Thursday, 30 June 2011


Bahia Emerald....Lowest in running price matched..3.60

However Timeform state that the lowest price matched in running was only 3.7...They quite often do this ....


Just back from Tennis and only managed 1 set , which i lost 3-6 , played ok , but felt very short on ideas when it come to shot selection , reactions were a little slow and i was puffing a bit...was ok for 2nd set but Sledge cried it off as it was spitting..." dont wanna slip over and hurt me tootsies" never got chance to beat him 2-1 , which i was obv gonna do ;-))..
Still my arms and legs have the jelly feel , my legs feel like they have the strength of a newly born giraffe....
Some decent racing today and this evening so plenty to get stuck into , thanks to a turn around at Fairyhouse last night i actually started to make profit again , welcome indeed , today will be a mixture of bets again...i will stick with the dutches, but only if certain triggers are hit that allow a decent level of profitability...

Lets see what we have , first up is HAYDOCK...

14:30 : Backing - Musical Valley ( Place Market ) £150 @ 1.56 - Result = 1st Musical Valley ( easy ) = Won £84.00
15:00 : Laying - Electric Qatar £75 @ 2.38 - Result = 2nd = Won £75
15:30 : Laying - Al Muheer ( Place Market )  £50 @ 2.68-Result = Unplaced = Won £50
16:00 : Laying the field @ 1.51 , 1.21 and 1.1 for £100 on each level. - Result = 1.51 matched = Won £18
16:00 : Laying - Edzayaad £75 @ 9.4  - Result = Unplaced = Won £75
16:30 : Laying - Figaro £50 @ 5.1  - Result = Unplaced = Won £50
17:00 : Laying - Ubi Ace £75 @ 9.8 - Result = Unplaced = Won £75
17:00 : Backing - Butler £50 @ 3.85 - Result = 2nd = Lost £50
17:00 : Backing - Butler ( Place Market ) £100 @ 1.56 - Result = 2nd = Won £56
17:30 : Laying - *Hot Spice £50 @ 3.25 - Result = 1st = Lost £112-50
*Hot Spice was actually traded out for a pre race green @ 4.6 , but obv cant show that on the results ;-) , too slow in updating...
Total PnL @ Haydock = Profit of £320-50
Then we have YARMOUTH.....

14:10 : Laying - Apostle for £1000 @ 1.48 and leaving a Keep Back bet set for £900 @ 1.64 for a £100 Green. - Result = 1st Apostle ( hit, according to timeform 1.72 in running, easily matched ) = WON £100
14:20 : Laying - Justineo £100 @ 1.89 - Result = 2nd @ 1.51 = Won £100
15:10 : Laying - Manderston £100 @ 7.4 - Result = Unplaced = Won £100
15:40 : NO BET RACE
16:10 : Laying - Pockets Pick £50 @ 9.6 - Result = 3rd = Won £50
16:40 : Laying - Buckland £50 @ 9.4  - Result = Unplaced = Won £50
17:10 : Laying - Sail Home £50 @ 4.8  - Result = Unplaced = Won £50
17:40 : Backing - Art Scholar for £189 @ 2.66 and Hypnotic Gaze for £150 @ 3.35 to give a profit of £155
- Result 2nd and 3rd lol..= Lost £339
 -Total PnL for Yarmouth = Profit of £111
That will do for now.........

Total Profit today of £431-50

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

So Far today...

Quite an unspectacular feel to today..again , won 2 races and a giant mass total of £30 , lost on one ( nearly two ) and did £388 not great , slush fund is melting and its nothing to do with global warming!!.
So with that i have decide im going to be putting in some overtime tonight and im going to nail Fairyhouse, all winnings from the meeting at Fairyhouse will go into the Slush fund....any Losses will.....well we are not going to have any losses..simples...
So Fairyhouse , quite a good Hunting ground for me, i have a good % mark up there, one of the better Orish Tracks...

This is what we'll do....

Fairyhouse 18:00
Laying - Homecoming Queen £100 @ 6.0 - UNPLACED = WON £100
Run ok on its first 3 runs to press, totally outclassed in a listed race lto , only looks like a moderate 65 rated animal and i think even if it improves again and runs to about 70 it will still lose , may well trade a fair bit shorter in running , i was thinking about making it a BTL but have just decided to keep it simple.

Fairyhouse 18:30
Laying - Almadaa £100 @ 9.4  - UNPLACED = WON £100
Has an awful lot of ground to make up with 2 or 3 of these , Chasing Angels is the interesting runner here.

Fairyhouse 19:00
Backing - Hes got Rhythm £100 @ BF SP and LAYING - Solent Ridge £100 @ 5.6 ( Keep Bet )
Solent Ridge will not beat HGR , and i think HGR has a cracking chance back in this grade so worth a nibble.
Result was HGR 4th ( unplaced ) and the bet on Solent Ridge was unmatched so unfortunately i lost £100 there.
Fairyhouse 19:30
Backing - Emulous £150 Win @ BF SP and Laying Claiomah Sloais , this is being layed at BF SP with a £1000 Liability. - Result = Emulous 1st @ 4.0 = WON £450 and Claiomah Solais 2nd @ 10 = Won £111-11 , Total Won on this RACE = £561

Fairyhouse 20:00
Laying - Cape Secret £100 @ BF SP. - Result = Unplaced ( However due to the price , no lay bet was struck )

Fairyhouse 20:30
Laying - Perfect Coup £50 @ BF SP  - UNPLACED = WON £50

Fairyhouse 21:00
Strange Finale with imo the race revolving around Kastania and Sam Lords Castle , between them cost just shy of £1,000,000!!! yes mega money for two horses that in monetary terms have fallen very short , both will want to win just to increase their paddock value , and i think the winner will be KASTANIA , who will enjoy the step up in trip the most , That said i wont be backing either, instead i will be LAYING CASIMIR ROAD for £200 @ BF SP ( max liability £1k ) - ** Adjustment - Have just layed it for £75 @ 14.5 - Result = 1st - Kastania @ 2.01 = Won £75

Hopefully tonight will be a GREAT night and we can look forward to sunnier days ahead...
Gonna be fucked tmrw...playing tennis in the morning against the mighty SLEDGE and will probs get tonked outta sight 0-6 , 0-6 , as i havent played in over 6 months and im currently super un-fit!!.....oh dear.....
Have a pleasant evening guys and Gals..ttfn ;-))

Total Profits for tonight = £786-00 ;-)...Smiling again...


