Thursday, 31 May 2012

Well not Surprised...

As we move into the Bank Holiday Weekend the heavens decide to open!!...its a super long weekend approaching and the rains come ...what a surprise! , Hopefully it will clear up over the weekend but the Forcast doesn't look good....
**Some News**
How very tragic for those 6 Children killed in their house fire ( ) and now the parents of the said children have been arrested and charged with murder!!...What sort of person can kill one of their own let alone 6 of them?!....this is shocking and im shocked , they were initially questioned after CSI Locale ( made up ) concluded that the fire started with petrol being poured thru the letterbox....incredible!.....i think the only logical punishment should be life imprisonment on each count ?..thoughts?.
Also noted this morning the Govt wants more help given to Depressed Children stating that children from as young as 18 months are being counselled for depression!!!!..FUCK OFF ! , how the fuck can a 18 month old child have any concept of life let alone depression?!...this is a joke ( had to check it wasnt April 1st )..sick Govt lefties and nanby panby society we live in...sickens me!.
The rest of the news knocking about is mainly superfluous bullshit and not worth a mention...
So we move onto the Racing section with a very positive day yesterday and a profitable one at that and another tasty little 11.9 winner tipped up and the Lucky 31 produced a nice profit of 23.47 Points ( 1 points = £1 staked ) which was mainly due to the deece priced winner but thats the way it goes.
A very steady day with the lay bets was had with all laybets being well beaten and thus applying no stress to my head ;-) and the Icing on the cake Yesterday's NAP Battlecat Won very easily at Nice odds....Very happy was i.

Today we have a superb myriad of racing both day and night so i will be smashing them all day long and i think i will post a Race Card up and it shall be for Tonights SANDOWN fixture with holds the Brigadier Gerard Stakes a race close to my heart and one that set me on my journey into the crazy world of horse racing....i have had the winner of this most years almost as a rite and i feel tonight will be no exception.

BACK - AMOISE - 4th ( Pays top 4 ) @ 10.18
*A tough start to the card with a competitive hcap but with so many being or appearing to be AW specialists i have found it reasonably easy to narrow down the field , whether or not i have done it right remains to be seen ;-P , Edgewater is possibly the most interesting as it is now racing off a 10lb lower mark than it last win and is 20 lbs lower from its high point of 84 , this looks weighted to run well and at a decent price, Amoise could be the class and Mafi is consistent enough to warrant ew respect.

BACK - SIR PRANCEALOT - 1st @ 3.21
*A good turnout for the National Stakes sprint but from the 9 i can very easily dismiss 6 of these thus making it a 3 horse race between Storm Moon who won both his starts in good times but may not enjoy these ground conditions although breeding suggests it should be ok.
Then we have Sir Prancealot a horse from the mighty Tinkler ownership whom i have some close contacts with and is another for whom the ground is untried as well as the trip although he travelled very well when winning over 6f fto i dont see this as an issue and this highly thought of sought could be a major player in all this years Juvenile races and is surely Ascot bound??..BUT...
Firstly and more importantly it has to deal with BAILEYS JUBILEE this i have down still as the best 2yr old out yet this season after winning its first 2 races in great fashion ( possibly not beating much ) before running a odd tactical race and getting stuffed i am prepared to fully forget that run as im convinced that wasnt this speedsters true running and this looks a great bet now at 4.7 although i will be personally just lumping on the place at 1.57+.

BACK - OPINION POLL - ( NAP ) - 1st @ 2.37
*Now we have the marathon tripped Henry II Stakes and this is all about OPINION POLL who at best is different class to these and when only 3/4 on song will be still good enough to deal these a damn good thrashing ;-) .

BACK - CARLTON HOUSE - ( NB ) - 1st @ 2.08
*THE BIG RACE of the day , the BRIGADIER GERARD STAKES and this really ought to be won by last years train M Stoute who this year sends out CARLTON HOUSE a horse that has been previously and ridiculously over hyped but does have a good deal of ability and i feel this is his ideal trip as i dont feel it truly stays 1m4f , this has the form in the book to put these to the sword and should prove too good for most , Colombian has won over CD but it has to prove as effective on this ground , Hunters Light is disappointing so the main danger should be Im a Dreamer who is a consistently high class performer for whom a big win wont be far away.

BACK - TALES OF GRIMM - 3rd @ 8.26
*Now we have the Heron Stakes and another decent race with some useful performers and in particular im looking forward to a horse that has long been on my tracker list and that is TALES OF GRIMM a horse with any amount of potential that has missed a couple of engagements due to poor ground and will be ready today and at 7.6 is well worth a little punt EW , others to note are Irish History and Top Offer.

*Tough Finale and just a tentative EW punt on Highland Colori for me.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Good Morning....

Morning All , Lets start today with the knee situation?! , it still feels a bit sore and twinged and now i am having Mind issues with it...I am walking around rather Gingerly but without too much duress so hopefully it was a freak thing ....
...( Pause due to spent time sat on the sun lounger and chatting with Lumpy )....Well it appears that i will find out tmrw how strong my leg/Body is as i will Playing again as ive just arranged a match against Lumpy which should be Interesting as he has only played a little bit but is a very good Table Tennis and Badminton Player , will he be able to transfer his skill set across??....Hmm...
Todays Racing Shenanigans looks interesting with a few decent looking bets knocking about...

1. 15:10 AYR - Le Toreador - ( 7.4 ) - Unplaced ( very disappointing )
*Has won first time out for the last 2 years and ended last season with a good win and although it would appear an AW specialist from its 12 wins 4 have been gained on Good/Firm ground so ticks all the boxes today , and this is on the tracker list ( Guy Reed horse ).

2. 14:00 NEWTON ABBOT - Silver Steed - ( 20.0 ) - ( 4th ) *£75k Wasted imo...
*This opener has a hot Fav in Kings Lad and rightfully so however it jumped rather shite first time over sticks and was left looking rather ordinary , Fear Glic doesnt look any great shakes and Wiffy Chatsby doesnt look like its built upon its promise in its NHF races so thats the first 3 all there , all exposed and all with their frailties , Silver Steed out of Kings Theatre should possess some class and wouldnt have to be that special to get Involved and as it cost £75,ooo you have to think that is has showed something??...i rather have this EW than anything else in this field and is well worth a fair punt in the place market at 3.6.

3. 15:00 NEWTON ABBOT - Kings Story - ( 11.5 ) - 1st @ 11.9
*This i feel has obviously been laid out for this again having won this race last year and recently had a pipe opener over CD , this surely has to be there at the finish? , in a race lacking any real depth i feel this is a safe option.

4. 15:30 NEWTON ABBOT - Marodima - ( 4.6 ) - 1st @ 3.3
*Will almost certainly try and make all and with the 6lb he gets from the Chazer his nearest rival he could well have all of these off the bridle 2 out , i will be shocked if this doesnt place tbh.

