are Deauville Flyer and Eternal Heart.
* Both my fancies ran decent races, both want further.

Weighed In:1stTactician17/2Full Result  
2ndFox Hunt (IRE)8/1
3rdWestern Pearl25/1
4thDeauville Flyer12/1

15:15 : - Back , Win / Place - Pekan Star - £150  / £250 @ 4.2 / 1.89 and Lay - Beachfire - £150 @ 11.5
Pekan Star was spectacular when winning over CD lto and looks a group horse , Roger Varian swerved Royal Ascot to save him for this, this is his race, been layed out for it and i simply wont have it that it wont place, but rly shud win , some nice horses in opposition but they are mainly unreliable and lack Pekan's Class , Beachfire is a Nutter and should always be layed as you can always trade in running will be looking at 20.0 then i will trade off 50% , but the race needs to be watched and monitored.
- Result = both unplaced = Lost £250


13:55 : - Back ( Dutch , Win and Place ) - Shamir and Sunset Kitty - £150 ( both ) / £200 ( both ) @ 10.0 / 7.8 and 2.92 / 3.5 - Result = both unplaced  = Lost £700
Very open affair , however Sunset Kitty is a good deal quicker than those other that have raced over the distance and Shamir is a winner with no penalty as her turf mark is lower than her AW mark , both offer terrific Value here.
*Ran ok races , just not good enough today, bad start ,....will it improve today?....have no idea, i will just keep doing what i do and hope it turns for me...

Weighed In:1stDirectorship16/1Full Result  
3rdKoo And The Gang (IRE)8/1

14:30 : - Back ( Place market Dutch ) - Johannes and Ritual - £100 and £175 @ 4.5 and 2.2 - Result = Both Unplaced = Lost £275
( i have also layed the field here , this race is ideal for a field bet , layed at 1.9 , 1.61 , 1.21 , 1.08 )
* Never made any effort to switch sides and ran in small chance..fuck me....

Weighed In:1stNoble Citizen (USA)33/1Full Result  
2ndLutine Bell16/1
3rdMac's Power (IRE)9/2

15:05 : - Back - Sovereign Debt - £150 @ 2.64 - Result = 1st = Won £246
Its 2 length beating of Mizbah is head and shoulders ( formwise ) above these and simply only has to run to that same level to win.


14:15 : - Lay - Moody Tunes - £115 @ 12.5 ( keep bet , price is currently 15.5 for change ) - Result = Unplaced =  Won £115
This is no better than a selling plater and has absolutely no chance whatsoever , if this wins i will never bet again , i will give my entire remaining bank to the first that asks for it and i will become a Tibetan monk.

Result:1stKenyan Cat7/2fav
3rdGranny McPhee5/1

14:50 : - Lay - Dressed in Lace - £100 @ 2.76 - Result = Unplaced = Won £100
Has 3 seconds to find with Excelette , the reason i haven't backed this is i also fear Hopes at the odds i feel the lay is the better bet.**Excelette 1st ( had a nibble @ 4.2 ;-))

Weighed In:1stExcelette (IRE)11/4jfFull Result  
2ndTahnee Mara (IRE)11/4jf

15:25 : - Back - Grissom - £75 @ 9.6 , Barons Spy £75 @ 17 and Long Awaited £150 @ 2.56
Long Awaited really should be winning this, has the form, speed figures, ground, ticks every box....However the other two i have backed are horses i follow in my Hcap list.simply cant leave them out.
- Result = Lost £300


14:10 : - Lay - Furners Green - £50 @ 4.2 Result = 1st = Lost £160
This is a very tough maiden , the first 4 home here all need to be followed , this is a race which gtees future winners and would be at home at Newmarket , ones to watch are  , Canaille , Siansa , Battle of Saratoga  and the lay Furners Green , East meets West will need further.

Result:1stFurner's Green (IRE)5/2fav
2ndBattle Of Saratoga (IRE)9/2
3rdCanaille (USA)11/2

14:40 : - Dutch Back EW - Orpens Peach , Elusive Moon and Daisy Mountain @ £75 / £75 each @ 8.0 , 8.0 and 15.0 and 2.24 , 2.2 and 3.5 - Total Outlay = £450 - Result = UNP , UNP AND 4th = Returns of £187-50 = Lost - £262-50

Weighed In:1stAcushladear (IRE)11/4favFull Result  
2ndAlpha And Omega (IRE)14/1
3rdSecret Hero14/1
4thDaisy Mountain (IRE)7/1

15:10 : - Lay / Trade - Great Huzzar - £350 @ 2.98 and Trade £250 @ 3.8 - Result = Unplaced = Won £100

Right this is pretty much a Monster Day , this typifies my current mood, feeling very shit or bustish , Pre race betting has already soaked up nearly 2/3rd's of my full trading lets hope for a decent day...or the begging bowl will be out ;-@@@@

Good Luck and enjoy ur day whatever you do.

**HaHa...Fuck my life , what a terrible start to the day , carries on like this and its gonna be time to phone the bank!!!.....2 backs lost , 1 lay wins...fuck me.......
its 14-34 and the day is a mess ( blog wise ) , my only saviour so far was the decent punt i had on red duke @ 13.5 w/p ..without that i would be screaming.....but as it happens im a tidy bit up overall...but at this rate that wont last long....


Tipperary = Loss £322-50
Chester = Loss £85-00
York = Loss £353-00
Newmarket =  Loss £475
Ascot = Loss £729-00

_Total Losses of £1964-50____________________________________________________

So far my Back bets have been an utter disaster , too many good horses running too bad to be true , i was and have been very flippant with my betting today.......

Going to continue now thru the day , all future bets will be posted underneath.....but i will be having a few more for the blog today as i wont be doing any eve racing...


First Additional bet is a £400 win on Dick Turpin - Ascot 15-45 - Result = 1st = Won £880-00
Second Additional bet is a £500 win  on Experience - Tipperary 15-40 - Result = Lost £500

______________________________________________________£380-00 Profit from them 2 bets...

If either of these lose, i will be reverting back to Laying only....100% of todays losses have been due to backing, my Laybets are 100% good...So best just stick to that i think....
What ever the outcome of Dick Turpins Race, i shall be doing Laybets only until further notice, got hammered today and 100% of the losses are thru the Back Bets....So they being knocked on the head for now...Its just not happening..
Now down to £1584-50 Losses.....

Where next...?...

 15-55 York - £100 EW Mont Ras @ 12.0 / 2.9 - Result = 4th = Won £190-00
I know i said no more back bets, but i have been following this and with wonderkid Tudhope in the plate, i simply cant resist...i now have a lay keep bet in place set at 5.2 for £100 ( hit 4.0 )

Now down to £1394-50 Losses....

16-10 Newmarket - Lay - Buzz Law - £100 @ 11 ( keep bet ) - Result = Unplaced ( Not Matched )

16-20 Ascot - Licence to Till - MAX LAY - £200 @ 8.1 ( Keep ) - Result = Unplaced ( hit 2.26 ir ) = Won £200
Now Down to £1194-50 Losses....

Chester 16-35 - Lay - Awzaan - £125 @ 7.4 - Result = Unplaced = Won £125

Losses down to £1069-50 and thats me done today , im gonna hit the beer.....No Blog tmrw as its all NH and i just CBA so gonna have day off and return nice and fresh for mon where i am going to nail this and have a LAY bet in every single race, day and that's my job tmrw...looking ahead,..

Have a great weekend folks...


Copy Halt