Morning all , im feeling better , slightly poorer, but better today , wonder what sort of outrageous outsider i will find today.....
with two NH meetings today its gonna be tough going imo , NH is great for my trading and lays but , well lets call them my Exotics , they do suffer in these due to the variables that dont apply in Flat racing and cant be configured into the math and the calculation...but we'll see , ...cant get any worse lol....

Dutch Nos 1: 15:30 Catterick : Not Played , Traded out as i have a MAX LAY already in this race, HORATIO CARTER.
* Layed this morning at 8.2  (as posted and blogged ) , Just sold out at 12.0 for a PROFIT of either £110 / £120 ..That'll do.
** Whilst typing this and being happy with my trade it has gone out more to 14.5....Shit, shudda waited lol**
Result - Unplaced -
*Figure of £120 not to be included in blog totals as is doesnt form part of the make up.( Dutch would have been good ).


Dutch Nos 2:  16:30 Catterick : -Result = Al Burkann 1st = LOST £388
And the run continues....Tried attacking this race from a different perspective...and failed , again...sigh...

Dutch Nos 3: 17:00 Catterick : Result Golden Future 1st = Won £28-56
Keep hitting the bottom rung every time and losing too much...tweaks may be required..


Dutch Nos 4: 20:50 Kempton : 1st = Captain John Nixon = Won £138-04


Dutch Nos 5: Result - Almond Branches 1st - Won £2-86 
Wins the absolute minimum...sigh , no loss at least , however as stated on the lays page i also max layed See Clearly, so was in facr a v good race for me.....
This is another of those races where i really should have shoved a bit more across....why am i not doing this? , tbh i really have no idea....;-/

Thats my 5 a day for today.....lets see what today brings...


On a completely different note, a few of you may know that i do and have played a lot of online Poker, this is something i dramatically slimmed down on this past year as i was sick of the bad calls, flaming , and tbh i just thought it was rigged, or at least less than dishonest , now there has been miles of media coverage surrounding the goings on over the pond, at Ultimate bet , Full tilt, and stories of hand fiddling etc...this ultimately put me off to the point where i barely play at all online now..And the following news doesn't surprise me at all...

Breaking news: Alderney suspends Full Tilt's operating licence 29/06/2011

Stephen Carter
Breaking news: Alderney suspends Full Tilt's operating licence
The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) has suspended Full Tilt’s licences, requiring the poker room to suspend all operations from the jurisdiction with immediate effect.
The AGCC said in a statement this morning: “The decision to suspend these licenses follows a special investigation prompted by the indictments unsealed by US Attorney General’s Office in the Southern District of New York on 15th April 2011, during which grounds were found to indicate that these licensees and their business associates were operating contrary to Alderney legislation."

.....So new dawn is finally breaking , hopefully this will get the lazy internet junkies offline and down to the casino for some real action.....!!
Other Breaking news is this.....

Betfair to increase
charges on big hitters

 BETFAIR are to increase the charges on their most successful users to as much as 60 per cent of gross win next month in a move the betting exchange claim will protect smaller players using the site.
FromJuly 18, Betfair will crank up the controversial premium charges faced by big hitters whose lifetime net profits exceed £250,000, who bet in over 1,000 markets, and whose commission generated is less than 40 per cent of their lifetime gross profit.
Betfair introduced the premium charge in September 2008 at 20 per cent, claiming it would cover costs incurred in providing the most successful punters with the platform to profit - the majority of which comes through trading and in-running punting.
At the present level, Betfair, who believe only around 500 of their 3.8 million registered users will be affected by the new charges, claim to break even on the highly profitable users, but state that profits from elsewhere are ploughed into improving the site to meet levels of trading from big punters and advertising to attract new customers to maintain liquidity in the markets.
A spokesman said: “Betfair believes that the implementation of the adjusted charge will provide the business with fair compensation for the service it provides to those impacted customers, who currently pay a rate of commissions and charges that does not reflect the benefit they gain from the Betfair ecosystem.
“We have evolved our pricing model to ensure we have a fair pricing structure for all of our customers, over 99.9 per cent of whom are not affected by this adjustment.
“Since inception we have provided customers with a unique and innovative product that has consistently offered them, on average, the best value on the market. This is still very much the case and we’re committed to ensuring that it remains the case for years to come.”
Betfair shares closed on Tuesday at 771.5p, an increase on Monday's final price of 726.5p. Betfair’s preliminary results for the year ended April 30 will be published on Wednesday

Now this doesn't obviously affect me , i win a lot, but also lose my fair share lol....but my view is they want to get rid of the traders with super accounts of £1m + and want to attract more £2 / £5 punters , this is where they earn the core of there commissions and is also a lot better for market liquidity , rather than have some spiv " moving " the market falsely by trading huge sums of £50k+ per race......
However watch this space.....

Right have a great day all...update later....Got some trading to get stuck into....

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Considerably fed up now actually , i know it my fun money , but its still not fun when you lose it , cant believe the shitty run im on at the mo , hitting one outers l-r and centre  , Manda fucking my fucking days , i even layed sharp bullet in that race, so why didnt i leave that one out....?? , instead, the post loss analysis , fucking great , do feel a bit sick , but they may be hunger and hangover.....what a blow that was...then lost on following race as well , but only small , but thats hardly the point is it.....i have had many losses bigger than this, but this is well just typical for me at times...i remember last year at cheltenham festival , Day 2 , i LAYED the first five winners, 20/1, 18/1 , 24/1 , 10/1 and 5/1....lost over £20k in one that did wipe me out , took me ages to get back in the game proper after my advice is , do the opposite of whatever i do until my run changes....
Actually there was a chap from leeds that did that last year, i think thru august i hit a flat spot over a 3 week period and was laying lots of big priced winners...he started backing them and made some decent money....then i layed 98/100 losers so the run come back and i was back in form again...
So lets just see what happens over the next few days and then decide....

Morning all..

And what a fucking morning too...first off , woke up with the worst hangover ever after getting completely smashed last night...Then had to put up with some nobs fucking about with the Lekky all morning, so been suffering intermittent power cuts the whole day.....Fkin Nightmare!! , heads bangin right now.....Temps dropped by 10 degrees which is shit as i love the sun and just sat out chilling...
Gonna concentrate on Dutches today , gonna have to cool the big arsed bets a bit as my trade account took a hammering , that said most dutches will be too the max so ....i had better start winning again....
The other thing is that not all dutches can be posted long range in advance due to price alterations and neg value , so i will post what ones i can and the others may well go up literally 5 mins before the if your following you will have to keep refreshing.....i will do what i can..
Better Crack on.........

WHILST Writing this the powers been down 4 times.;-/..FML!!....As if this aint ard enough already!!..