5. 16:30 NEWTON ABBOT - Officer in Command - ( 5.2 ) -Unplaced ( very disappointing )
Has everything going for it today, trip, ground, Jockey....Surely if ever it was going to win it would be today??...


1. 14:10 AYR - Out of the Blocks  - Unplaced
*Was recently placed over 6f in slower ground than today but was also completed in a very slow time and this was pretty much flat out at the time , i cannot see this getting involved at the finish, may run well for 3 or 4 furlongs but will get swallowed up or blown away and even at 14.0 is worth Laying for as much as one can afford!.

2. 15:40 AYR - No Poppy -Unplaced
*Will hate the ground and runs totally different on this faster surface and even at 14.0 is a Max Lay.

3. 14:50 SEDGEFIELD - RED LAW - Unplaced
*@ 9.0 I think its too short and should be 19.0....Slow as a Boat and well worth a lay or even a place lay.

4. 16:20 SEDGEFIELD - Agricultural -Unplaced
*Another Pig and i will gladly lay this all day @ 10.0....Give me the monies!!...
TODAY'S NAP - 16:00 NEWTON ABBOT - BATTLECAT - ( 2.18 ) - 1st @ 2.07

These are a few bets i like today and i will be having an EW acca and L31 on the back bets and i will be laying the laybets for a fixed LB each so i should be able to shimmy up some easy profits , there are obviously a few more i like like Darling Boy and Baileys Jubilee et al but i just dont have the time to post everything and all , Got another day with the Pupil so lets hope the profits flow today ( thats to me and not away!! ).....Have a great day all , keep smiling and keep the faith!!.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Well the Strangest,....

I have just got back from playing Tennis with sledge in which i Won the first set 6-4 and then had to retire due to the weirdest injury set of feelings my body has ever experienced.
Whilst attempting to play a cross court dipped half volley ( sounds good but is basic ) i kinda played the shot ( which was good ) then landed with my left leg first and hitting the ground in a rather unremarkable way only to feel a tremendous shuddering sensation boom right thru my left leg , knee and then head!!....i honestly thought i had broke my leg , thus causing me to lose my balance , fall into the net and bruise/injury my fingers , on bringing myself together my whole body was shaking and on the inside it was so bad it was almost as tho i was shivering on the inside , sounds bizarre but thats all i can say , Sledge said something which i feel is probably right , " your body could be in shock " and you know what? i think he is right , i was scared , i honestly thought i had done myself a serious injury it was that bad , as i sit here now recalling all this from just 20 mins ago i still feel like was for me...the weirdest thing....Fingers crossed this is only a short term thing and i will be all right in a few days....;-P

On the Racing front i had another very swingy day , 2 big win bets landed at 10.0 and 5.4 , plus two medium win bets landed at 2.25 ( AVE ) however i also laid 4 winners on the spin mid afternoon and the last two of my session , went up went steeply down , come back , went up broke even then was a losing day for me thankfully Senor Pupil ( you know who you are but wants to be Anon ) and myself concluded our days business when he was about £80 in front so that was very good , so i shall forget today , and have tmrw as the start of my working week.....and  a more restrained version it will be , i will be laying just 5 horses all day , that will be me , money made and ta ra....if you want to know what the magic 5 are then get in touch ;-)....and you too can back them all in a Lucky 15 and win huge haha..., anyway im off for a bath now, cya tmrw , ttfn x

14:10 Ripon

Hmm , Star of Rhom has an outstanding form claim and on form alone shud be 1.5 so the 1.9+ available looks good however i rather fancy the chances of the 10.0 BODY and SOUL which ran like a future star for 4f before fading out on soft./heavy ground , todays ground and with the benefit of experience i expect this heavily fto Marvel to run a lot more tactically astute race and shud be bang there this time? , even with that will he be good enough to take down Star of Rhom?? 10.0 i am prepared to find out....( after the race i may well be ruing , why dint i lump on SOR?? )......,27770,496636,00.html

BOOOOOOOM - 1ST - GET IN!!! ( BFSP 8.4 )

Monday, 28 May 2012

Well that was Nice...

Why it lasted , the sun that is....Now im sharing my sky with a swathe of thunder clouds and it looks like we are in for some rain over the next few days...;-( , was just enjoying El Tropico ;-@ , on the horse front there is not a lot to say at mo as my Backing head is well and truly wurzelled off and im full Lay / Trade mode and i am doing some tutorial work thru the week this week so there will be no real updates of stature until i cover the DERBY on Saturday , so until the weekend Adios , enjoy , keep smiling and if you do need or want any advice hit me up on FB and i will try me best...;-)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Irish 1000 Guineas....

Well what a day again , breakfast in the sun and another day of sunlaxing , fantastic ;-)....Todays big race the Irish 1000 guineas is the poorest looking classic i can ever remember seeing , an absolute shocker of a field and a disgusting turnout , the field bar the fav looks no better than a moderate H'cap!!...HOMECOMING QUEEN should be 1.2 and should absolutely piss this and if it doesnt i will walk thru town with my arse hanging out!!!..
Thats covered that race , ..
Conclusion : LUMP ON THE FAV!!!!!!.
The only other beast that Interests me is CRIUS in the 14:05.
Off to finalise my staking and bets for today then its Sol and Garden time...Adios Mañana ;-)

**UNPLACED - Utter wank , " its better on soft " blah blah bollocks.....the race was a piece of shit , Irish racing is shit , The classics thus far have been a joke and this is easily a year to forget.....what a joke , im gutted obviously ( although i did place lay it for cover @ 1.22  , but hardly the point ) ...This has been a very tough weekend and i will now be putting my betting boots firmly back in the drawer and concentrate on my laying to rebuild the war chest!....

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tennis Update...

Finally i beat the mighty Sledge 6-2 , 5-7 , 6-1.....Two wins in the same calendar year??.. Whats going on!!?..

Among Others...

WoW what a fantastic day again and what a day of racing awaits including the Irish 2000 Guineas , so many races today that deserve a review and some analysis , so many bets and so many horses to watch...ooohh im spoilt today and i dont know where to start..;-@@ i was hoping that some of my beloved readers would chuck a few ideas about but alas only the reliable and resilient Michael come forward.....dont be shy guys ;-).

So here is a brief analysis from 2 selected races from each meeting today....


