Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Sun is shining...

But for how long??....right blog time , and frankly im getting a bit miffed with the losses , they are becoming too frequent and obv i cant show the shadow trades or behind the scenes stuff that prevents me from getting hit , however blind followers will be giving it all et al....
Was thinking about ramping the stakes if i take a hit however i still feel its more prudent not to get hit in the first place , that said , its impossible to prevent the freakier results from appearing , ....
ideas ideas im always tinkering , but i do like the feel and layout of the current platform and its one that i have developed and have started using on the pro site, however on the std one a day roll ( blog ) i still feel something is missing , i will up the stakes to max liability £1000 on both win and laybets , however i am going to start being more selective.....i will still give the system picks however i will use my judgement on what or where stakes are applied....and the amounts...
FOOTBALL , yes the champions league proper kicked off last night with 8 matches firstly i am not a football pro , however i do know enough and that coupled with my maths and trading skills enabled me to place 4 bets yesterday and all four went green which was excellent , i also ( after giving some statistical thought ) had a " fun bet " , i marked all 8 matches down for a draw and did them in a multiple for trebles , 4 matches were draws , the bet cost £112 , returns were £350 so i think that can be considered a result ( total luck tho tbh ) , its just that so often the opening group are draws i thought fuck it...a couple of years back i do remember all 8 games being draws and thinking then every year im gonna do this just for shits and giggles....ya never know!!....
This is however how i see tonights games going..

8 Selections Chosen
1Ajax v Lyon (Backing  Ajax @ 2.23)
2Benfica v Man Utd (Backing  Man Utd @ 2.06)
3Dinamo Zagreb v Real Madrid (Backing  The Draw @ 5.99)
4FC Basel v Otelul Galati (Backing  FC Basel @ 1.53)
5Inter v Trabzonspor (Backing  Inter @ 1.4)
6Lille v CSKA Moscow (Backing  The Draw @ 3.77)
7Man City v Napoli (Backing  Man City @ 1.36)
8Villarreal v B Munich (Backing  The Draw @ 3.36)

..Quite a lot of the unknown about tonights matches , with new teams , unexpected teams and weak teams that pull off the odd miracle....
Best bets...
TRADE - MAN CITY @ 1.36 WITH A VIEW TO TRADING @ 1.49 , No early goal and the price will move quick with low liabilities.

Also when placing your chosen bets its always always best to check all available prices and check other exchanges to make sure your getting max value from your bet , i give you this example

Win Only Market

Odds Converter
Current Odds bets
Back (Bet for)Your

You are betting FOR No to win.
Lay (Bet against)Backer's


You are betting AGAINST Yes to win.
As you can clearly see if you staked the above £200 to win ( both teams to score in man utd match  ) your winnings would be £240 , however if you placed the same bet by laying yes ( technically saying no also ) in order to win the same £240 you need only stake £196.80 , saving yourself £3.20 ( enough for a pint ;-) ) , it always pays to check.....


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