Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Well the Strangest,....

I have just got back from playing Tennis with sledge in which i Won the first set 6-4 and then had to retire due to the weirdest injury set of feelings my body has ever experienced.
Whilst attempting to play a cross court dipped half volley ( sounds good but is basic ) i kinda played the shot ( which was good ) then landed with my left leg first and hitting the ground in a rather unremarkable way only to feel a tremendous shuddering sensation boom right thru my left leg , knee and then head!!....i honestly thought i had broke my leg , thus causing me to lose my balance , fall into the net and bruise/injury my fingers , on bringing myself together my whole body was shaking and on the inside it was so bad it was almost as tho i was shivering on the inside , sounds bizarre but thats all i can say , Sledge said something which i feel is probably right , " your body could be in shock " and you know what? i think he is right , i was scared , i honestly thought i had done myself a serious injury it was that bad , as i sit here now recalling all this from just 20 mins ago i still feel like jelly.....it was for me...the weirdest thing....Fingers crossed this is only a short term thing and i will be all right in a few days....;-P

On the Racing front i had another very swingy day , 2 big win bets landed at 10.0 and 5.4 , plus two medium win bets landed at 2.25 ( AVE ) however i also laid 4 winners on the spin mid afternoon and the last two of my session , went up went steeply down , come back , went up broke even then down...today was a losing day for me thankfully Senor Pupil ( you know who you are but wants to be Anon ) and myself concluded our days business when he was about £80 in front so that was very good , so i shall forget today , and have tmrw as the start of my working week.....and  a more restrained version it will be , i will be laying just 5 horses all day , that will be me , money made and ta ra....if you want to know what the magic 5 are then get in touch ;-)....and you too can back them all in a Lucky 15 and win huge haha..., anyway im off for a bath now, cya tmrw , ttfn x


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