14:10 - Liberating - Unplaced ( Very poor run )
Easily the quickest on my ratings and has everything in its favour today , i like this daughter of Iffraaj a lot and expect a very big run and i simply will not have it that it wont place and at 1.43 i think the Place Only bet is nailed on with a nibble on the win @ 3.6

15:15 * THE 2000 GUINEAS* - Hermival - Unplaced ( Farce of a race ),27770,487043,00.html
I really fancy Hermival for this , re watching the above race it was a really impressive run being far side racing in a small group and lengthening well clear of them with only old foe French Fifteen and Camelot in front and on the other side this should get a far better toe along in this and again i feel the place is cast in gold  and is an outstanding EW bet.

14:05 - Franciscan - 1st @ 5.9
A tough heat to start the card but this Sadlers Wells progeny ran really well fto and now has the faster ground he needs and Fallon back in the saddle and @ 4.3 looks a good bet .

15:10 - Gulf of Naples - Unplaced 
This should provide Fallon with a nice n easy double easily gets this trip and at pace , can race off or with the pace is of class , is in form and the only reason this is a huge 2.66 is because Cavalryman is in the field without it would be 1.50 and as C'man is unreliable, unproven and from a yard yet to really strike i feel this is worth a massive lump.

14:55 - Asian Trader -Unplaced 
A poor start and a less than ideal draw meant this had a lot to do lto however with experience and the plum draw now this should scoot clear and win comfortably.

16:00 - Eton Forever - Unplaced 
This is a different class on horse to the field , the field are basically a mixture of fair to good Hcappers and Eton is Group/Listed class at best and spent all last year racing against some of the very best being beaten by the likes of Man of Action , Julienas , Side Glance and started of this season with a very good and close 5th in the Lincoln this is surely a confidence booster before it goes on to race in some of the years bigger races like the Royal Hunt Cup for which it is entered into and @ 3.65 looks outstanding and must be included in all EW combos today.

14:45 - Fiorente - 2nd
This was a progressive performer last year and is an out n out Group 1 horse that has the ability to hold his own in most types of company and this company is much weaker than what he has been used to and this looks an easy opportunity to open his seasonal account andm his 2nd in the Gordon Stakes would easily be good enough to beat these.

16:25 - SEA MOON ( NAP OF THE DAY ) - 1st @ 1.33
If this doesnt destroy these i will retire!!....on all known form and ability this should win as easy it chooses to..Nailed on!

14:30 - Mabanny - Unplaced ( never in it )
Ridden by Hanaghan for the first time this Grandson of Singspiel would have strengthened and improved over the winter and could easily prove to be different class , this looks an exciting prospect and being by Exceed and Excel showed plenty of dash as a 2 yr old and now a 3 yr old its heritage will start to shine and i expect a great run from this today and @ 9.4 looks a corker of an EW bet.

15:00 - *TEMPLE STAKES* - SOLE POWER - 2nd
There is little point in trying to dissect the form lines and form here as Sole Power is easily the quickest and on my ratings has a bit in hand and is easily the Best sprinter in the British isles , " if " it has kept its form and its runs in Meydan havent blunted him then its his to lose , Sole Power is one of only a few true sprinters the UK has  , Tangerine Trees is a very smart horse but tires at the end and with the penalty and being fto is overlooked , Bated Breath is a 6f specialist and with no real 5f form to base a view on is also overlooked which just leaves old timer Borderlescott and Masmah as the dangers....If the real Sole Power turns up its game over and @ 5.1...EW im on ;-).

EW TRIXIE ................


WIN TRIXIE ..............
1.SEA MOON -1st

Right thats your lot for today , i will be on FB all day today ( until its drink o clock anyway ) , have fun and good luck....***Not the greatest of days it has to be said.....

Friday, 25 May 2012

2 races for Michael

Chester 14:25
A very tricky maiden with little experience to work with and all bred to enjoy the trip , Mandy Lexi is the current Fav @ 1.69 which imo is ludicrously short for a 2yr old having her 2nd run on ground she has never encountered before, forget the sex allowance as its a known fact that the fillies are weaker than colts at this age and they wont be comparable until the end of August , its first run was over 5f in terrible conditions  here at Chester , this race is over 6f on much much quicker ground and against some potentially useful sorts , anyone that takes 1.69 on this horse in this race is an absolute headcase.
What will win?...well the fav is the obvious starting point but as we have already discussed this we will move onto the others , the other two with experience should improve but i cannot see them troubling the judge , the 3 other newcomers can be separated by just a cigarette paper and if pushed i would probably say Dream Maker .

Conclusion :  The only bet for me in this race is a lay on the likely winner and fav Mandy Lexi , for starters i would most def have the 3 newcomers running for me rather than against and secondly if you must i would suggest a lay at these ludicrous odds and look for a trade at around 1.9 which imo will get matched as i can see this being a right burn up from the off. - Mandy Lexi 2nd @ 1.8


York 14:35
A real good looking renewal of this 7f Conditions event with most of the 8 runner field able to post a claim but yet again the greedy bookies have gone very short about Saamid a horse that ran twice in starter races  ( a maiden then the Champagne Stakes at Doncaster ) winning well enough to think , hmm quite useful , then proceeded to get trounced twice by Frankel before running  well on his comeback behind Sri Putra.
This is a beast with obvious ability but how much and how consistent and more importantly what about the opposition?.
Well honestly this looks like a race full of exposed ( but useful ) H'cappers and Saamid is without doubt the class by a long way , Regal Parade i dont feel will enjoy the ground , Brae Hill could enjoy a tussle for the places ( inc first ) and should reverse form with Smarty Socks on 7lb better terms , Boomerang Bob is the one for the FC and the main danger imo and you can forget the rest.

Conclusion :  SAAMID is the only and logical choice , Will enjoy the ground , will enjoy the trip is in form , is fit and should prove to be different gravy however i have no idea how Frankie will ride him today  ( i know he will be sat in the saddle , smart arses ! ) i would be quite happy taking the 1.9+ on this , and this will be one of my stronger bets for tmrw.

Incred Golfing Luck...

How is this possible lol...lucky Monkey!!

Just Watched..

That Magic trick in the Bravia ad showing in the right hand Video box/Advert and its amazing, you gotta watch and if anyone can tell me how he does that id be well impressed!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Early start today...

Yup got outta bed far too early today lol , but a 7am start is good for the soul ;-) , headed off to the shops to purchase the ingredients for my full English ;-) , 2 cartons of fresh Orange Juice et al...gotta love farmies ;-) , what a fantastic day again , i will never tire of this although after consuming my monster breakfast and laying out in the sun for an hour i feel i need a proper siesta lol..feel fecked haha....having had a cursory look thru the cards yesterday i was mostly unimpressed and today i feel much the same , three cards full of mediocrity which will be hard to dissect without spending hours back reading thru the cards and form and as i have no reason to produce any cards today quite simply i shall not , i may well post a few race reviews with some analysis up on the FB page.
Yesterday was good for level stakes backing on the back bets but the EW and outsider selections failed a bit but was expected tbh but due to a very strong start i made double profits again which is a billy.
Two horses today which im interested in for a variety of reasons are Michaelangelo ( 2.2 ) and Fathsta ( 10.0 ) , Michaelangelo is very well regarded and shaped with great promise fto behind Mariners Cross and Noble Mission and i think this should be and prove to be different class this is my NAP for today and then we have Fathsta a horse with no real recent form but has however been running ok , more importantly it is now racing off a 20lb lower mark than this time last year and is racing off what can only be considered a feather weight , this will be winning soon without a doubt...just on ew like a lemming ;-@@.