 Dutch Nos 1 : Result = Interakt 1st = Won £12-85


Dutch Nos 2 : Result = Phluke 1st = Won £38-08


Dutch Nos 3 : Result = Misty Isles 1st = Won £124-71


Dutch Nos 4: Result = Lemon Drop Red 1st = Won £52-36


Obviously as we work through the day, only the first few are placed as is , the rest , well they will be placed nearer the time, for two reasons , 1) Price Movements and 2 ) will there be enough in the spares account to cover it...not gonna start chucking good money after the final pic may look slightly different to the posted one , ......but hopefully they will all be good...need to get back to winning ways!!....

Dutch Nos 5: Result = Cuckney Bear Just Beat Save the bees...on the Nod..= Won £0.00 (  This was my Even balance call )
**This is the thing with Hindsight betting..Sigh , i could easily have moved at least £30 across to back Cuckney Bear for more ensuring a thru green and would have won at least £100+...but had it my mind that it wasnt that good...Ho hum..the idea of these is to ensure a profit and not a break even race..will look at this in future....This is a work in progress.....


Dutch Nos 6: Result = Petomic 1st = Won £40-46
Love the punter/s who had £951 @ 14-37..;-)


Time is now 15-27...Upto press , all is good however i have been winning the minimum i possibly can , could do with a couple of £100+ wins to lift the account and give me some cover....on the plus side, wage wise, 1st race today made a killing , love it when its as easy as that....
Got the right ol munchies now, should have had a full english this morning like i planned..oh yeah friggin Electric!!..still , may go n' make some cheese on toast to set me on.....

Just Layed Munawib in the 15-30 Brighton for a Holiday payed for amount.......


Good Start so far 6/6 , that what i like to see...;-)...Should do this more with a Hangover!!..

Some Later ones , ..

Dutch Nos 7 : Result = 1st - Welsh Inlet = Won £90-44


Dutch Nos 8: Result 1st Mandalay King = Lost £1915-00
Well that bubble has well and truly been burst......Oh dear , just thinking whilst i type on exactly what my next move shall be......obv the 365 challenge bank is now i top up with another £2k or stop , ...i cant rly decide at the mo.................................decisions decisions..........................Just Kinda sat here staring at the screen just now............thinking, .........thinking , aside from this im running quite well and di win rather big laying Munawib and Firefighter today , total returns on them alone was £xxx , plus another £xxx ( ish ) profits from other races means i could in effect just right today off as a no show, and i would only really be topping up for about £600 from my personal kitty.....
...........(..= thinking )....Fucking hell ( talking to myself ) , what a fuck up.....always that one bet to kill ya , but that is the risk, and there is always risk , no matter how much i try to narrow the angles there is always that 1% that can and does bite yer on the arse....i have decided , to continue this, i will top up the account with £2k , this will be my final top up and i will alter the challenge to show it as a £5k start if this goes , it will be at least two moths before i can trade like this again, as it takes time to build up a spare here goes...shit or bust!!

Dutch Nos 9: Result = 1st = Four Richer = LOST £264-90
Feeling a little sick now.....

Dutch Nos 10: Result = 1st - Pint Size = Won £94-72
* Also i think i shall be a bit more choosy about the races i decide to trade in , in Mandalays race the outsider was only 14/1 , so really not that much of an outsider, i will try and work on this over the night.....

Dutch Nos 11: Result = 1st - Trojan Gift = Won £173-26


And thats it for today.....;-)...Will Update with PnL later....

So not quite what i would have wanted from today , but it is a learning curveai paid a very dear price for todays lesson...

Total Losses = £2179.90
Total Winnings = £626.88
Total Losses today are £1553.02

Monday, 27 June 2011

Just In...

Been out Playing golf in some crazy shit 30 degree sun......front 9 was the worst ever , back nine was inspired...too little too late tho...
As im miles behind timewise today, todays blog bets will be posted shortly , to include races from 3pm onwards...right i better crack on..

Wow what a day...lovely sun and heat....;-), happy lets get the challenge back on track, 2 steady meetings thru day and may have a peek at eve meetings too...

Wolverhampton 14-30 Place Lay both  , Hidden Valley and a Boy named Suzi @ 1.17 and 1.36 for £200 each.-Result = 1st and 2nd = Lost £106

Wolverhampton 15-30 Dutch 
Result = Grudge 1st = WON £52-30

Pontefract - 16-15 - Bradbury LAY  - £150 @ 5.9 ( LOTD ) 1st = LOST £735

And although i have previously stated that no more than 20% of my bank will be exposed , i have a dutch with FULL bank liability , and will be playing it, is this risky YES of course it is , however i feel that this is free will be playing it accordingly....Yes i have slightly bent the rules i set...but hey ho ...and if it goe wrong , im back to square 1 and grinding......;-p
RESULT = Regimental 1st = Won £228-48

Thats me done for now..gonna get a nice bath and chillax ..made my wage for today already so i can sit back and relax ( also the pints of bulmers taken as after golf refreshment are kicking in...).....


***After the tez win for my LOTD i will now be doing a full spread on this evenings cards.....

Starting with the 17-00 Wolverhampton...Lexi's Boy 1st = Won £176-12

Mussleburgh....18-55 Lay - Zefooha £75 - Unplaced @ 5/1 = Won £75
Mussleburgh....19-25 Lay - Blown It £75  - Unplaced @ 7/2 = Won £75
Mussleburgh....19-55 NO BET
Mussleburgh....20-25 Kings Counsel £100 Back £100 in the Place Market - 2nd = Won £84 / Lay Beneath £100  5.3 - 3rd = Won £100 ( Total win = £184 )
Mussleburgh....20-55 NO BET
Mussleburgh....21-25 Lay - Rydale Dancer £75  - Unplaced @ 5/1 = Won £75

Windsor..........18-40 Lay - Royal Red £75 - 2nd @ 5/2 = Won £75
Windsor..........19-10 Lay - Dear Maurice £75  - Unplaced @ 9/4jf  = Won £75
Windsor..........19-40 Lay - Passing Stranger £75  - Unplaced @ 7/4jf  = Won £75
Windsor..........20-10 Lay - Trend Line £75  - Unplaced @ 8/1 = Won £75
Windsor..........20-40 Lay - Undulant Way ( EVE LOTD ) £150 @ 6.6 - JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!, twice in two days on DOBBS!!!!WTF??!!..- 1st = LOST £840
Windsor..........21-10 Back - Prince of Sorrento £100 - / Lay £100 Hip Hip Hooray - Lost / 1st = Lost £598

may well add some more Dutches thru the evening....lets see how we get on!!....( may well not have any bank left!! )...

