Thursday, 29 September 2011

What a lovely day....

It is today , the sun is shining...and all is well in the world ( well my world anyway ) , no real dramas or news to chew on today , well the news everywhere seems to have remained the same over the last 6 months , some trouble in libya , the world is skint and china is everywhere....thats pretty much it....
On the racing front , for a thursday its pretty fucking dismal tbh , i will flash a couple of todays bets from warwick here....


16:10 - LAY - NEVER SATISFIED - £250 @ BFSP - UNPLACED = WON £250

16:40 - LAY - BRICKFIELDER - £250 @ BFSP - - UNPLACED = WON £250

And thats it for the blog today , tbh pretty uninspiring across the board , its time for me to unearth all my pages and pages of data on the aw and i will have to start the unpleasant task of sifting thru all the nh data and stats , although i will mainly be concentrating on the trading side of things during the winter months , just got a nice looking weekend to look forward to , although that said for my readers all day sat and sun will be restricted to the pro site as its the start of the new year on sat ( arc weekend ) , what i will say now well in advance is that if  SO YOU THINK  runs in the arc @ its current antepost price of 5.8  this is the LAY of the year , an absolute corker , this has as much chance of winning as me if i was wearing a straight jacket and comedy slippers and i will happily empty my whole account and ask everyone i know to lend me more , this will be the easiest money i can make since time began!!!!!.
So i will do two full race cards ( ascot and fontwell ) for you guys tmrw and hopefully you can make enough to have a great weekend !.


Copy Halt