Now some news did anyone read about this
..No i didnt think so as the BBC decided NOT to broadcast in case it come across as Racist ffs!!! what a big bunch of Wankers!!! , basically a dad and his son minding there own business watching the CL final in a boozer were dragged outside ( along with others ) by a gang of 20 Black youths armed with bats and Knives and stabbed to death for no reason and not one of the cunts has yet to be charged......fuck me if it was 20 white lads the " Bruvvers " would be burning cars and swinging from the trees , its just a fucking outrage how ridic Racism has become in this country , black, white or yellow i dont give two fucks who you are however i am bothered by what you are , and these people regardless of race are nasty murderous shites that need to be named , shamed and locked up not glamorised.......Just an utter my blood is boiling im gonna have to go sit and chill outside for another hour ...;-P.
If anyone wants anything specific posting tmrw or any race meet to be especially covered then drop a note in the comment box...

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Morning All...

Hmmmm ( deeply sighs and yawns ) what a day yesterday , Played a best of 5 Tennis match which i played brilliantly ......for the first set lol , then it went rapidly downhill ;-)( i Lost 6-1 2-6 3-6 4-6  and the temp felt like 100° it was amazing , then after 2 hours of ball slogging  we retreated to the showers for a cool off and clean up before heading to the glorious beer garden & sun area round the back of the Londsborough Arms which was heavenly and we started with the refreshments which consisted of the outrageously tasty Tutti Frutti Brothers was in a Tall Glass filled with Ice and was like drinking pop....amazing...but afternoon drinking does fuck me up lol...;-)),
Played some pinball and Pool before both me and Sledge had to concede defeat to the beer and retire...great day....why do we have to work when its like this!!.....
<<<<<SLEDGE ;-)).

And as i write this and the Sun is again out in full force im or play??....but i have to work ;-( , get this done and then maybe another hour in the garden before getting back to business!.
Have no idea what went on in the world of Racing yesterday and nor do i care as sometimes its good to just totally switch off , recharge and rest the brain.
What is on offer today? , well we have a few eve meetings ( which i wont be involved in as im playing tennis tonight ) and 3 fair meetings during the day that includes one of my favourite courses and places...Goodwood , so i think today to get back into the swing of things i shall produce a Nice n Easy Lite card  , lets get some winners and get back into profitsville ;-))..


BACK - SKY LANTERN - 1st @ 2.02
EW - SILVER LIME - 3rd @ 8.11
BACK - AL KHAWANEEJ - 1st @ 8.80
EW - RASHEED - 3rd @ 4.79

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Awoke today and i saw a UFO really it was huge , round and Yellow and just stayed in almost the same spot for hours and its still there!!....then someone reminded me that its actually the sun and thats what it looks like....;-) .
Its absolutely amazing out today and im a little gutted sledge is at work ;-@@...hopefully tmrw will be the same and we can some sports and beer action on!.
Been sat in the Garden soaking up the rays for the last 3 hours...amazing , i love the sun soooooooooo muchly ;-)) , feels me full of love and joy ;-).
On the racing front yesterday..well it started off superbly then went gradually downhill before i picked it up then the same....very swingy...up down up down up down and finally up but it took me till about 8pm to finally get back in front lol...3 times having a final bet only for it to go south lol..3 times i backed a horse EW and laid another with my selection coming 2nd ( good ) and the lay winning ( bad )...sigh..but thankfully i also had a max lay on Time of my Life @ 1.23 which got well stuffed and filled my pockets full of cash.
Todays racing is lovely and subdued after a crazy few days , 2 day and 2 eve meets at interesting tracks.
We do have a IDK runner out today and currently priced at 34.0 is well worth a dabble EW , its well over priced against the two favs , this Bay Colt out of Singspiel and by Around ( Danehill ) is well liked and is a strong looking sort that is expected to go well , today may be just a workout but i am told it will be going for the win and will only be eased if all chance has gone , but the ground and trip are ideal and excellent young Jockey Martin Harley is taking the ride , ticks all my boxes so im on EW , and i have it in an EW double..fingers crossed......,Right thats it for now im back off to the garden..;p-)))

Monday, 21 May 2012

R.I.P Brindisi Breeze

In memory of a horse that was going to the top and died far too early....

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Yawn.....and Stretch...

Well what a special day yesterday was watching the Imperious , special and freakish FRANKEL trounce his opposition on his first run of the season and he will only get better , what a race and what a star , with a ground devouring stride that kills off his enemies and a burst of speed to settle any dispute..simply brilliant!.
Elsewhere yesterday i had 3 x 30.0 + Winners among a whole host of others on both Newmarket and Newbury cards i quite simply smashed the bookies to bits , now as we all know Backing is not really my Forte but i have had a very good week on em , can it be sustained?...Probably not as that would be freakish itself , all i can do is continue what im doing follow the dips in form and enjoy the purple patches , Mince was another good winner from the tracker list ( among others ) , Noble Mission was 2nd in an amazing finish and the Nile needs minimum of 1m already but must be followed as there are more wins to come with this...
i will leave you with just the 1 selection today , JUST FOR MARY  - EW - 17:10 Ripon - Currently 8.6 which i feel is a fair price , has had two runs so far this season both of which have been over CD and as she has won off a 10lb higher mark ( last year at the Curragh ) this should now be cherry ripe and ready for a win , a MAX EW for me , good luck , relax , enjoy your sunday...