1st Eve Dutch...

Result = Efistorm 1st = Won £48-55

** My two LOTD's have cost me £1500+ today ( and then some )...fuck me, cannot believe that useless cunt Dobbs has done me twice!!.So fucking more big lays for a while , but will continue to max out n dutches.....;-(..unhappy Days....

What a fucking tragic end to the day...shud of fucked it off....bollocks...going down fast....!

Going out now to get wankered...i'll do the math tmrw.....

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Morning All....

And what a superb day it is outside, been in the Garden for over an hour just roasting.....abs lovely....
Hope its like this tmrw....Playing Golf @ Scarthingwell  ,..C'mon Sun keep yer Hat on.......

Irish Derby today at the Curragh and i have the winner ;-)))),,27770,425369,00.html ...
Imo Carlton House is the best horse in this race , it lost a shoe during the derby  , had an interrupted preparation , had to come wide losing lengths and was just held , the negatives are ,
1.Does he truly stay this trip?
2.Will he handle the Ground ( now soft , which will have an impact on his stamina )
3.Now currently 2.4 ( been backed  at all money from 2.20 - 2.52 ) , Skinny Price.

Is Treasure beach really as good as his form shows ( win over Nathaniel and 2nd in derby ) or is he flattered? , and Seville?? , Hmm..imo i just dont think he stays....One horse that def wont be winning is NATIVE KHAN and even @ 14.5 i would urge you to empty every account you have to lay this, IT WILL NOT WIN...( UNPLACED )

Back to what will win , i think its a bit trickier given the conditions than what it looks at first Glance , However i just cannot get away from Carlton House, however there are niggles , doubts about it with the ground etc. for me i think THE bet is to Dutch the top three @ 1/3 £900 Staked returns £300 Profit ( £285-60 )
i think this is an outstanding betting opp , i simply will not have it that the winner will not come from the first three , i think Carlton House wins, but am happy to take a saver option.......
Curragh 3.50
 1st8 Treasure Beach7-2
 2nd7 Seville (GER)5-1
 3rd3 Memphis Tennessee (IRE)10-1

Carlton House was 4th and just wasnt good enough...However a very nice £285-60 Profit...This bet was THE bet!!-)
Lets Crack on wi the Challenge....

Back Bets:
14-00 Salisbury - Esentepe - £100 @ 2.1 - 2nd ( hit 1.73 in running ) = Lost £90
*Backed again £100 @ 2.66 and have also set a keep lay in @ 2.0 for £100 13-56pm *
15-35 Salisbury - Bertoliver -£75 @ 5.1 - Unplaced = Lost £75
15-25 Windsor - Foxhaven - £100 win @ 8.4 and £200 Place @ 2.84- Result 4th ( hit 1.04 / 2.06 in running ) = Lost £300 *
16-00 Windsor - Pressure Drop - £35 @ 3.4 - Unplaced = Lost £35

Lay Bets:
14-35 Salisbury - Plym - £55 @ 10.0 - Unplaced = Won £55
16-45 Salisbury - Eureka - £150 @ 4.9 - 1st = Lost £585
14-55 Windsor - Johnny Hancocks £75 @ 5.9 - 2nd ( well beaten ) = Won £75
16-00 Windsor - Betty Fontaine £55 @ 4.4 - 1st = Lost £187
16-35 Windsor - Directorship £75 @ 6.4  - Unplaced = Won £75

Trade Bets:
15-35 Salisbury - Total Stake £185**NAP** - Result = MAZE 1st = Win £49-31
13-40 Curragh - Mulheb - Back £200 @ 4.8 and leave a keep LAY in @ 3.0 for £300 for a £100 full green. - Result = Hit 2.04 in running = WON £100

14-10 Curragh - Dutch top three as listed below....£600 to win £28+
RESULT = Libourne Lad 1st = WIN £38-08 ( tough as nails 2nd )

15-50 Curragh - Native Khan £35 @ 14.5 - Unplaced = Won £35

NAP: Is the Salisbury Dutch**

Have a gr8 Day ;-))...
** i actually profited on the Foxhaven race, thru trading but obv the challenge has to show a loss ;-(.*

Analysis*: After 3 days its fair to say my back bet selections have been miserable as shit costing me over £1100!!!..ffs my lays have shown a tidy profit and my trade bets have been awesome i may well curtail the back bets until i find my rhythm with them , however i will add to this an upgrade on the dutches and trade selections....Hoping i can still make a profit today with a few races left , fingers crossed , away from this ive had a very profitable day , been an easy day for locking in profits....

Fucking disasterous ending to an otherwise good day...fucking Dobbsey made me loads to day and then wins on Eurekpatently the slowest horse in the race, FFS!!!...ARGH!!!!!..made a nice LOSS today of £559.01

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Happy Saturday Folks...;-D

Day 2 and ...well lets hope we do better today, that was a miserable start , 7/10 winning bets , so i won more than i lost but lost more than i won.....Today promises to be interesting tho......
may well forget about the 10 cap and just go for it.....

Lets crack on wi todays bets then....

Back Bets:
Newcastle   14-00 Regal Parade - £50 @ 2.1 - 2nd = LOST £50
Curragh       15-35 Midday - £300 @ 1.41- 2ND = LOST £300

Lay Bets:
Newmarket 13-45 Flying Trader - £75 @ 6.4 - Unplaced = WON £75
Newmarket 14-15 Pearl Diva ( Place Lay ) - £33 @ 3.3 - 2ND = LOST £75.90
Newcastle   14-30 Tombi - £50 @ 7.6  - Unplaced = WON £50
Curragh      15-00 Dam Beautiful - £50 @ 3.95  - Unplaced = WON £50
Windsor     14-55 Dux Scholar - £100 @ 2.66  - Unplaced = WON £50

Trade Bets:
Curragh 14-30 DUTCH BET - Rigoletta / Princess Sinead - £200 / £300 win @ 3.65 / 2.28 to win either £218-96 / £175-17 ( This qualifies as my NAP bet today ) - Princess Sinead 1st = WON £175-17

NAP: ^^Trade Bet ^^

LOTD: Chester 17-30 High Figurine £100 @ 2.8  - Unplaced = WON £100

That will have to do out of many horses, so many bets....Time to get to work...Gl and have fun everyone ;-0

6/9...still not good enough, and again my mega win bet fails.., sigh!!..Overall on the day i have made a profit of £74-17 , not great , not great at all , but at least its a profit...fucking Midday ,...Damn!!....

Friday, 24 June 2011

A new day, a new dawn...

