Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hola Amigos ...

Woke all stuffed up and groggy today and for no apparent reason..., lets just hope its my sinuses playing up...re-tiled my bathroom last night and did some painting then my back went again , two years now, i feel this is the way its going to stay , even bending down to pick a paper up causes me great pain....
Later in the evening i watched a film i was a bit unsure about , " cowboys and aliens " it was pretty decent , good enjoyable romp with a wafer thin and obv storyline.
Regarding the recent shenanigans in the EU i am a bit annoyed that we the British public still are being denied a referendum on our society / laws / rules / etc etc.. , we ( the united kingdom , or just England ) are an Island , we produce our own fuel , food , we have our own economy and as a nation can defend ourselves against any form of attack , we rely on no one , we could be totally self sufficient , all we do is give money ( pour money ) to the EU , we get very little in return , they need us far more than we need them so why are we at their behest? , my personal opinion is that we shud pull out the eurozone , fuck em off altogether and trade as a separate nation , but it seems we shall never get the chance to voice our opinion.....

Onto the racing today , we have a couple of so so NH cards along with Southwell , i like Suvvel its a course where the phrase " horses for courses " is most apt.

Lets see what we have today....


1. 12:00 Southwell - SUDDENLY SUSAN - 1ST @ 8.19
2. 13:00 Southwell - MONSIEUR JAMIE -
3. 13:30 Southwell - LENNY BEE -
4. 14:00 Southwell - CARNAC -

12:30 Southwell - WICKED WENCH -


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