Saturday, 19 May 2012


Morning me beauts and hope your all well after a Stella few days at York covered the 14 races races from the last two days and had 3 seconds and 11 Winners...Still a bit sick about missing out on that Placepot win but hey ho life goes on...and today is the day of FRANKEL my favourite horse of all time and an absolute beast who lines up today in the Lockinge Stakes over 1m and incredibly at just 09:42 already £1m has been traded thru the race with £953,000 of it traded thru Frankel which is amazing as this simply WILL NOT LOSE why has this this not attracted 100%!! , c'mon everyone take out a 2nd mortgage and pile the lot in , for starters today it has on Excelebration to beat and this it has done a couple of times already and easily , it has grown but will be fit enough , this will prove no more than a gallop work out...even at 1.32 i urge you all LUMP ON!!.
Elsewhere today we have a few running of our tracker list including Mince who is due a win and is very highly thought of and of course Frankels Brother Noble Mission who is shaping with great promise.
TBH there is a plethora of fabulous racing going on today , an exciting and exhilarating day awaits.
For the Paid members we have our 2nd GOLD TIP of the season running today ( first won at 6/1 ) so this also compounds the excitement and it has been advised EW and i shall post up the results later this evening.
There are no race cards to post at the weekends now as i sell them so that wouldnt be right so i will give you one more horse to look at and its NILE , this won its maiden by a heavily eased down 11 lengths , has an entry into the St James palace stakes and fingers crossed will muller these to make a brilliant Khalid Abdulla Treble , Frankel, Nobel Mission and Nile.
I will also say i think a good EW double today is Mince & Mon Brav and if your broke come the end of the day look out for Mukhadram....this is surely as nailed on as Frankel..big short priced double??....
as tmrw will be a well earned day off for me ( not counting the DIY and decorating the boss has planned ) i shall say this , have a great day , have a great weekend and see you all next week.....;-)x

Todays mentions....
1.Frankel - 1st @ 1.3
2.Mukradam - 1st @ 1.49
3.Mince - 1st @ 4.23

4.Nile - 2nd
5.Noble Mission - 2nd
6.Mon Brav 4th ( 1.01 for 3rd )

Overall a brilliant day for me, very happy and still have our GOLD TIP running later....Happy Days!.
*PS: Unlucky with the Trixie Trish..close stuff...;-( , hope some of you got on the myriad of winners we have had on our FB page.

Friday, 18 May 2012


42.2 Winner to start the day off!!..Get In!


Well Well Well...what a day yesterday was ( Perth aside Pfft ) , York was very kind to me Yesterday and to hit 6/6 is somewhat of a rarity having only done it 3 times all year but the Jackpot did pay an ok £11k+ so that would have been nice but i didnt do it...;-( , but i did the placepot and made a few squids...but Jackie Jackpot eluded me again....maybe i should re consider my thoughts over the scoop 6 and start playing that a nice little £250k would certainly be welcome ;-) , its fair to say i dont expect to get anything like the same set of results as yesterday in fact quite the opposite as i usually follow a good day with a cooler so i wont be holding my breath today! , todays happy target is 4 winners....lets see what it brings.....


*Baileys Jubilee is the best and quickest 2yr old out so far this season and will be very hard to beat , in fact i fully expect this to hack up......However @ 1.42 i am max laying it ( will be trading 75% out ) as its raw speed figures ( my ratings ) have it quite closely matched with at least 4 other runners who can all do 5f in 1m0s and at least 3 can or expected to have sub 59s .9 in their lockers...the price imo is ludicrously low and it has to be taken on , if it wins then no real harm done , if i get my trade matched then profit ( 1.92 ) and if it loses then a nice payout awaits.....


BACK - RED CADEAUX - ( NAP ) - 1ST @ 5.17

EW - LAUGH OUT LOUD - 1st @ 3.23

EW - ANNIE BEACH - 2nd @ 22.6 ( beaten in a Photo )

EW - MEDIA HYPE - 1st @ 8.80

EW - ETSEDAAMA - 1st @ 8.2
OUTSIDER - DANE KING - 2nd @ 4.2

Enjoy and Good Luck as this is it now till Mon..........;-)
**This looks a great day to watch and Tough to Punt....very hard going today, Im not even that confident with my NAPS today although i do really like the way Red Cadeaux has been Improving.

FUCKING FUCKETY FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK..........NO IN FACT FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK....There are not enough FUCKS to quite get across just how fuming i am right now......Did a placepot at York Yesterday and i won , it paid a miserly £50.10 , today not expecting to again hit 5/7 and have a placed horse in every race i left it alone and it paid a whopping Placepot: £12,695.00 .....FML...abs gutted!!!!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Todays Full card from YORK....

6 Winners and a 2nd and 3rd in the Finale...i really thought i was going thru the card today!!! so close!!...gotta say tho im super happy with that!


EW - JUDGE N JURY - 1st @ 14.7
*Tough start and dont be surprised if the starts off with a 33/1 winner , wide open at the weights and with so little relevant form to use your guessing a bit with this, on all known form i have selected the three main protagonists from my speed ratings.

BACK - IZZI TOP - 1st @ 5.10
*I do fancy the outsider SOH to run a big race here.

BACK - BONFIRE - 1st @ 4.52
EW - EKTIHAAM - 2nd @ 7.44
*This is all about BONFIRE and is the hyperbole correct , solid form is there and looked very useful last term , if it has strengthened and trained on then its all over , cant have the arabs at the min as they are out of sorts and O'bRIENS are always over bet thru word than anything else ( WAS £1,200,000 Purchase today at NASS was well beaten ) so its down to the only two true class acts to provide the entertainment.

BACK - FURY ( EW NAP YET AGAIN ) - 1st @ 4.60
EW - MIIJAR - 3rd @ 3.19
*IVE MAX EW LUMPED FURY both runs so far this season ( 2nd & 3rd ) , 1st time he was chopped and v unlucky and 2nd run left his run 1/2f too late and running on well, has the perfect trip, perfect ground and now has Moore back in the surely has to be the day??...Im on EW to the MAX.

BACK - PEARL SECRET - ( NAP ) - 1st @ 1.95
*Dutch of the day , its nailed on that one of these will win, probably Pearl Secret as i feel Es que Love is better over 6f.

BACK - ARTIGIANO - 3rd @ 9.52
*If any track money comes in for WYNYARD BOY then follow as the Musgraves like a winner here , if Easterby's Juveniles are backed they are ready to win. watch the betting along with Kalicamix.

BACK - DARK RANGER - 2nd @ 10.6
EW - BRUSLINI - 3rd @ 23.0

1st 4 Winners at YORK..

Today has been truly Booomtastic ;-)

Rail Link

Ahh yes my sire to follow this season ( 3yr olds only ) has thus far produced these stats 1/1/2/0/0/0/3/0 so as you can see its very hit n miss , however the first two wins were gained in France on proper racing ground , then the run of unplaced efforts can be largely attributed to poor ground and trip ( 1m2f - 1m4f ideal ) and today we finally have one running over 1m2f on some proper racing ground at Newmarket , so we have a horse whose Grandfather is a DERBY winner and a  Mother that won the ARC....this trip is ideal  and at a fantastic 32.0 ( current price on BF ) i simply have to go in EW both now and at BFSP in case it drifts, this is trained by Amanda Perret who i like but im sure if it was by Cecil or Stoute then the price would only be a quarter of this....My o my there is some great racing around today , already having done a pre lim lite card for " SIMON THE OWL " who has gone on a all dayer to York with his work mates ( good luck buddy ) i am going to be very busy today , see ya on FB if your about, have fun, be lucky , keep smiling!.
Today's Rail Link runner is....SIGNED UP in the 19:35 Newmarket.

