Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Weds Lays...

Good eve folks, been a lot tougher than I had anticipated, just can't get motivated enough to spend hours on the pc working when it's so hot and there's so much to do and so much fun to have, been up in the mountains today was great , been tweeting as well so should try following that, no TOTD's , but plenty of lays to get stuck into and some great winning performances from Col Berman and Betfairshark, I urge all readers to follow these closely as they have been producing some great results lately and some very good profits!!.
Tmrw's first lay is...
Catterick 14-10 Drummoyne -£100 @ bfsp - Result = Unplaced = Won £100

Second lay is ....
Catterick 14-40 - place lay - Jacci Uzi £75 - Result = 2nd = Lost £122

And the third Lay is ...

Catterick - 15-10 - Devlin £100 ( LOTD )- Result = Unplaced = Won £100

Also looking at some early prices ash I think you can call the following a TOTD'S ,
Catterick - 14-10 - Stormy Weather @ 4.5 will def trade lower , nailed on IMO, lump this trade!!

Whatever ya do luck and keep smiling!! X

So jakki Uzi the bitch let us down for another full house, but still made £78 profit for the blog, need to update with the totals !!, on just straight lays we are 9/9 which is quite respectable IMO !!
Also the trade was very good , so good in fact the horse actually won!!!, hope you
Made a few quid ash!!.

Done fuck all today except sit in the sun and fat my photo taken with Keith Lemins sister ha :-)..
Will be hitting the beach tmrw...may update later with some lays, see how it goes, feeling a bit mashed just now :-))


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