Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Again , short on time , never enough hours in the day to get everything done ! . im sure we all know that , cant believe only a couple of weeks ago i was sat with me flip flops on drinking sangria about now , and now , well im sat here all dressed up , jumper on and its freezing..., cold , raining and miserable!!.
I have had to spend a considerable amount of time with my bill payers of late and as it transpires i will for most of this week , so the blog will be light , today the there will be just two blog races to look at ( mainly just to keep it ticking over ) they will be the first two races at doncaster , i was going to do a full card for donny , but firstly i had no time and secondly no one not a lot of point imo , im not gonna put the extra effort in if no one is bothered , so i will just continue with trying to max my roll up in the 365 day challenge and see where that goes....


LAY - GHOSTWRITING - £250 @ 6.0 ( LOTD ) - 1st ( traded @ 12+ all race as was pushed along from halfway, garbage race ) = blog loss £1250.00
BETA BACK -  MAGIC CITY - 3rd @ 11/2 ( awful ride )
*Ghostwriting is a slow horse that doesnt have the pace or the class to trouble these , even with the ground changes its simply impossiblt to imagine that Ghostwriting can improve to trouble the main protagonists here! . also Es que love , patently does not stay and i would also recommend a place lay on that.

LAY - EUREKA - £250 @ BFSP - 1st = lost £1025.00
*Gold City is all class with the form and speed rating to match , currently 3.4 , i think that is a good price as i have it down @ 2.6 , alaskan bullet ran well fto and also clocked up some good figures , this i expect to give my fancy the most to do , eureka however has been mostly disappointing and watching his races you see why , he tanks along for about 4 1/2 furlongs then runs on ( over 5f ) , over 6f he just empties out , any horse with some gears will beat this and i think gold city has the gears.

 Right thats me done here for now , will be on all day , if anyone wants any further race or betting advice , please just ask , if not , stay well , tc ...laters ;-)

great start back for the blog.....utter fucking shite , lost £2275-00 , what a fucking disaster , although i traded out for a profit on first , i got hammered on eureka , gonna be a long day.......

Feeling quite fed up now , cant even be asked nominating or placing some more for the day and try to chase it back , just gonna let it go...and if it goes , it goes..


Copy Halt