Friday, 10 June 2011

18-15 Goodwood


Yes quite a big price @ 8.2 , but so far behind a number of these i just cannot see this winning , tbh i cannot even see it reversing its form with Fleeting Tiger...This for me is a MAX LAY.

As this has now gone to 12.5 pre race i have greened up regardless , i still dont think it will win however if i can attain a really Healthy Green then i will...and this was too big to pass up....

So still a bit to make up after the Aasaas Error but its been such a great day im not bothered tbh...

What i have just done is left an in running lay in at 5.5........;-@

Never went lower than 8.4 ;-9 , however i did lay for small amounts at 12.5 and it had no chance.....Wish they was all as easy as that...



Copy Halt