**Ran a great Race Just getting pipped for a place after running on really well coming in 4th @ 88.68 , so near to a MEGA BOOM ( 12.90 for the place ).......

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

We are at Home!!...

Yes Indeed Today we have the first meeting of the new season at my Home Track YORK , a beautiful town with a superb race couse and facilities ( even if the Gimcrack is a tad dear ! ) i love the place and it holds some of best trials and group races of the Year along with some high profile Hcaps and Sprints...superb stuff.
One piece of advice for York , look out for good front runners as York is not the best place to be coming " off the pace ".
Todays main race looks to be the Musidora and  i feel that the Fav TWIRL will take all the beating , 2nd to Chrysanthemum on reappearance she ran as tho the step up in trip would do her good and should be nice and fit now , Esentepe has no chance what so ever at this trip and should be laid for every penny you can muster!.

Here is the Card in Full.....


OUTSIDER - GATEWOOD - 1st @ 7.45
*On my speed ratings there is nothing to split the top 6  and the current Fav Flag Officer has to be a LAY with so many against him , the 3 selections are matched to cross the line as one so will be very interesting.

OUTSIDER - FAST SHOT - 3rd @ 40.0
*The Lay in this race is Baby Strange , just cannot see how this will get involved, lay and place lay.

BACK - TWIRL - ( NAP ) - 2nd
*Winner the Fugue was VERY Impressive, superb run, wow what a horse.

EW - BANNOCK - ( 80.0 ) -
OUTSIDER - BOGART - ( 55.0 ) -
*A very tough sprint with some very useful looking sorts on show most Notably would be Hoof It who if fully wound up for this would and will take all the beating , can travel at pace /quicken and run on over both 5f and 6f and will be a major player in all this years big sprints , however i feel at 3.25 it is worth taking on against such strong opposition , its not to say i dont think it can win as i think if fully fit and with a form carry it can i just think that first time out in a strong field its worth taking on.

OUTSIDER - EAGLE ROCK - 3rd @ 18.0
*Mika Mica who was a LOTD for me lto will also be getting laid by me again today , time to return me my money thank you!!.
*Mica Mika 2nd - Lay Landed , happy Days and thanks!.

EW - MRS BROWNS BOY - 3rd @ 6.6

EW - BACCARAT - 1st @ 6.79
*Laying Grizzle , too slow for this and certainly not resolute.

A tough looking first day York but with plenty of good laying opportunities, i shall be dutching this card with a placepot in for good measure and using the lay bets to make extra or some profit , good luck to all today!.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Todays best card...

Was at HEREFORD where we had 5 Winners from 7 Races....with 3 each on the other two , lets hope this evening continues the same..happy days!!

See the Viral..>>

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ps: If we can get enough click revenue it will be added into a free to enter help me help you..;-)

Monday, 14 May 2012

No Cigar...

Had the first 8 races today in a 8 Leg Multi with 5 / 6 /fold and an 8 Fold...first 7 all won and only had the NAP Shaleek @ 1.3 to win as the 8th leg and its Boom time...OMFG!!....another ridic Fav gets turned over!!...Gutted lol , still a decent payday , but thats just sick imo.....still a great day tho.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Morning Arseholes...

......" ooo and a good morning to you......" , sorry thats just me talking to myself obviously!! , well , yesterday...what a day a rollercoaster ride for sure , PRP took a hammering , and for the best of of yesterday i was on my knees after laying several horses that won but thankfully my " experiment " won for me yesterday digging me out of a hole and back into profitsville , this was obv luck and occasionally we all need a bit of luck and as i get my fair share of bad im quite happy to except the good...
The experiment was this , all last week i noticed that across the cards at least one Rank Outsider ( actually bottom two ) Won ( upto 300.00 ) so across both Lingfield and Ascot Cards i backed the two rank outsiders at bfsp ( also had separate lays in all races to cover stakes plus profit ) and this was a blank until the end of a very tiring and expensive day , i was on my proverbial knees and out of ideas for the day and was thinking..." oh dear this is gonna be a long week " when the first of my outsiders won for me at 48.0 this was obviously a high and i thought..hang on, today may be ok now with a bit more luck then rather surprisingly i also struck gold winning the next at 31.1 this was a big boom for me and i was starting to think ok now im not far off break even for the day...can i make a profit??....and incredibly i doubled up my stakes on the last runners ( had three in the last ) and Italian Tom Won for me at 36.1...GET IN!!..i screamed lol...absolutely amazing i couldnt believe it as it just got up on the after a very poor and discouraging start to the day ( compounded by some very poor Yankee's ) i was delighted to finish the day on a high and in amazing end to an amazing day!.
So where do we go today? , well i have just had a couple of hours on Skype with IDK ( my breeder / trainer friend from France ) discussing the Longchamp Guineas card and a good looking card it is , 2 main highlights for me will be Masterstroke a horse that we had last year when owned by the burgundy sheik and now with Godolphin and we also have another 3yr old Rail Link Runner.

Here is a brief rundown of some of the runners we highlighted and the horses we liked today at Longchamp.


12:30 GOLDEN AQUILA - Unplaced
Likely fav but is thought of in high regard , a chestnut colt from Singspiel and a good looking sort is expected to go first time however it will have to be spot on ftu as both Cranach and Ashkiyr are likely sorts and will make this a true test.

13:00 SUNSEEK - Unplaced
A very tough Maiden with some very well bred sorts in and looks a race packed full of future winners but there is one that stands out for me and that is SUNSEEK from my 3yr old sire to follow Rail Link , i will follow all Rail Link runners this year ( and have had some good wins so far ) over the right trips ( which this is ) .

13:30 MASTERSTROKE - 2nd!!..Fuckety Fuck Fuck
This was on our tracker list last year when under different ownership and was very highly touted , i tipped it up on here and it duly won as easy as it liked beating a large field of well bred maidens , this CD winner has obviously had training issues as it has since transferred to Godolphin and has only run once in the last year but if this has suffered no ill effects and has trained on then we could be looking at something very special , this will be a Max Lump Job for me.

 14:08 HUANGDI - 
No real thoughts on this race and this was offered up as a token selection .

Derek Smith well known through his association with Aiden O'Brien has a runner of his own in PN as well as the Aiden runner Up which i feel will  not be good enough for this and is held and will be held by Fire Lily however this Lovely sort from Galileo is expected  to run well and at a decent price is well worth a full sheckles of any ones EW money.

15:10 ????? TBC....

Off to Play some Tennis now with the Mighty Sledge....TTFN x

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Summary of today...

Ascot ...among others...

