Sunday, 18 December 2011

Morning all ,...

And a Hi to Mark , Average Guy and Red imp , you comment but i seem to have neglected my manners previously , so just saying hi and thanks for commenting...
Very steady Sunday awaits , juz chillin wi me hoe ..............( been in the garden )  , the Mrs is off  out with the " girls " so i am in alone this aft and i might just take a moment to take a trade or two in....
Rather than specialising on certain lines of info or stat based facts i have been shooting out EW's from  a blunderbus and the scattergun approach has not paid off , plenty of 2nd's but the winners were thin on the ground leading to me losing around 20 points in a week , so gonna go 3 only for now , my fav 3 EW bets and  my fav 2 naps .
Regarding the race cards , Fri i hit 4/6 and Sat 4/6 that does seem to be the norm i am really struggling to get a 5/5 ( with any decent value ) or more, i did an 8 runner multi and hit 6 , need help from you guys hitting that elusive " monster "...
The Geordies let me down for a big quad on my footie bet after i had west brom , stoke , fulham all hit ;-( , but thanks to trish o neil i saved my costs thru a single on west brom , Although after backing Raya Star last twice i went against it yesterday....and it duly won the last @ Ascot @ 12/ traded very wearily yesterday , not really hitting the heights but its a long game and its been a decent week , hope its the same for all you guys/gals.
right lets look at today......
******************EW BETS********************
2.13:35 NAVAN - DOWN UNDER -

Very poor day.....sit back , eat yer roast and chill is my advice ;-)


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