Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Morning all , im feeling better , slightly poorer, but better today , wonder what sort of outrageous outsider i will find today.....
with two NH meetings today its gonna be tough going imo , NH is great for my trading and lays but , well lets call them my Exotics , they do suffer in these due to the variables that dont apply in Flat racing and cant be configured into the math and the calculation...but we'll see , ...cant get any worse lol....

Dutch Nos 1: 15:30 Catterick : Not Played , Traded out as i have a MAX LAY already in this race, HORATIO CARTER.
* Layed this morning at 8.2  (as posted and blogged ) , Just sold out at 12.0 for a PROFIT of either £110 / £120 ..That'll do.
** Whilst typing this and being happy with my trade it has gone out more to 14.5....Shit, shudda waited lol**
Result - Unplaced -
*Figure of £120 not to be included in blog totals as is doesnt form part of the make up.( Dutch would have been good ).


Dutch Nos 2:  16:30 Catterick : -Result = Al Burkann 1st = LOST £388
And the run continues....Tried attacking this race from a different perspective...and failed , again...sigh...

Dutch Nos 3: 17:00 Catterick : Result Golden Future 1st = Won £28-56
Keep hitting the bottom rung every time and losing too much...tweaks may be required..


Dutch Nos 4: 20:50 Kempton : 1st = Captain John Nixon = Won £138-04


Dutch Nos 5: Result - Almond Branches 1st - Won £2-86 
Wins the absolute minimum...sigh , no loss at least , however as stated on the lays page i also max layed See Clearly, so was in facr a v good race for me.....
This is another of those races where i really should have shoved a bit more across....why am i not doing this? , tbh i really have no idea....;-/

Thats my 5 a day for today.....lets see what today brings...


On a completely different note, a few of you may know that i do and have played a lot of online Poker, this is something i dramatically slimmed down on this past year as i was sick of the bad calls, flaming , and tbh i just thought it was rigged, or at least less than dishonest , now there has been miles of media coverage surrounding the goings on over the pond, at Ultimate bet , Full tilt, and stories of hand fiddling etc...this ultimately put me off to the point where i barely play at all online now..And the following news doesn't surprise me at all...

Breaking news: Alderney suspends Full Tilt's operating licence 29/06/2011

Stephen Carter
Breaking news: Alderney suspends Full Tilt's operating licence
The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) has suspended Full Tilt’s licences, requiring the poker room to suspend all operations from the jurisdiction with immediate effect.
The AGCC said in a statement this morning: “The decision to suspend these licenses follows a special investigation prompted by the indictments unsealed by US Attorney General’s Office in the Southern District of New York on 15th April 2011, during which grounds were found to indicate that these licensees and their business associates were operating contrary to Alderney legislation."

.....So new dawn is finally breaking , hopefully this will get the lazy internet junkies offline and down to the casino for some real action.....!!
Other Breaking news is this.....

Betfair to increase
charges on big hitters

 BETFAIR are to increase the charges on their most successful users to as much as 60 per cent of gross win next month in a move the betting exchange claim will protect smaller players using the site.
FromJuly 18, Betfair will crank up the controversial premium charges faced by big hitters whose lifetime net profits exceed £250,000, who bet in over 1,000 markets, and whose commission generated is less than 40 per cent of their lifetime gross profit.
Betfair introduced the premium charge in September 2008 at 20 per cent, claiming it would cover costs incurred in providing the most successful punters with the platform to profit - the majority of which comes through trading and in-running punting.
At the present level, Betfair, who believe only around 500 of their 3.8 million registered users will be affected by the new charges, claim to break even on the highly profitable users, but state that profits from elsewhere are ploughed into improving the site to meet levels of trading from big punters and advertising to attract new customers to maintain liquidity in the markets.
A spokesman said: “Betfair believes that the implementation of the adjusted charge will provide the business with fair compensation for the service it provides to those impacted customers, who currently pay a rate of commissions and charges that does not reflect the benefit they gain from the Betfair ecosystem.
“We have evolved our pricing model to ensure we have a fair pricing structure for all of our customers, over 99.9 per cent of whom are not affected by this adjustment.
“Since inception we have provided customers with a unique and innovative product that has consistently offered them, on average, the best value on the market. This is still very much the case and we’re committed to ensuring that it remains the case for years to come.”
Betfair shares closed on Tuesday at 771.5p, an increase on Monday's final price of 726.5p. Betfair’s preliminary results for the year ended April 30 will be published on Wednesday

Now this doesn't obviously affect me , i win a lot, but also lose my fair share lol....but my view is they want to get rid of the traders with super accounts of £1m + and want to attract more £2 / £5 punters , this is where they earn the core of there commissions and is also a lot better for market liquidity , rather than have some spiv " moving " the market falsely by trading huge sums of £50k+ per race......
However watch this space.....

Right have a great day all...update later....Got some trading to get stuck into....


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