I have decided to scrap all previous thoughts for the blog and will instead embark upon a challenge..
Thought given to me courtesy of the sledge ( sic* ) , starting from today i will by using the power of compounding interest and staggered raises attempt to spin my " spare " roll of £3000 into £250,00 in 365 days , using a mixture of lays and backs , but i think as my real strength is in laying that is where i shall remain most focused , i will highlight 10 bets per day with no bet, either back or lay having a liability of more than 20% of the bank at any given time , each day i will have both a MAX lay ( LOTD ) and MAX back bet ( NAP ) , i will be using my spares and if busted will not be restarting  ( if at all until it has been rebuilt ) , ....i will obv still be trading full time for my wage etc, and producing my racecards for others , so time may be an issue but i will do the best i can....

.............................365 CHALLENGE.............................

Day 1 =
Day 2 =
Day 3 =
Day 4 =
Day 5 =
Day 6 =
Day 7 =
Day 7 =

Total after 7 Days = £                      Running Total = £

Day 8 = £
Day 9 = £
Day 10 = £
Day 11 = £
Day 12 = £
Day 13 = £
Day 14 = £

Total For this 7 Days = £                Running Total = £


Today's selections ,
Donc 14-20 Colourful Notion - Lay - £50 @ 4.0 - 1st = LOST £150
Folkstone 14-30 MIZBAH ( NAP ) - Back - £300 @ 1.61 - 1ST = WON £183
Donc 14-50 West Side - Lay - £150 @ 1.91- Unplaced = WON £150
Market Rasen 14-10 Hucking Hero - Back - £250 @ 1.69 - 2nd = LOST £250
Donc 15-25 Arizona John - Lay - £55 @ 10.0 - Unplaced = WON £55
Folkstone 15-05 Efistorm - Lay - £75 @ 2.96 - 2nd = WON £75
Donc 16-00 Beaumaris - Lay ( LOTD ) - £80 @ 7.0 - Unplaced = WON £80
Folkstone 15-40 Goodwood Treasure - Lay - £55 @ 10.5 - Unplaced = WON £55
Donc 16-35 Namwahjobo - Back ( Place Market ) - £500 @ 1.54  - Unplaced = LOST £500
Folkstone 16-15 Albeed - Lay - £75 @ 8.8 - Unplaced = WON £75


So thats my chosen 10 for day 1 , the lay out may change over the next few days or weeks, but for now this will do....
Have added a new tab for this challenge for me to update and keep track of results etc....

Well a rather wank start tbh , Namwah' Ran in snatches and was super disappointing...My biggest loss today £500 fucking bullshit!!...Hucking Hero dint stay and colourful Nation...Sigh...
Ended up with a Loss today of £227.00...Fucks Sake!!...Gonna have think about readjusting my stake levels to balance this out...Maybe £500 was a bit big as it wasnt even my Nap...? , and maybe ...hindsight racing is easy , will adjust stakes for future races, will think about it tonight....

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Late Today..

Been to hit a few buckets this morning , come back and feel completely wiped out , had a nap and feel a little better, but there is def something amiss wi me just now , cant nail it down , but i know....
Anyway moving forward i will Highlight my 4 fav bets for today , ...shortly...BrB...;-P

Back.....its currently 13-18 , so not a lot of time..but fuck me, so tired at mo!!...Feel Exhausted ;-( ,
But i digress , lets move on to todays Highlighted bets ( from next Mon we will start a proper P  n  L )..

Warwick 14-20
KAWSSAJ a very hot 1.41 fav , but it does have a feel of unbeatable about it , ran over 1m lto just got outpaced final few yards after taking the running up 2f out , only has Sea Soldier to beat , should win very well.
Max Bet £500 Win - Result = 2nd ( to sea soldier ) = £500 LOSS

Warwick 14-50
Hooty's Agogo  , quite often finds nothing at the business end and has traded short in its last 4 races after being bang there , only to weaken in final few yards...This for me is a BTL , so i will BACK this for £250 @ 3.5 and leave a keep lay set at 2.5 for a £100 all green. - Result - Unplaced = LOSS £250 ( Only hit 2.74 )

Warwick 17-15
ARTIC CAT is my LOTD @ 5.6 Layed for £217.25 - Result = 3rd = Won £217-15

Newcastle 14-45
Electric Qatar - LAY @ 2.12 £200
Just too short a price in this maiden , i would gladly have evens the field over evens 1 horse in a race like this, win or lose , you must simply always play these like this , you will be a long term winner. - Result = 3rd = WON £200

Tbh i have seen loads of bets for me today, so i think i am going to be quite busy......a great day for the layers me thinks ;-)

TTFN Folks, have a nice day...

Not a brill day, but nor a disaster, in hindsight i should just have win layed Hooty's...but hey ho , and my Nap didnt really seem to like the ground...So blog shows a loss today....;-)(

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Back to the Grind ;-)

Hi all , hope u have all been well and had loads of winners in my absence ;-P.Had a nice couple of days chilling out,golfing  , drinking and shooting zombies , back to earning some money now , just gonna do wed/thurs/fri and sat this week and may make this perm as i dont need to screw my head up doing every day, need a better work / life balance , although it has to be said, there are far worse ways to earn a living!!
So back to normal  today , any requests etc , just comment / email , any questions or betting answers required?..
Willow if you want to explore the possibilities of PAS further get in touch? , Carlton House will be running in the Irish Derby and Will WIN!.
Today i am going to take it easy and look at the 3 best races to make money from and just do them..if i get time i will post up my bets later..
Off to Hospital now, get my hand looked at , right hand , middle two fingers feel like they are broke!!? , hurt like fuck and i have no idea how or why?.
TTFN all ;)

1st bet to look at today is the red hot Fav in the 14-10 Salisbury ( 1.59 ) , i watched his race behind Shumoos and although he was well beaten that day, the beast shumoos looks a bit special , and dont forget it also beat Fredrick Engels by over 5 lengths ( Fredrick then ran away with the windsor castle stakes at Royal ascot 5f ) so the form looks a good bit better , is there another horse in this line up that could get as close to Fredrick Engels? , No , the horses with form look very ordinary , so it would come down to a newcomer to turn the fav over , 3 of which are Hannon stablemates with hughsey picking PINK SAPPHIRE i think its fair to say from the 4 the fav has the most obv chance , henry candy's horse wouldi have to a 85+ rated horse to win and to win without any experience ( which is crucial in a lot of these ) , so in all honesty i just cannot see this getting beat , but 1.59 is plenty short enough ( might look a gift after it has scooted home )...
I am not happy about taking thgis price but i am going to have a split stakes win , £150 @ 1.59 and £150 left as a keep bet @ 1.8. - Result = 1st @ 1.42 ( hit 2.12 in running ) , won very easy, PROFIT = £208-50

Pretty much all the above comments also apply to MINAL who runs in the following race...But, i dont know why, but i have a doubt, so i shall not back it, nor lay it.- Result - Minal was 2nd , beaten a SH.