Today we have 4 good looking cards all of which have a solid look despite the " well dodgy " ground conditions and as no one has requested a free card i shall produce 3 EW Yankee's..yes 3 , and it will be an across the board spread on each , ie: the first at each meeting will make 1 then the 2nd etc etc.. ,lets see if we can produce a few winners and some profit ( will be using the EW race card selections )...

Yankee 1 ( - 9.47 points )

1. ASCOT 13:45 - SHOW FLOWER - 1st @ 2.94
2. HAYDOCK 14:00 - CROSS KENNON - Unplaced
3. LINGFIELD 14:10 - CHACHMAIDEE - 1st @ 3.55
4. NOTTS 14:15 - BLACK ANNIS BOWER - Unplaced

YANKEE 2 ( - 19.65 )

1. ASCOT 14:20 - DAWN TWISTER - Unplaced
2. HAYDOCK 14:35 - WINDOHEK - Non - Runner
3. LINGFIELD 14:40 - COLIMA - 2nd @ 6.40
4. NOTTS 14:45 - KALEEJIYA - Unplaced

YANKEE 3 ( -22.00 )

1. ASCOT 15:10 ED DE GAS - Unplaced
2. HAYDOCK 15:05 - REGAL PARADE - 2nd @ 7.91
3. LINGFIELD 14:50 - FORK HANDLES - Unplaced
4. NOTTS 15:15 - KORNGOLD - Unplaced

YANKEE 4 ( -22.00 )

1. ASCOT 15:25 - HAWKEYETHENOO - Unplaced
2. HAYDOCK 15:40 - ALL THE ACES - Unplaced
3. LINGFIELD 15:45 - CAI SHEN - Unplaced
4. NOTTS 15:50 - SWISS DREAM - 1st @ 10.5

So there we have it , 4 x EW Yankee's , this will obv fail badly so everyone get your laying boots on hahaha , i have also done 4 x EW thru the card  Yankee's to add that extra dimension.....and i will add a 5th which i will call the " SPECIAL " ( as in you need to be special needs to follow "...) this will consist of my favourite 4 EW selections....


1. ASCOT 13:45 - SHOW FLOWER - 1st @ 2.94
2. LINGFIELD 14:10 - CHACHMAIDEE - 1st @ 3.55
3. ASCOT 15:10 ED DE GAS - Unplaced
4. LINGFIELD 14:40 - COLIMA - 2nd @ 6.40

All being EW the trick is obv to try and just get 4 placed for a decent profit and with luck you may also hit a couple of winners....obv i have picked 16 losers so i will have a happy day laying these now ..lool ;-@@ ,
do i have a NAP for today??....well i would say KORNGOLD....( Unplaced )Whatever your poison today have a great day and be lucky , if you want help or advice then hit me up on FB and i will do what i can...g'day all...Catch yer laters...

Quick Note...

To All new and old BETFAIR Customers , This weekend Betfair are giving you a FREE £20 bet , all you have to do is place ANY matched £20 bet on your Mobile using Betfairs Mobile service and if the bet loses you will automatically get the £20 reloaded...;-).. couldn't be easier...

Friday, 11 May 2012

Want a card?

Its upto you guys tmrw....shall i post a card? if so which one? , or would you rather i post a trixie or a Yankee ...its Saturday and a day for winning , if i dont hear owt i shall leave it till Monday....

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Rain Rain go away come back another day!!!...ffs! , enough is enough , stop with the rain already!!....Sigh ;-/ , so we are left with Just Chester today and a few Manky looking Evening cards all of which have been posted , my one NAP for today would be QUESTIONING @ 3.85 , this looks rock solid given the ground , its current form and opposition......

Had a very good day yesterday and as much as i would like today to continue in the same vein im thinking that today will be a lot steadier....No news or gossip today but well over due a good rant...i can feel one coming...!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Nice start to the day with the first 2 winners across the card and the first 2 up on my Multi...this could be a very good day ;-)

Morning 1 N aLL ...

Again awoke feeling rather reticent and not wonderfully enamoured with my lot this is in part to me getting burgled yesterday and having all my Golf gear stolen including my special edition Sunderland jacket , Pro V Nike balls and of course my new ( ish ) clubs ...sigh!! , so had to go and buy a new set this morning and decided to purchase some hybrid golf clubs from Cleveland ( again ) and a couple of new golf wedges including one of their new Black Pearl tour designed 60° wedges for those tricky over the bunker shots! , so i guess as me best mate Sledge is at work i will have to go the range alone!!! , i spoze at least he can get neither of us in any trouble there lol but would be great if the rather lovely Katie ( you know ) was there ;-) ....just to give me blog tips if nothing else ;-@@.
On the horse front we have a rather interesting few days ahead of us with the chester meeting among many a few highlights about to start with Overturn looking a solid bet again today in the Chester Cup @ 8.4 and Shubaat as cover at 6.4 and i wouldnt look elsewhere , EW dutch these two for a good bet and win your stakes on VIVID BLUE @ 1.59 in the 15:30 @ Southwell which really should be far to good for these donkeys!.
This i feel should be made into a double with ORDERS FROM ROME who has form figures that dont inspire much confidence but has been racing in far higher grades against some of the best around and any one of his last 3 runs would be good enough to take this very lowly and average looking maiden , if it cant win this it will never win.
Some very tasty looking Laybets knocking about today .....Yas Marina , Just Past Andover and Beaurepairie Kid are 3 of the best...get em Laid and make some easy Money ;-)).
*Draft Save* Back from the Range and i am very happy with the new clubs although i feel i may get them re gripped to suit my old feel but yeah im happy, the Wedges are great fun and the drivers well balanced , shame i still cant putt for diddly tho...i do feel that for a laugh if any of my readers / friends here are from the North of England we should meet up and have a golf / beer day and then possibly arrange a day out at the races ;-)...

Nip onto FB and say hi...theres a big button to help you navigate ;-)

Booooom!! - Overturn was 2nd @ 14.3 & Both VIVID BLUE & ORDERS FROM ROME WIN @ 1.42 & 2.32

Monday, 7 May 2012

Info For Tues...

Just got an Email from IDK in France and without going into too much detail he has recommended having a go on


Last Night in Pictures....

Again there will be no race cards produced today and for the time being they will be of limited availability due to the time consuming manner in which they are made , yesterday i ran a full card for Newmarket which produced 4 winners and 3 2nds which was quite good and we got the placepot up which was also a bonus and i sold 22 race cards yesterday which made it all the more worthwhile.
Tbh the receipts for them only just about covered the cost of going out with the mighty sledge again last night on another Bank Holiday Bender lol and once again the Legendary Lothario Sledge struck gold after being asked by a vacuous buxom blonde if she could corrupt him...obviously he said yes and now hes probably the proud parent of twins hahaha....this is how it went.....

