Friday, 30 September 2011

Morning All....

And what a ludicrously nice day day it is , 30th sept ( just a smidge from oct' ) and its fucking 28*!! , incred , had the best april ever , then may - now was fairly wank ( although i spent the best part of two months in spain ) , its all upside down , yeah i know its because of the jetstream being more northerly than usual but still its seriously great!, talking of this great weather , no doubt all the " greenies " will come out of hiding to spout more utter fucking bollocks about how the enviroment ( why is my auto spell checker not picking this up as a word? ) is being eroded and how now 16 trillion polar bears have just melted and penguins are now seeking counselling as they are depressed coz its too warm!! , fucking mental , only yesterday i read that ( in the daily mail of course ) that the D.O.T is thinking about lifting the speed limit to 80 but " brake " the retarded anti-speed organisation say we will all die if this happens , even tho its a well known fact that ( imo ) 90% of all motorway users travel beyond the current 70mph limit , the speed limits were introduced in an age where most cars had a 0-60 in well just , thats the point most only had a top speed of 70 anyway , the ford zephyr , a fast car in its time and one that most households would love to have only had a top speed of 90 ( flat out , downhill ) and a 0-60 of about 20 secs , the main problem is that they braked slower than a train and had the turning circle of the titanic so 70 would have been rather " risque " then , now however we have cars that can do 70 in first gear and stop on a sixpence so it is long overdue ( raising the speed limit ) .
The one other thing regarding this that really did make my blood boil is the cunt from save the earth that stated raising the speed limit would increase pollution by a factor of 10 , what a fucking arsehole , clueless and ignorant , all these greenies talk utter fucking bollocks 24/7 and do nothing but scaremonger the mindless into submission , considering we all ready comply to over 100% of our greenhouse gas etc output  and we only ( the uk ) contribute about 0.001% of the worlds emissions i say where pretty safe....however the govt will want to find some new green taxes to hit us with so no doubt they will continue to say that come next may the artic circle will only be a smudge ( until next may comes and they say they have to review the data as its all currently wrong )....i could quite easily rant all day and night about this but im steaming lets move onto the horses , today i will be producing two cards , Ascot and Fontwell , hopefully i can give you some help in making some cash and AL will have choices to be able to use his wonderful " leeson " technique to make a few pennies ( good luck with that ) , Some decent betting opps here for PK to get stuck into ( dont really know anyone else ) so without further ado..heres your cards...


LAY - CAPE CLASSIC - £250 @ BFSP - Unplaced = Won £250
EW - INDIAN JACK - Unplaced
**A tough start to the day with most of these looking to have a solid chance however dig a little and you'll find that a few dont like the trip or the ground or turf , so some of these can easily be discounted on a variety of grounds , Indian Jack has no problems with the trip or the ground but is inconsitent , TRY THE CHANCE however loves all conditions , is a 7f specialist and is bang in form and for me just gets the vote on that.
Cape Classic is a 6f horse , max lay.



BACK - MUNDANA - £250 @ 3.4 - 1st @ 4.84 = WON £600
LAY - CLASSIC COLOURI - £250 @ 3.6 - Unplaced = Won £250
EW - PRIMAEVAL - 2nd @ 5.64
**In my mind ( however distorted  ) this is only between the two named protagonists , " if " Mundana gets this trip proper then with natural improvement it should be far too good for these as it is the only improver in this field , all the others are what they are , and a modest bunch at that , classic colouri rated at 95 is a joke , 1 win in 13 none since mar 2010 ,  come on!!..this really should be a two horse race.



LAY - ITHOUGHTITWASOVER - £250 @ 8.4 - 2nd = Won £250 ( was a lot closer than i would have liked )
**Tough hcap with some well known sorts about and most have enough form to entitle them to consideration , however there are also enough direct form lines about to narrow the field down quite comfortably  , midnight oil could easily beat these if on form , but i do like the bells o peover , a truly gutsy animal that never knows when to give up and with SDS in the saddle will be given every opportunity to win.
***Midnight oil never settled and looks a bit of a nutter, bells o peover raced far too quick in the first 1/3 of the raced and eventually weakened right out.