Back at Salisbury again, Race 3 , and another long odds on runner in Mudana 1.38....Ridic Scenes , Now what i have done here is LAY this @ 1.38/1.39 for £1000 and put a trade in for £900 @ 1.5 , so i will make either £60 / £100 i would be very surprised if this doesnt trade in running at 1.5 or higher...but i think 1.5 is very attainable ( if not i lose £390 ).- Result Mudana 1st ( OFFICIALLY hit 1.64 in running ) = £60 PROFIT

Nazreef ( shud just have posted my Salisbury Card up lol ) is worth putting a keep Lay in @ 4.5 and 3.5 , travels well but finds little and has never won on turf , can see this running a decent race for the main before finding a few too good.
I will put a keep lay on for £150 @ both sums.- Result = Unplaced = WON £150 ( only 4.5 Matched )

Todays L.O.T.D is MRS GREELEY in the Salisbury 16-55 @ 4.1 @ £200 - Result = 2nd = WON £200

That'll do today for now....
Looking to make around £750 from these today.....
Total PROFITS from today are £618-15 ( Less Commissions )...Not too bad , pretty much nailed it, feel good after my break ;-) , c ya'll tmrw.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


The last week, where i have produced over 30 race cards, for over 200 people and have basically been at it non stop , i looked back on Sat and thought the results ( only made 3.5 points across the board non trade ) were miserable and the cards were lazily produced at best , tiredness ? , i dont know , tunnel vision , yes for sure , i seem to have lost my narrative edge and as soon as i made the full card for ( Ascot ) Sat i thought...this is shit and its not going to be a great day.....i almost posted an alternative card which i had drafted highlighting possible big priced winners thru the day , i also didnt properly race read Maybe's last race and too readily discounted the chances of Await the dawn when in the cold light of day and reality had no opposition , and i dont know why i was so , secular in my thoughts?...i am and was def missing my usual edge yesterday...
Its fathers day and i cant play golf as its absolutely pissing down with rain,...sigh , also SORRY willow , typical of yesterday , in two of those haydock races both Mon Ras and Las Verglas Star ( both won ) came out top on the FLW ratings and i was going to give you them, but as there was a foxy lady involved i thought you would stand more chance with the top rated speed horses ( both unplaced ) , although the ground did obv cut up...a piss poor showing ;-((.
So that said i am going to give the next few days piss poor racing a miss and take a couple of days off....i will be back on either weds or thurs , depends on whatever i decide to do......just feel drained right now...
So have a great week and hopefully i will catch up with a few off ya later in week....

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Away from Ascot..

A few nibbles to delight or disappoint from around the country...

Back Bets ( win or place )
Newmarket 14-35 Rough Rock ( place Market ) 3.3 ( Back for £50 ) -UNPLACED =LOSS £50
Newmarket 16-15 Coup de Ville 3.3 ( £50 ) - 1st @ 3.5 = WON £115
Ayr             14-20 Margot Did 1.82 ( £150 ) - 1st @ 1.91 = WIN £136.50
Ayr             14-50 Calypso Magic ( place market ) 2.88 ( £75 )-UNPLACED =LOSS £75
Ayr             16-05 Apostle ( place market ) 1.33 * free money..surely?* ( £200 ) - non runner -
**Redcar        14-45 Finellas Fortune ( place market ) 1.8 ( £75 )**- Unplaced = WON £15

LAY Bets
**Newmarket 13-35 Kirthill 2.24 ( Layed for £150 ) - **Just traded this out at 2.78 for a green , will make either £9-50 / £40 ) - 1st = Win £84-50
Newmarket 15-10 Bonnie Brae 4.1 ( £75 ) - 2nd = WON £75
Newmarket 15-40 Coeus 6.2 ( £35 )  - 3rd = WON £35
Ayr             16-05 Thirkleby 7.6 ( £35 ) - Unplaced = WON £35
*Redcar        14-15 Red  Duke 1.99 ( always lay odds on in a maiden ) ( £75 )  - 1st = Win £0
Redcar        15-55 Johnny Hancocks 6.4 ( £35 ) - Unplaced = WON £35
**Kirthill just hit 3.1!!!...
Total Outlay  ( including liabilities £676.25 on laybets / £600 on back bets ) =  £1276.25

**Additional - Just backed it for £500 @ 3.35 , then layed it straight off at 3.0 for £550 so made an instant £75/50 on top...;-)
*Have left an in running back bet at 1.99 on RED DUKE as im not happy with this now..may well not get matched and i may lose here...Trade matched..hit 2.4+
**Traded this out ( finellas fortune ) @ 1.5 for a £15/£15 profit..all £15 green is nice enough on this.

Returns = £141 profit from back bets and £224-50 from Lays / trades = Overall Profit of £365-50


Another typically tough day , however i do have a couple running for me today, and i do have my NAP at this meeting , so am expecting a bumper pay day today!!...

Ascot 14:30 
A 7f race for two year olds , tough and you have to remember that the going could deteriorate dramatically through the day and this would have an adverse effect on all ratings...
Two i like here are Fort Bastion and FALLS OF LORA ( 6.0 and 7.4 ) , the Fav @ 2.96 here has to be taken on , in this ground , over an untried surface , in this field , ..its an insta Lay for me.
Both Forts of bastion and FoL have some decent form, will like the trip and ground and have a lot going for them today, the only downside is that FoL has the inept Akmed onboard..sigh , that makes him about seven stone worse off at the weights ;-(.
Im hoping the horse wont need riding and will just carry him home, if not FoB will...will be Dutching these 2 Win and Place and LAYING MAYBE.
What a wank start...FFS, Maybe is Class and i just didnt think it would be that good , won very well holding off Fort Bastion , FoL was awful , run no race.