Me and

Went for a

but instead we had

then Sledge put on his

and started chatting to

Who he thought was ....

Then she gave him this sign...

He then went to her Hotel room and it ended up like this...

Just another Quality night out with the Mighty Sledge ;-))))

Saturday, 5 May 2012

2000 Guineas Day .

Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen its the start of our Classic season with a fantastic looking card from Newmarket.
So much to consider, so much to digest and i have stats pouring from every orifice!, Plus today i will for a tester be including *£10WIN/£5EW bet choice from each race as a guide so without further ado lets move onto todays stunning card....



BACK - FURY - *£5 EW @ 6.2 - 3rd @ 6.0
OUTSIDER - TULLIUS - 1st @ 17.5
*Interesting race to start the day off and one i feel that lacks any amount of depth class wise. The Class act here imo is most certainly FURY has run 2 very decent races so far this season and has had a fair share of bad luck , wont mind the ground , trip shouldn't be a problem ( if anything it should help as he has been running on solidly at the end of his previous 2 races ) and has the very able assistance of Fallon is currently priced at 6.2 which although not outstanding is quite fair ( massive in my eyes but im slightly biased ).
What will take him on? , Spanish Duke has won fto and wont mind the conditions so i would expect a strong run from this , Tullius was pulled from a prior engagement to race here so connections must be happy , Danadana & Graphic are both interesting for contrasting reasons and both are capable of putting in solid runs with the remainder looking very average and inconsistent.
LAY - N/Q -

BACK - DUNADEN - *£10 PO - 3rd @ 6.27
*I have to admit at being a bit of a DUNADEN fan and as such my analysis may be slightly biased instead of stat and rating based however it does have some excellent form on offer is gutsy and will battle all the way to the line this has an excellent chance and at 6.4 is imo superb value and is my EW NAP for today and is my PLACE banker i cannot see this not being placed.
Sadeeks Song , Masked Marvel and Quest for Peace all have far inferior speed ratings but are very closely matched together so much so its nigh on impossible to split these at this stage , Al Kazeem is too slow to figure , Blue Bajan is not quite good enough and Fiorente is ...well is interesting but Stable has not really started firing yet and its speed ratings for its racing over this trip are very poor and quite happy to swerve this which leaves Meandre , a class horse with some rock solid form but with question marks and also coming from a stable that is currently under the clouds at 3.15 this is well worth taking on.
LAY - MEANDRE - Unplaced
RACE 3 **Qipco 2000 Guineas Stakes**

EW - TRUMPET MAJOR - 4th @ 9.83 ( Most firms paying top 4 in this )

112Camelot9-0J P O'BrienA P O'Brien315/8 f
opened 2/1 touched 19/10
216nkFrench Fifteen (FR)9-0O PeslierN Clement312/1
34Hermival (IRE)9-0G BenoistM Delzangles316/1
418Trumpet Major (IRE)9-0R HughesR Hannon38/1

*This is imo a weak renewal certainly weaker than most in recent years and with no Frankel type superstars yet to emerge its left to hype horses to carry the flag and this year we have the much lauded, much hyped and well versed Camelot a horse by Montjeu a sire that does not breed many 1m winners , a stat that needs to be recognised , This will be his first run of the season but will have been well prepared and will be ready but the sire stat is hugely off putting, the ground is a concern , lack of run is a minor niggle , the jockey is a ? , this has a lot of questions to answer and will it? , imo i think that you will not see the best of this until it goes 1m2f+ and i think it could easily be outgunned in this and i will be laying at the nice short odds its currently at.
What will win then? , Solely on speed ratings and my own form ratings i have Trumpet Major down as the quickest and most likely to show his true running and has to be in the mix , i really like Abtaal and French Fifteen , Talwar has a rating from me that entitles him to a place and at fancy odds ( 70.0 ) could give the traders a decent return and we also have the ubiquitous Born to Sea a half brother to the magnificent Sea The Stars and another hyped " wonder horse "...this does interest me...
The two that do interest me most and will be carrying my money are *TOP OFFER & POWER , These it must be stressed are personal selections as Top Offer has more to prove than most and Power has to show he can really stay " if " Power can stay this 1m and " if " he carries his old form thru then i think it has an outstanding chance in a sub standard year and Top Offer could be anything but is obv @ 11 & 16.5 i think its a fair dutch with a Lay on Camelot to make some profit.
LAY - CAMELOT - 1st @ 3.2
REVIEW**- Given the strange nature of how this was run and its position in the race ( hit 5.0 in running ) this quickened right at the end suggesting it will only get better with further, i will tell you all now..BACK THIS NOW FOR THE DERBY!! have been warned.

BACK - INXILE - ( bfsp 33.30 , hit 16.5 in running, ran well, got swamped )
EW - MAYSON - *£5 EW - 1st @ 4.76
*A tough sprint and a cavalry charge all the way , these are notoriously difficult to get the winner from and as such i have just stuck with my own speed ratings.

BACK - MINCE - *£5 EW - 2nd @ 6,90
EW - DEMOCRETES - 3rd @ 10.2
*Super competitive race with half the field able to submit a case , there is one tho that does excite me and thats MINCE , this has been on my tracker list now for some time and i will be following no matter what happens , it is also interesting that they have bentley riding to claim an extra 3lbs off instead of Jack Doyle...Hmmm.., the only other one that interests me personally also comes from the Charlton stable and that is Tioman Legend.

BACK - NOBLE MISSION - *£10 WIN - 1st @ 2.89
EW - MARINERS CROSS - 2nd @ 3.49
*The QRN and for me its all about NOBLE MISSION and can this now show it has its brothers pedigree ( Frankel ) , won well enough fto to suggest there is a bit more to come and i desperately want this to be so but at the moment my heart is ruling my head as i have been reliably informed that Michaelangelo is rather useful and then there is Mariners Cross to beat ( forget the rest ) so i will be having a dutch on these three with the greatest winning portion being on Noble Mission.

BACK - FROG HOLLOW - 3rd @ 7.80
*The " getting out stakes " and it couldnt be any tough lol , and i think if i was looking to get some losses back i would row in FOURTH OF JUNE @ 11.0 EW as i feel this a solid option in a tough race.

There you have it , my take good or bad on a tough days racing at Newmarket albeit an exciting one to watch , have fun , good luck to all and keep the Faith.
Todays DBB'S will be posted shortly onto PRP , no further race cards as there have been no further requests , enjoy and good luck.
ps: dont  forget to log into the FB page and get your selections down for the weekend free to enter Sat tipping comp!.
Any advice or questions just pop in and say hi...ask away, see you all on Monday ( 1000 Guineas card will be on PRP ).


Copy Halt