Thursday, 3 May 2012

selamat pagi ;-)

Hola , hello and G'day , more aches and pains to moan about , woke today to find my hand ( right ) or more specifically my knuckle section very sore and weak , it feels like ive spent the night playing peanuts with a ghost!!...
Some fairly decent racing about today with 3 day meets and 2 thru the early evening and their is also a very tasty looking card at Longchamp and my man in France has been on the blower telling me to look out for and follow 2 running in the 13:20  ,
1.Itasca - Led every step until weakening in last 200 yrds...
2.Romantica - 3rd @ 4.1 ran a very tidy race and should def be followed.
and 1 in the 13:50 ,
1.Gran Maestro -
These are proper blue bloods and are expected to be entered into the top group races thru the season obviously until they actually hit the race course you never really know as many a horse has failed the hype test but IDK has shown a very healthy profit every year and i always follow.
In the UK i will be posting a card up on PRP and that will be for Mussel'h along with todays DBB's , For my Regular readers i like the look of ,
1.SLATEY HEN  ( EW ) - Ran no sort of race as it was hung out back and the front runners had it , like they do at Lingers..Fecking Idiots!!...the race was ridic, very poor rides.
14:10 Lingfield : Back over the CD it last won at for the first time since that win and in a very modest looking race i would like to think they will try and make all as it has easily the best speed figures and could easily burn these off if getting an easy lead , currently 4.3 i think this is a rock solid EW bet.
2.BIG WAVE ( LOTD ) - 2nd @ 2.56 ( Win )
14:40 Lingfield : Won very easily LTO but it was in a slow time  ( albeit on poor ground ) has raced on the AW but at Wton and that was a poor effort then ran 3rd in a very poor looking contest in which the 1/3f was 4th and again ran prominently until fading , so far this 2.54 Fav has shown it has some ability but is still a fair way behind a couple of others , has to prove it can handle the surface and will have to improve further to get the better of these , personally i think its just a very average sort which will struggle to find a suitable grade to race at.
If any of you guys ( or indeed gals ) would like a race review or an opinion on any specific race then by all means please get in touch and i shall try my best.
Our facebook page is now fully open to all presently so feel free to drop in and say hi ;-).
Really looking to watching the New Avengers Movie , everyone ive spoke to has said its incred so it looks like a trip to the flix is in order .
i would like to post something up on a more regular basis for you guys to follow , best bets, race cards , naps?....let me know what your most interested in and i will try and make it a regular feature , may even bring back the daily Yankeeyou...;-) ( Sic* HCE ).
And i would also be interested in knowing what attracts my readers from the USA ( council bluffs , IOWA ) as a few regulars keep dropping by without ever saying anything?..are they confusing me with Phoenix Racing Nascar ;-?...Then we have Fosses Picardie , Salzburg , St Peter Port among others that questionably silent...? , cmon say hi.
The COMP line up is currently ,
Me , HCE , Mark Stockoe ( friend of Jason @ HCE ) , Tracey ( EPDS RACING ) , Shuky which only makes 5, can we get another 5 and actually make this work??...
And AVERAGE GUY  i do actually use Srixion Balls and i am a full 28 Hcapper and i dont suffer with slice or hook , in fact i make most greens in regulation , my single biggest failing is my Putting , my last 18 hole round was done in 102 but i had 42 strokes as putts!!! , thats 2 or 3 putting every hole if i could get that down to 30 i would consider that a major achievement ;-)...


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