Ascot 2.30
 1st15 Maybe (IRE)5-2 F
 2nd3 Fort Bastion (IRE)9-2
 3rd16 Self Centred18-1

Ascot 15:05 
The Hardwicke stakes , a nice race for me as i have had the winner here for last 3 years and made a mint last year on Harbinger ;-).
This year is slightly harder although i will say from the outset i will be laying the odds on o'brien fav here, thats my first bet , i will be having a little nibble on the Barzalona Ridden PASSION FOR GOLD 14.5 EW , this offers endless amounts more profitability , its place only price of 3.2 is a much better bet than looking  at this fav....yes i know its red hot...blah blah , but this needs to be taken on , never  raced over the trip with a few decent stayers against it , the bookies are thinking fame and glory and running for cover.....Lay it @ 1.71 as the liabilities  are so so low , and if your scared trade out , as it will 100% trade higher either before the race or in running....
Oh Dear...The ryan moore bandwagon rolls on....Another losing bet , the ew bet was dire and the winner ( the fav ) won well...i think the ground has caused all this mass improvement...

Ascot 3.05
 1st2 Await The Dawn (USA)4-6 F
 2nd6 Harris Tweed12-1
 3rd5 Drunken Sailor (IRE)9-1

Ascot 15:45 
A really tough sprint and a few meet up from a few days ago,and the field is riddled with so many form lines that it is almost impossible to fathom as sprinters by and large are a very untrustworthy sort....
For me , and this is personal opinion only , for which this blog is based around , i like Elzaam and HOORAY , both will like any cut in the ground , both have a touch of class, both can run over 6f/7f and they both have bags of pace and can quicken , so thats me sorted.
The springer here could be Bewitched , likes the course , likes the ground and has some rock solid form...i may have  a saver on this.
Bet will probably be a EW dutch on these two ( maybe 3 , will check the margins ).
Will be Laying Star Witness.
Lay was good, bets were shit....The ascot card is suffering,,Hoof it better win!!

Ascot 16:25 
NAP TIME!!, get out the spare change, empty yer piggy bank and tip the sofa , to back WIN or EW ( EW for me ) HOOF IT!!..7.8..Potentially a group horse running in a hcap....Kieron loves this horse and so do i , LUMP ON!!.
what a load of cock....Ascot please fuck off now, your ruining my week......

Ascot 17:00
Now its a very tough to solve 1m4f Hcap and a mighty competitive renewal.
Modun looks very progressive and could easily be different gravy to these , however @ 7/2 offers no value in this race ( although the betfair 5.2 is starting to look nice...hmm.. ).
Better things are expected from Taqleed and Blissful Moment will reverse recent form with rock a doodle do however i do like SHARAYEEN , but its jockey...zomg...Big negative!!
A riddle for sure , and you get EVEN money backing them 4 to win , which i think is an outstanding bet at current prices , so thats what im going to do.
And there is no easing up of the pain at Ascot....

Ascot 17:35 
A typically tough finale and all im gonna say is NOT TILL MONDAY ( EW ) at 17.5 you will get a decent run for your money , has fallon on and has won his last two starts over 2m....
Obv unplaced, Ascot worst card in months, lays were generally ok , but back bets were shit....Ascot today = LOSS
Its been a brilliant meeting with some great racing , have a great day all off for some lunch and to de ice freezer before it all kicks off ;-)...

Morning All..

And yet more rain....typical , well yesterday was...well not quite a cooler after such a great thurs , but i think , ..expected , you know i looked at then cards and had no great thoughts or feelings about any single race, had no naps or bankers and it ended up being a long disappointing day..Yeah i had a few great touches in particular Max Laying a 1.71 shot that never had a chance , Max Backing Serena Brothertons ride PATOVIUM, ( 1st @ 5.5 ) and quite a decent hit on Emperor Rome ( 2.2 ) , however most of this was offset with the huge loss i took on MAX laying Nambibian ( 1st 5.0 ) , that was a massive cooler , and i was doubley pissed off as i had picked out Regent Street ( unplaced ) as my lay for that race and just for no reason changed my mind 5 mins before the off....something you should never do , you study , make your play and stick with it , if you have doubts you leave the race....i should know better..* Facepalm*
All in all i walked away yesterday at 19-30 12 % down on the day , which wasnt too bad , i went from being 58% UP - 34% Down , so did recover a bit...
RE: Do i keep a running PnL for my picks and selections on here ? , the simple answer is No , as quite often the selections are short of what you would need to have a proper reflection of choices,some days there are none , other days i just trade or am too busy , As stated before this is a fun blog for me, a release , somewhere to occasionally vent , i study / trade etc for 10 hours a day and this does help past the time , i do have a pro site , which does have paid members , who do receive my full attention and that is why i am quite often , well , just too busy.
i am not looking for anything from here, am not advertising or anything like that ( closed for membership until next march as full ) , this is just a blog where i like to share some thoughts , get some feedback and have a natter thru the day , i did start doing my PAS again but found that too time consuming, just not enough hours in the day...
i would be open to ideas tho . if you feel it would benefit you by me doing some sort of structured staking plan with a proper points system or £ PnL ?? , any ideas thoughts welcome , after all , i want you to win as well!
Any ideas or thoughts , just write in....
Right o gonna crack on wi me cards today.....ttfn...
**Quick Addendum : After Racing yesterday , i played some poker on Blue Square , a 700 runner tourney , came 1st and scooped up $952, then whilst bathing in my glory for no apparent reason as i have never done this before , i played some online bingo , and in the very first game i hit HOUSE and scooped up an incred $1000 ..abs that more than made up for a poor day ;-)) **

Friday, 17 June 2011

Away from Ascot...

A few nibbles from elsewhere around the country today.....

Mussleburgh 13-50 LAY - Alabanda 4.8 - 2nd @ 4/1 = WIN
Mussleburgh 14-55 LAY - Lupin Hooter 3.75 - 1st @ 2.8 = LOSS

Mussleburgh 15-35  BACK - Fast Shot 3.5 ( 15;32 pm currently 2.3 , easy trade already for a nice profit  ) - 3rd probs better at 6f = LOSS
Mussleburgh 16-45  BACK ( Place Market or EW ) - Shunkawakhan 4.3 / 1.88 - 3rd @ 5.2 = WIN

Redcar 14-45 FAV FAV - Emperor Rome 2.18 -1st @ 2.2 = WIN
Redcar 15-20 FAV FAV - Petas Pleasure 4.4 - 2nd @ 3.6 = LOSS ( Hit 1.23 in running as it looked like it was going to piss it!! )
Redcar 16-30 FAV FAV - Humour Me Rene - 1.92 - 3rd = LOSS

Redcar 16-00 BACK -Noodles Blue Boy 3.65  - 2nd @ 4.5 = LOSS ( 2.2 in running )

Redcar 17-10 LAY - Dialogue 1.81 - Unplaced  @ 1.71 = WON

Royal Ascot Day 4

At First Glance at the beginning of the week today was for me the most promising day as i felt i had an angle into every race bar the last ( where my lucky pin gets called into action ) , but doing as well as yesterday or even bettering it will take a herculean effort and tbh i dont expect it to happen .
The sort of performance i like is a profit from every  race either thru arbs , trades etc , getting my lay in every race right and then popping up with 1/2 winners to boost the day...Yesterday was a freak Day , was hitting the target with everything and to some degree i just didnt take advantage quite enough imo , but once i had made my money for the day i eased right up and chilled , but hey ho...
So moving forward to today ..

