Friday, 15 July 2011

Tales from Espana...

Spent 6 hours today painting the outside of me mums house, it was 90 degrees, felt like 110,and needless to say got little action going today....all day beach session tmrw, so unlikely to be doing much then either..,just reading the cards now and doing some work in the hope of finding a couple for tmrw...
Saturdays selection is on the 13-45 Newbury,
Max Lay on - Letsgoaroundagsin £100 ...let's make it an easier 2/2 please!!.
If I get the chance to add some further updates I will , for now it's chow , and adios , keep well and keep smiling !!

All 3 Lays = Unplaced = WON £300

Happy Days :-))))), 4/4 on Lays Espana!!


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