Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Evening All.....

Good Evening All , had a busy day today dealing with Betminder and trying to get 50 betfair accounts to work thru  a single api admin slot , tough going but i think its workable, the guys at betminder are just re-writing some code for the the trade off sets and single race dominance , in between all this i managed to fit a bit of trading in thanks financially to Kev ( Belgium )  , its been a rough few weeks but im hoping the worst is over , Im lucky to have such a trusting set of friends .
Heidi's Delight ( 1st @ 7/1 ) was my banker bet for today ( 12:30 Southwell ) with a Max W/P ( 80/20% ) and that pretty much made my day  , then i dont know if you remembered but last week i was told to lump on a horse called BUDDY BOLERO which ran a bit sluggishly , well this ran again today and was told to lump on as it would be a major surprise if it doesnt go in today, it duly obliged @ 9/4 so that also pleased me greatly , with this i was then able to sit back and chill out and concentrate on my betminder business , tmrw looks great for racing and as i am expected to do some gallop watching early doors i wont have time to run my cards thru so i am doing some earlies for tmrw right now ;-).........
I do get info sent and received every day between 0730 and 0900 but most times it is a generic " yeh is fine , should run well "..very hard to get anything absolute from these guys and very rarely do they say " will win " as egg on face usually follows , a lot is quite descriptive and most is spot on , but following a few henderson fails and fallers , some non info ( for horses that then won ) and some in-out info i decided to stop posting the inf as it was starting to sound very one dimensional and i wasnt happy with how it was coming across, all i can say is , my main points of contact are with the Lavelle ,henderson yards and horses owned by Malcom Demark with a few other non descript ones thrown in from the breeder / s , if you see any of these running and they interest you , email , FB or comment to me and i will tell what is the expected outcome of the race , if i get any will wins ( above 90% ) i will post them up on the Phoenix Racing Facebook Page.
Racing tmrw @ NEWBURY....

ARDLUI really should be too good for these , different class on the flat and a fine fto effort would suggest this horse has a bright future , i do think odds on is a bit skinny and @ the current 1.85 i would not be interested but if i could get anything from 2.12 i would start to get very interested, at odds on i wil be LTB at odds against  it will be a BTL.- 1st @ 2.1

PENNY MAX  is very highly thought of and a big run is expected and @ 7.0 i think this is a great price and a max EW bet ensues , WYCK HILL and MINELLA STARS will both give accounts of themselves and should be in the firing line , this has the making of a very good race. - 1st @ 5.75 ( i got 7.0 ;-) )

The FGW maiden , not a particularly enterprising race at first glance, then you look and you see two horses of great interest , ERRICHT and MONTBAZON  now after studying their profiles it is my opinion that Montabzon needs further and ERICHT's form behind Steps to Freedom is rock solid which makes this the bet for me , i dont really see colour squadron getting too involved and make this a 2 horse race , but Ericht is the one for me , ran better than expected fto but ran on with great enthusiasm leading over the last only to get outpaced on the flat, i think Erricht will have a 3-4 length lead coming to the last here and wont need to kick on as it takes Montbazon 1m7f just to warm up.- 1ST - Colour Squadron ( very good run ) , 2nd - Montbazon and 3rd - Erricht ( outclassed ).

POLISKY is worth taking on here , made an even money shot largely on the back of a 5l beating from Fingal Bay , there are 3 others in this field however that i feel could make this a good race  , Same Difference , Broadbackbob and Carrigmorna King. Polisky has some decent placed form but not enough to earn it a price of even money , worse case scenario , lay it now @ 2.0 ( ish ) and trade away in running as this will definitely trade bigger in running. - POLISKY - UNPLACED , 1ST was Broadbackbob.

TIME FOR RUPERT , This really should be far too good for theses , its had a couple of warm ups and its class should show here, the other three are decent animals albeit it a slightly lower grade , This is my NAP for today. - 1st @ 1.54

Tricky race but Goring One has to be laid , its record over less than 2m4f is nothing remarkable and with some likely improver's here this fav represents no value at all , BACK BOB BACK looks to be the likely winner. - 1st - Back Bob Back @ 2.47 ( Goring one - Unplaced )

i expect LA BELLE DOYENNE to remain unbeaten , in an uninspiring contest this King beast should be too strong for any of these.- Unplaced

Best EW bets :
1.12:30 LING - POTENTIALE - 2nd @ 3.75 ( hit 2.0 ir )
2.14:10 LING - CHORAL FESTIVAL - unplaced
3.14:40 LING - SLATELY HEN - unplaced
4.15:15 LING - WOOP WOOP - 3rd @ 5.08 ( hit 2.9 )
See yall tmrw , have a great day ;-)
Thanks to Trish O'Neil for keeping track of the best bets ( EW's and Naps ) , the current weekly and monthly totals are as follows..



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