Ascot 14:30 
A Nice start , a 6f 2yr old Race where the whole field can be classed as potential improver's, most have some very smart form already and winning form at that.
The two quickest ( proven ) here are TEOLANE and SAJWAH , by a good bit not far behind is luv u too , the problem here is luv u too and Teolane both like to make the running and Sajwah likes to race up with the pace...will they cut each others throats?..Hmm...
The others that have run over this trip will have to step up greatly on what they have shown so the challenge or winner may well come from one of the 5f speedsters.
For me tho its between Teolane and Sajwah , not a lot to split these , Teolane may well run like her arse is on fire and try to make all , however Sajwah looks like a real class act in the making , and very Marginally i am siding with her...but may well end up dutching the pair if there is sufficient Value...
Introbil is the lay for me , a lot of K Ryans horses will get punted of the boards as he is red hot at mo , however this is not imo one of his superstars in waiting and its winning time has it a few lengths to find with the leading two.
Evens on the race , Lay was good , Back bets were poor, sajwah got beat fair and Teolane missed break and ran no sort of race.

Ascot 2.30
 1st10 Samitar16-1
 2nd4 Inetrobil (IRE)17-2
 3rd3 Illaunglass (IRE)10-1
Ascot 15:05
The King George V Stakes over 1m4f for 3yr olds ( too shit for derby , and too slow for a guineas, and trainer feels this is better value than sending em to france )!.
And Personally ( afetr all its my blog and im allowed to go personal ) this is all about WORLD DOMINATION , this monster of a horse utterly destroyed some decent types in its maiden win , and i mean destroyed!!.However still looking a bit green next ( and last ) time out it could only manage a average 4th behind Carlton House ( 2nd in DERBY ) , Seville ( well thought of o'brien in mate ) and Pisco Sour ( Won a nice race yesterday ) , so the form isnt that bad , on its first run over 11f it was pulling a train over the line then over 10f lto it seemed to weaken at the business end when the pace got tasty?!, so i am undecided , my heart desperately wants World Domination to win , however my head has doubts.
That said @ 8.6 i have to have a go i simply cannot not have a go at that price.
What else? , Genius Beast may well be the best of the rest and Nathaniel is not far behind.
And @ 4 , 9 and 11 there is def value for a decent dutch.
Cannot have Mijharr so that is the Lay for me.
Glens Diamond should run a good race and i wouldnt put anyone off backing this EW.
But for me ( no stats or data , just love ) its all about WORLD DOMINATION...
But i will be tying my bets together for a profit...( hopefully )
*Ended up Dutching World domination , Genuis Beast and NATHANIEL and LAYED MIHJARR to cover every bet.

Ascot 3.05
 1st10 Nathaniel (IRE)11-4 F
 2nd3 Fiorente (IRE)9-1
 3rd1 Alexander Pope (IRE)12-1

Ascot 15:45
Now its time for the Coronation Stakes ,3yr old only over a mile....Failed the Guineas test, please sign up...
I think TOGETHER is nailed on for a place , that is a corker of a bet , will it win , maybe , maybe not , i wthink probs not , i see it coming third after going short in running and looking like the winner then failing..
so what will win..
1.Joviality - All about potential with this
2.Maqqasid - Perpetually Frustrating
3.Memory - Can def win IF returning to its 2yr old form or proving that its fto run was a blip.
4.Love Me - Best Outsider by a long way.
A few of the others have squeaks and shouts but not enough for me to be interested....mind you i liked Julienas earlier this week and missed that due to ( fucking laziness imo ) not giving it the required thought after initially marking it up.
Not an entirely straight forward race and its not easy to nail a particular horse down as there are so many questions to answer , for me the 2.62 in the place market on TOGETHER may well look massive after the race and thats  the bet for me.
Lay in this race is Thyskens Theory.
Won on my lay ...But lost it all on the back bet, very dissapointed with the ride on Together , too much to do , shud have been up with the pace...running on at one pace for 4th....Fuck, Evens on Race.

 Ascot 3.45
 1st6 Immortal Verse (IRE)8-1
 2nd11 Nova Hawk9-2
 3rd1 Barefoot Lady (IRE)16-1

Ascot 16:25 
A nice lil' Hcap to get stuck into and this is full of underachievers ( like much of the card ) and exposed / spent forces , for me THE bet here is to DUTCH W/P both Green Destiny and SHAMALI....@ 2.96 and 16.5 , i really like these two here and with the gap in  prices it allows a lot of room to manoeuvre, both trained by the in form W Haggis , Son in law on GD and The Champion ( R Moore ) on Shamali so Jockeys are fine.
Circumvent is a Lay for me in the Place market.
Circumvent was unplaced which was nice , however neither of my selections ran any sort of race...another evens blank race...

Ascot 4.25
 1st16 Beachfire12-1
 2nd11 Lost In The Moment (IRE)8-1
 3rd14 Waydownsouth (IRE)20-1

Ascot 17:00 
A Tricky 2 miler now , i like Eternal Heart , Halifax and Hawaafez , with no real distance form to look at , you have to get a guide from pedigree and previous runnings , Eternal Heart was initially entered into yesterdays King George V stakes but opted for this in the end , i think thats a kinda tip in itself
Hawaafez ( Nayef Filly )  has bundles of Stamina in her pedigree and Halifax looked every bit a class stayer last time out , so for different reasons i fancy all 3, will look at dutching as cant really split at the moment, however if pushed i would say EH is just slightly ahead, but its so minimal that i will wait nearer the time and decide on what  trades to make.Although they are 8.2 , 8.8 and 34.0 so i may back a little now and see if i can get some movement for a pre race green up.
Regent Street is the LAY for me here.
Regent Street is unplaced ..Yippee..However 5 mins before the off i changed my mind ( fatal mistake ) and MAX layed Namibian...which then won @ took quite a loss on that one..Gutted!

Ascot 17:35 
To finish the day off we have the impossible to solve Buckingham Palace  Stakes , a 25 runner 7f Hcap!!
Get the blindfold on and the Pin out!!.
I like OUR JONATHON here ew obv , and Docofthebay , but its a ridic hard race so small stakes only.

Enjoy ur day, GL and ;-) smile .


Copy Halt