Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Morning all...

As your obv aware I'm away with the members today, racing is incred today and Ascot will be amazing, a quick breakdown for today.
Race 1.goldikolva has run quicker in it's slow times than candied cliffs has ever managed at best, therefore IMO , Goldikova wins. - Dutched -WON

Race 2.Sole power who is all speed should run a massive race,kingsgate native has the ability to win however is very inconsistent,astrophysical jet needs to show it's as good this year as last year, don't really like much else.
Dutched - LOST

Race 3.FRANKEL....that's all I'm saying!!!!- BACKED - WON

Race 4.Commissar,Mezmaar and Power all carry big reputations, of the 3 I wud prolly side wu commissar .
Dutched - WON

Race 5.junior to double up.BACKED - LOST

Race 6.Es que Love and Fredrick Engels are two I really like here.Dutched - WON

Have a great day and enjoy the great racing, cya tmrw.
All in all a very good day......


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