Saturday, 24 September 2011

Good Morning , its Cambridgeshire day..happy punting!!

Good Morning one n All , some good quality racing today and a good day for being a bookie me thinks , the early signs are that its looking a tough ol day out there , so today i will be doing 2 race cards for your displeasure ( well its getting towards the end of the month , the members are all well up and a bit of sharesie is only fair ;-) ) , so i will be doing NEWMARKET AND 1 other , what shall be the second one?? , you tell me , is there a meeting you would like covering? , if so you have 40 mins to tell me.....

Can anyone tell me the horse above?......todays main race is a clue?....


BACK - WROTE - 3rd ( unplaced ) ( 5.92/3.2 )
LAY - TENTH STAR - NO BLOG LAY - 2nd ( well beaten )
BETA BACK - FARHAAN - Unplaced ( travelled well , hit 1.6 , flattened out )
**WoW , what a tricky start , on my speed ratings only 1/10th of a second splits both wrote and farhaan , and as they are the only horses that have proven themselves over the trip they get their respective nominations , i just cannot see tenth star getting involved but it would not surprise me if it did , yes there is a lot of contradiction there , this is a very tricky race , however like yesterday i feel i have found a profit enabling bet and yes its the same scenario as one from yesterday , PLACE BACK both Farhaan and Wrote @ 2.2 and 2.32 for a 14% or 29.2% profit on stake ( ie: £100 returns either £114 or £129.20 ) this in my opinion ( imo ) is absolutely nailed on i will not have it that one of these will not be getting either 1st or 2nd , that would shock me , so i am going to drip feed £500 on both and hopefully make a nice little bit to start the day off , i cant have this as a blog bet as im unsure exactly how much will get taken , but this is the idea.....if you can , then lump on!.
*So all the profits from yesterdays monster nailed on gteed free money bet have been spunked away on this one and a bit more , at the 2f pole i was looking at 1st and 2nd , but daddy long legs carried on, ran on and ran well , farhaan had nothing more to give and wrote just got caught in the final strides for 2nd to come in 3rd....personally , quite a disappointing start to the day.



BACK - BEST TERMS - £250 @ 2.3 - Unplaced ( ran a shocker )
**Tough race again and i know all the dogs are barking for Best Terms , but it is ( on my speed ratings  ) only fractionally ahead of Shumoos and is 1/2 sec behind Lightning Pearl , now it has ( best terms ) some very smart and progressive form and certainly looks the one to beat and looking through the field im struggling to find reasons to lay it or even bet against it , i think shumoos although a decent filly is far too inconsistent to have in this race ( i do have a soft spot for it ) and lightning pearl seems to suffer a bit at the 4f pole against best terms a rallying , running on effort will not be good enough , so i will after great consideration say that the 2.3 on best terms is great value and should be snapped up.
*Lost - £250


BACK - ALANZA - unplaced
LAY - SAPHRESA - £250 @ 3.2 - 1st ( won easily ) - Lost £550
**A cracking renewal of the Sun Chariot and the multi winning saphresa once again takes her slot as defending champion and is the obv favourite , however its speed figures since its last win have it very much on the downgrade ( not saying hes suddenly a bad horse ) and i only have it down as 4th , yes 4th ( im not going mad ) best , Alanza is the only horse in this field with unknown amounts of improvement and timepiece is easily the most likely to run to form , at 3.2 i think the fav is well worth taking on , if it does win , so be it , but i dont think it will.
*why o why do i do so shit on saturdays!!...



BACK - ALBAQAA - £50 ew  @ bfsp - unplaced
LAY - MAN OF ACTION - £200 @ 10.5 - unplaced = won £200
BETA BACK - MAQARAAT - £50 ew @ bfsp - unplaced
**Typically mental running of the cambridgeshire , i will be having 2 x fun ew bets just to be involved with my lay covering the stakes , man of action won last time but is a dog and owes me...just play and enjoy this one....( although i will be gutted if questioning wins as that was involved in a dream from yesterday...dont ask! )...won £0 on race....
**Betfair API HAS GONE OFF and ruined my day , although currently up by a good bit, the rest of the day will all have to be done manually , betfair...what a set of arseholes...!!



BACK - PIMPERNEL - 1st @ 3.83
LAY - HAWFINCH - £250 @ BFSP - unplaced = won £250
BETA BACK - RESPONSIVE £250 @ 2.64 ( Place Market ) - unplaced = lost £250
** On the ratings there is virtually nothing splitting the top 5 here , incredibly close , Pimpernel is a tentative selection , however Responsive interests me greatly as R Hannon ( his boss ) has 2 runners here yet Hughes ( responsive jockey ) has chosen / been asked / ?? to ride , this i find fascinating as he hasnt ridden her before yet elects to now when both the hannon runners have a higher speed rating...?? , so im gonna have a play in the place market with this one.
won on race = £0


LAY - CITRUS STAR - £250 @ BFSP - Unplaced = Won £250
**A very tough h'cap with mostly out of form , too much weight , running wrong trip i the speed selections have had to be altered here as i am looking for only recent relevant form and these two came out tops in their respective groups...citrus star?? , why is this so short? , i wouldnt make this fav in a seller let alone a tough 7f hcap!!



BACK - ANATOLIN - 1st @ 2.52 ( get in!!! )
LAY - BORUG - £250 @ BFSP - unplaced = won £250
BETA BACK - TMAAM - 2nd @ 3.07
**A Great race to have as the getting out stakes , if i am down here i will be having a massive bet on Anatolin as it won very nicely over 1m2f last time and looks to be upto easily getting this 1m4f trip , Tmaam won its maiden over 1m4f however was getting reminders from the 1m pole and looked a hard ride , the others are outclassed and not good enough , borug would have a squeak if he ran right upto his very best , however hes been so out of form lately i just cant see it , for me the fav Anatolin is a cracking bet.

 Also just done this 4 fold football acca ;-)..

1Chelsea v Swansea (Backing  Chelsea @ 1.19)
2Liverpool v Wolves (Backing  Liverpool @ 1.36)
3Wigan v Tottenham (Backing  Tottenham @ 1.8)
4Stoke v Man Utd (Backing  Man Utd @ 1.61)

Pays 4.75....pretty good value imo..


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