Sunday, 25 September 2011

Smiling on a Sunday...!!

Yes i am in deed , reason ? , this is the first sunday i have not woken to find my bankroll and balances dented by the saturday monster!! , yes the last 4 saturdays ( i dont know why ? ) have been rather bad for me , every other day fine , but saturdays , i lose , go chasing , lose my brains and generally end up with a big hole in my balance , then takes me all week to replace it and earn my wage!! thankfully today is a good day , that said i have been spending a considerable amount of time , trading only , using the new trading platform i have devised and so far it has shown to be highly effective ( 90+% ) so that is great , had a good result with my footie acca yesterday which was very much welcomed ( first footie win this season ) , although yesterday i did make a few erroneous decisions , firstly , this is the main throat sticker for me , why after all my data and speed ratings quite clearly showed lightning pearl to be the quickest horse ( far superior to best terms ) did i not back it outright? , why did i decide to go with my " gut " rather than use the systems that are serving me so well? , whats the point of having years worth of data and various systems in place if im going to ignore it and just start guessing!! , that was 1 of a few yesterday , and yes i did have a word with myself!.
Hopefully Bet ( un ) fair have sorted out their API problem , was a fucking nightmare yesterday , markets kept crashing , fairbot couldnt connect , refreshing every 5 secs.....abs ridic...!!.
Arsenal finally showed they can still play a bit every now and then with a rather tedious ( 3-0 was flattering ) win over bolton ( we only got going when they went to 10 men ) , not going to hold my breath waiting for the new dawn of football at the emirates!.
Man Utd showed they play differently with no rooney , chelsea are still bang there and man city are an enigma....However the mighty ( once ) toon are still going great guns , well done them lads!!
Todays racing , well its pretty much standard fare for a sunday ( monday , tuesday , wednesday ) today i thought id post the CURRAGH card for a laugh ;-)...


BACK - MISSISSIPPI - £100 EW @ 8.0 / 3.5 - Unplaced @ 14.0 ( hit 4.2 ) = lost £200
LAY - LANETT LADY - £250 @ BFSP ( MAY TAKE < 8.0 if enough available early doors ) - Unplaced = won £250
BETA BACK - SHUKOV - unplaced
**A big ol 25 runner maiden to start the day , for me there are only 3 horses to concentrate on , firstly Nephrite ( expected to be quite useful from o'brien ) , Shukov ( the form and speed ratings selection ) and MISSISSIPPI , this i have backed as i have been given a nod from a very useful source who has a particularly high strike rate when he has issued advice , you must remember tho that nothing is gteed , it could run a stinker , the jockey may cock up , it may be tenderly handled first time out , could miss break , but what its been showing at home suggests otherwise the workwatchers reckon its a 90+ rated horse just trotting around Kildare!, so you pays yer money , yer takes yer chance...good luck.
*As expected , the horse i WAS going to back ( nephrite ) wins easy at an amazing 8.0+ !! , Mississippi ran no sort of race whatsoever , how very fucking shit , the moles record is very good but this one was , well i wont say a dog but looked very average.....sorry to all that backed it!!...
**Made £50 PROFIT on the race.


BACK - CHEVIOT - unplaced
LAY - FLIC A FLAC - ( NO BLOG BET ) - unplaced
BETA BACK - THATS A FRET - unplaced @ 100.00 ( hit 34.0 )
**Tough race to call made of mainly disappointing sorts and a race i dont really want to think to heavily on , thats a fret won this last year and has a cracking chance of making the frame at big odds , cheviot is one of only a few that is in great form...tough race, small stakes only...



BACK - PRINCES SINEAD - 2nd @ 6.03 ( just beaten in dying strides , hit 1.3 )
LAY - REMEMBER ALEXANDER - £250 @ BFSP - Unplaced = Won £250
**I cannot look passed either of the two mentioned as they are quite simply streets ahead on my speed ratings , for something else to win it will have to improve enormously or run way better than previously ( is also classed as improving , although it may not have improved since last run, just that its now running to its potential ) , to back anything else you are " gambling " on an expected outcome rather than what a horse as actually achieved , i know a lot of horses improve for a change in distance , weight , jockey etc , but sometimes you just have to go with whats in front of ya and this is one of those races.



BACK - CATCH THE EYE - unplaced
LAY - HUJAYLEA - ( NO BLOG BET ) - non runner -
**Tough little stakes race with a very interesting runner with a ridic name....Bancnuanaheireann  ( wd commentator with that one ) , waited with till it was 4 before seeing a race course then trots up by 10 lengths , i just cant rate this as it could be anything ., so have decided to just swerve this altogether...although come race time if i can get 8.2 or higher i will trade this in running..



BACK - AKEED MOFEED - £300 WIN ( NAP ) - 2nd....sigh!! ( shit ride ) = Lost £300
LAY - FURNERS GREEN - £300 @ 6.6 - unplaced = won £300
BETA BACK - ATHENS - unplaced
**This is all about Akeed Mofeed , J Oxx has previously won this race with the likes of Azamour and See The Stars , this is a weak renewal and none here look to be ( at present ) in that class however AM looks different class to the field he faces today , a few 7/10 o'brien runners , a couple of average sorts form bolger and a let down from weld , imo if AM doesnt win this OXX will be a very unhappy chappy , for me this is a super confident bet.
£0 on race


BACK - RAYDARI - unplaced
LAY - SUN DISC - ( NO BLOG BET ) - 1st
BETA BACK - BOULAY - 2nd @ 14 ( hit 2.2 )
**Horrid little apprentice race , stick with B A CURTIS , he is a very decent jockey ( horse may be shite , but hes still the best here ).



**" Getting out stakes " and its a motherfucking maiden!! , come the fuck on race planners..why o why have a fucking maiden for your last race??...THIS IS TOUGH, ...if im only marginally down i would have a small dutch on these , if im a lot down i would be on my way to the pub and if im up at this stage im gonna consider myself very fucking lucky and happy!!.....

________________________________________________________P n L = £
Whatever you do , chill , relax , enjoy your Sunday and keep smiling!!..good luck all !


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