Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Good Morning All..,

#Sledge - Yes that is quite appalling but i feel it is not worthy of a full scale rant as this has been going for some time now , reverse racism is something we have grown accustomed to and we all know that the Somalians by nature are a nasty race of people , claiming to be muslims is just bullshit to get off jail time.
Yes had the roles been reversed i have no doubt that the judge would have locked the assailants up claiming " this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated , we live in a multi cultural society and we must accept one another blah blah blah " , the judge like so many in his profession is an out of touch buffoon , most judges of all flavours are inept , biased , stupid , ignorant , self serving fucktards who have the same grasp on reality as Alice.
I detest Judges almost as much politicians , there is no longer any real sense of justice in this country , common sense and decency have long been thrown out of the window , the human rights act has become a shield to hide behind , the " race card " gets used at every opportunity, druggies get let off as they are now sorry and want to try rehab , the list is finite for what is wrong but then this just typifies this country at the minute , i do remember growing up in north London during the 70's  , didnt really meet that many " coloureds " , no drugs , and a lot of crime was punished " in house " , i remember one instance when a young lad called Paul Worthington aged 16 battered and elderly lady and stole her purse containing £1.20 , he was a troubled lad and everyone knew it , but he was also a fucking arse and this behaviour was not to be tolerated and the whole community were disgusted, his punishment then was 6 months Jail , they let him out after 4 months , his first weekend out was spent at the wagon and horses at the bottom end of the marlowes , at closing time he left and made his way home , he arrived home .......with 2 broken legs , a broken arm , 6 broken ribs , 2 black eyes , 2 missing teeth , now to this day know one really knows what happened that night , but we all know .....this type of behaviour was not to be tolerated and the message was clear , so i lived a life free of drugs , free of any racial dis-harmony , it was in all sense a peaceful , easy time , yeah there were a few rogues knocking about , but they always got knocked about , there was a social Monarchy , there were certain members of the public that gravitated more respect but were largely invisible.
As an example of how things have changed , take the " great train robbers " , 30 fucking years each for robbing a train , far from being the worst type of crime but a precedent had to be made and they were it....the Kray Twins , a nasty couple of thugs that operated like an earlier version of Dexter , they only ever bothered with the nastier elements of our society , the cleaned the streets and they had a strict " no drugs " policy in their manor , there were tough , but very fair and not bullies and to get finite life for a single murder of known " nonce " jack the hat was also a travesty , todays serious crimes go largely unpunished , the Peado's , the rapists and mentalists they all go free , they all get offered help whilst fuck me if you get caught going a few mph over the limit  you get jumped on .
There is so much so wrong with our beloved country at the minute that it is impossible to know where to begin? , Firstly i dont want to be European , i dont want to be a part of someone elses multi cultural dream , i want my england back , england should be england and nothing else , we have churches not mosques , we drink , we eat pork , we live.....the single most damaging effect on our country and the communities has been the influx of foreign nationals and why are they here? , they are on the easy money avenue , the boulevard of benefits , the land of " i want house, give me house , i demand house and money , ARTICLE 9 ARTICLE 9 "...the human rights package has made this far too easy for them , this crazy behaviour has to stop , we have to distance ourselves from mainland europe and start taking everything back , fuck em, Sarkozy is a cunt and Merkel Secretly wants Germany to be the Hub of everything...
We need a govt that will stop fucking about and just say no no no.....when they turn around and say , " right o mr cameron ( or who ever ) we ( the eu ) would like £60 million every month and you are to open your borders to whomever......shud reply with a very stern ......FUCK OFF , meeting over......
Our country is being raped left, right and centre and everyone has stopped caring , the only voice that can be currently heard is that off the do gooder brigade , the guardianistas the judges toads....Will things ever change , No i doubt it , will they get better ...No Never ,we are naturally racist , every nation on every continent has a dislike for other tribes,clans and colours , be it white , chinese, african ...every race has their issues, we are as a race of people what we are , we can try and be decent and live together but it will never truly work, we need to shut our borders and rediscover our own identity , we need to learn about and enjoy being english ,  raped and pillaged over centuries conquered and retaken , crushed and rebuilt , for 35,000 years this land has been inhabited , yes as a nation during the explorer era we were guilty of many things , but we over came these and have settled , but now it is all being eroded away , bit by bit , ......things will only get worse , fuel is owned by the oligarchs of russia  , food is supplied from many overseas points , our manufacturing industry has long since bitten the dust , we need to rebuild again , regroup , will it i dont think so , will there be any change , i dont think so , imo its only going to get worse..........
The main things i woul;d like to see changed are...
1.All utilities ( water / sewerage / gas / electric ) to be made not for profit.
2.Fuel to less taxed and better sourced ( electric / h2o cars? ) .
3.The banking system needs a complete over haul , financially we are far too top heavy still giving out multi billion pound bonuses is extreme and un called for.
4.the judicial review needs to look at scrapping the human rights act and bringing in a british rights act.
5.pull out of europe.
6.stop all overseas charity ( unless assisting with an act of god , ie: earthquake , tsunami etc ).
7.Have a review of all our current judges and test their " fit for purpose " by general assembly.
8.look at healthcare and educational reforms , education is the key to everything and everyones future. review of the politicians and there own role in society , the whole expenses  scandal just proves how out of touch they are .
10.Review of the Penal system , no more x-boxes etc , if you rape or kill someone , there will be no tea and sympathy , no luxuries you will spend your days in a cold shit 6x6 room thinking about what you have done , " punishments will fit the crime " if you are caught in possession of a knife you will do min 1 yr in jail , dont bleat about it...dont carry the fucking knife.....Druggies will all get time , and do there cold turkey in pain , fuck em...etc etc etc.... ,
they are quite a few other things that need to be opened for debate but i want some breakfast until next time..ttfn x

Well got that of my chest , now onto the racing for today....2 x NH and 2 x AW cards = some good punting...lets see what we like today.....

Todays best EW bets..
2.LING 15:40 - GALLANTRY -
4.LEI 15:00 - CHRISTOPHER WREN - 1st @ 3.95

Todays NAPS..
1.LING 12:40 - CRISTAL GEM - 2ND @ 2/5
2.LING 13:40 - GRUDGE - 2nd @ 3.4
3.HEX 12:20 - BOLD SIR BRIAN - 1ST @ 2.1

Multi Races :
1. LING 13:40 - 1/2 1ST & 2ND
2. LING 15:10 - 2/3/6 1st/2nd
3. HEX 12:50 - 5/7 2ND/1ST
4. HEX 13:20 - 1/3 0/1ST
5. HEX 14:20 - 1/2 1st
BOOOM!!!!....Finally hit 5/5 on my Multi!!!!!! the next step is to move it up to 8 ;-))....


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