BACK - HIGHLAND CASTLE - £250 @ 2.88 - 2nd = Lost £250
LAY - BUTHELEZI - £250 @ 6.6 - Unplaced = Won £250
EW - BARBICAN - £175 @ 4.6 ( will lay trade £175 @ 2.1 ) - 1st @ 4.72 = Won £415.63
**This for me is another straightforward choice between highland castle and barbican , as the others are all out of form and and cannot be relied upon , the one spanner is solar sky however it has shown nothing to convince me that 1m6f is far from an ideal trip.



BACK - CUNNING ACT - 2nd @ 9/4
LAY - ELRASHEED - £250 @ BFSP - Unplaced = Won £250
EW - COLLOQUIAL - Unplaced
**2m marathon , tough trip , but colloquial has won over cd a couple of times and likes every yard of this , the only spoiler for me is his age , 10 now , which may just have sufficiently blunted his speed enough in this class , if it hasnt and he runs to his best form...he wins , but there are quite a few " ifs " there , cunning act for me will be the one most likely to take advantage , and elrasheed doesnt stay so max lay nimps ;-).



BACK - PABUSAR -Unplaced
LAY - SWENDAB - £250 @ 6.8 ( KEEP BET ) - not matched ( Unplaced )
**A tricky little sprint to round the day off and not the easiest of getting out stakes to plunge your hard earned into , however i do feel dutching these two reasonably priced ( 9.8 and 18.0 ) animals offers the right risk reward ratio punt , imo both are good quality animals and the thing is with sprinters is that they all take it in turns to win , i believe that today is going to be pabusar's day , elusive prince is in because its a ridic price for a horse with a near 28% strike rate ( all wins over 6f )....



BACK - MEMORABILIA - 2ND @ 4.0 ( HIT 1.02 in running, went thru the last fence ).
EW - BALLINA BLUE - Unseated at first.
**Complete guesswork based on all known flatform and surmising that they can actually jump....



BACK - RED HARBOUR - 1st @ 1.53 ( only because Khorun fucked it up at the last )
LAY - KHORUN - £250 @ BFSP - 2nd = Won £250 ( i was very lucky here )
**As quite often happens in a 3 runner race the outsider wins....losses expected ;-(.



BACK - MR HARMOOSH - 2nd @ 8.91 ( hit 1.30 )
LAY - ZAKEETA - £250 @ BFSP - Unplaced = Won £250
**Illysantachristina has won three of her last four starts but Bernard Llewellyn's mare still doesn't look badly handicapped. Mr Harmoosh has a penalty for his Plumpton win but is another for the short-list.



BACK - TROOPER CLARENCE - £150 @ 4.6 ( place market ) -Unplaced
LAY - RIPPLING RING - £350 @ 4.6 -Unplaced = Won £350
EW - GRAND LAHOU - £150 @ 6.4 ( place market ) -Unplaced
**A fantastic race for this time of year , with nearly all having squeaks , this should be a great race , i think trooper clarence has a bit too much weight personally but is my speed ratings choice and i think @ 24 grand lahou is far too big , both will be backed by me EW .
***£50 Profit on race.
****Both selections ran fairly decent races but just did not stay and got well run out towards the end , Rippling Ring fell at the first which was great.


LAY - TWAE KON DO - ( NBB ) - Unplaced
EW - MIDNIGHT FUN - Unplaced
**Fun race , twae kon do looks unlikely to get this trip , but most pre race analysis is pointless before dec...



LAY - CALL AT MIDNIGHT - £250 @ BFSP -Unplaced =Won £250
EW - ORION STAR -Unplaced
**............I Think at 7.4 Orion star is massive and with 3 places being paid 2.2 to place is superb , he loves the track , gets the trip well and loves all ground , jockey is well known to the horse , outstanding chance and great value...its an EW must!!



BACK - COCK O THE ROCK - 2nd @ 2.5
LAY - VIVIANI - ( NBB ) - 1st @ 4.0
EW - MISS KALIFA -Unplaced
**...At this stage of the afternoon i will be now sipping my first Rekordalig of the day ;-)))

Total profit and loss for today = £2815.63 PROFIT
Right guys and Gals , hope youve all had an equally profitable day , as you know the weekends are now members only , so i wish you all the very best and look forward to seeing you all back on monday ;-))..

*nb: dont forget to lay the arse off  " so you think " in the Arc!!


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