Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Good Morning ;-)

Morning All , awoke today still in pain! , On Monday i fitted the living room out with some new wood flooring and yesterday my legs or more pertinently the back of my legs were completely fucked and i could barely walk! cannot believe that 2 days later they are still stiff!! can only presume the cause was due to me being on my Knees for 6 hours has knotted up some muscles that have not experienced recently such intense use ;-@...Will probably go out for some Tennis now which is not the wisest thing i can do but as its Sledges only day off this week i will go thru the pain barrier for him and allow him to humiliate me for an hour ;-)

Racing wise , yesterday was good , got of to a flyer with the first 2 DBB's coming in for some nice profits and the race card for Yarmouth threw up enough winners to make it profitable ( all to advised staking ) so all in all a very pleasing start as we gear up for the Guineas.

Today we have our first fully rated speed race , the 14:00 @ Kempton , Here are the results...

SR = 1.01 = 4*
GR = 2
CO = 3
Total = 9

SR = 1.04 = 3.5*
GR = 3.5
CO = 3
Total = 10

3.LYRIC ACE - 1st @ 1.81
SR = 1.04 = 3.5*
GR = 4
CO = 3
Total = 10.5

SR = 1.06 = 2.5
GR = 3.5
CO = 3
Total = 9

So there you have it..LYRIC ACE is the Winner ;-)

......Just back from Tennis and what a work out!! , great Play from Sledge and terrific serving today but i must say even with my dodgy legs i didnt go down with out a fight losing 6-8 , 3-6 in some glorious sun!..wd and wp mate see ya Sunday for some beers ;-)).

Re: the above race ( Lyric Ace ) as you can see they are very closely matched although i would say at this point Mossgo is the least likeliest to win and is quite obviously the slowest so far even allowing for the different ground conditions i would say that is a place lay as Baddalini has show terrific speed and will make Lyric Ace fight all the way and you cannot discount Chilworth Icon as it core speed rating is actually just better than Lyric Ace , should be a very good small field race.

There will be NO PRP bets or race cards today due to lack of time.

we have 5 confirmed for the competition now so just need another 5 and we can get it started , c'mon boys n girls have a go!!.

Right thats it for today , time for a bath then stick my trading hat on..ttfn x .


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