Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Back to the Grind ;-)

Hi all , hope u have all been well and had loads of winners in my absence ;-P.Had a nice couple of days chilling out,golfing  , drinking and shooting zombies , back to earning some money now , just gonna do wed/thurs/fri and sat this week and may make this perm as i dont need to screw my head up doing every day, need a better work / life balance , although it has to be said, there are far worse ways to earn a living!!
So back to normal  today , any requests etc , just comment / email , any questions or betting answers required?..
Willow if you want to explore the possibilities of PAS further get in touch? , Carlton House will be running in the Irish Derby and Will WIN!.
Today i am going to take it easy and look at the 3 best races to make money from and just do them..if i get time i will post up my bets later..
Off to Hospital now, get my hand looked at , right hand , middle two fingers feel like they are broke!!? , hurt like fuck and i have no idea how or why?.
TTFN all ;)

1st bet to look at today is the red hot Fav in the 14-10 Salisbury ( 1.59 ) , i watched his race behind Shumoos and although he was well beaten that day, the beast shumoos looks a bit special , and dont forget it also beat Fredrick Engels by over 5 lengths ( Fredrick then ran away with the windsor castle stakes at Royal ascot 5f ) so the form looks a good bit better , is there another horse in this line up that could get as close to Fredrick Engels? , No , the horses with form look very ordinary , so it would come down to a newcomer to turn the fav over , 3 of which are Hannon stablemates with hughsey picking PINK SAPPHIRE i think its fair to say from the 4 the fav has the most obv chance , henry candy's horse wouldi have to a 85+ rated horse to win and to win without any experience ( which is crucial in a lot of these ) , so in all honesty i just cannot see this getting beat , but 1.59 is plenty short enough ( might look a gift after it has scooted home )...
I am not happy about taking thgis price but i am going to have a split stakes win , £150 @ 1.59 and £150 left as a keep bet @ 1.8. - Result = 1st @ 1.42 ( hit 2.12 in running ) , won very easy, PROFIT = £208-50

Pretty much all the above comments also apply to MINAL who runs in the following race...But, i dont know why, but i have a doubt, so i shall not back it, nor lay it.- Result - Minal was 2nd , beaten a SH.

Back at Salisbury again, Race 3 , and another long odds on runner in Mudana 1.38....Ridic Scenes , Now what i have done here is LAY this @ 1.38/1.39 for £1000 and put a trade in for £900 @ 1.5 , so i will make either £60 / £100 i would be very surprised if this doesnt trade in running at 1.5 or higher...but i think 1.5 is very attainable ( if not i lose £390 ).- Result Mudana 1st ( OFFICIALLY hit 1.64 in running ) = £60 PROFIT

Nazreef ( shud just have posted my Salisbury Card up lol ) is worth putting a keep Lay in @ 4.5 and 3.5 , travels well but finds little and has never won on turf , can see this running a decent race for the main before finding a few too good.
I will put a keep lay on for £150 @ both sums.- Result = Unplaced = WON £150 ( only 4.5 Matched )

Todays L.O.T.D is MRS GREELEY in the Salisbury 16-55 @ 4.1 @ £200 - Result = 2nd = WON £200

That'll do today for now....
Looking to make around £750 from these today.....
Total PROFITS from today are £618-15 ( Less Commissions )...Not too bad , pretty much nailed it, feel good after my break ;-) , c ya'll tmrw.


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