Wednesday, 29 June 2011

So Far today...

Quite an unspectacular feel to today..again , won 2 races and a giant mass total of £30 , lost on one ( nearly two ) and did £388 not great , slush fund is melting and its nothing to do with global warming!!.
So with that i have decide im going to be putting in some overtime tonight and im going to nail Fairyhouse, all winnings from the meeting at Fairyhouse will go into the Slush fund....any Losses will.....well we are not going to have any losses..simples...
So Fairyhouse , quite a good Hunting ground for me, i have a good % mark up there, one of the better Orish Tracks...

This is what we'll do....

Fairyhouse 18:00
Laying - Homecoming Queen £100 @ 6.0 - UNPLACED = WON £100
Run ok on its first 3 runs to press, totally outclassed in a listed race lto , only looks like a moderate 65 rated animal and i think even if it improves again and runs to about 70 it will still lose , may well trade a fair bit shorter in running , i was thinking about making it a BTL but have just decided to keep it simple.

Fairyhouse 18:30
Laying - Almadaa £100 @ 9.4  - UNPLACED = WON £100
Has an awful lot of ground to make up with 2 or 3 of these , Chasing Angels is the interesting runner here.

Fairyhouse 19:00
Backing - Hes got Rhythm £100 @ BF SP and LAYING - Solent Ridge £100 @ 5.6 ( Keep Bet )
Solent Ridge will not beat HGR , and i think HGR has a cracking chance back in this grade so worth a nibble.
Result was HGR 4th ( unplaced ) and the bet on Solent Ridge was unmatched so unfortunately i lost £100 there.
Fairyhouse 19:30
Backing - Emulous £150 Win @ BF SP and Laying Claiomah Sloais , this is being layed at BF SP with a £1000 Liability. - Result = Emulous 1st @ 4.0 = WON £450 and Claiomah Solais 2nd @ 10 = Won £111-11 , Total Won on this RACE = £561

Fairyhouse 20:00
Laying - Cape Secret £100 @ BF SP. - Result = Unplaced ( However due to the price , no lay bet was struck )

Fairyhouse 20:30
Laying - Perfect Coup £50 @ BF SP  - UNPLACED = WON £50

Fairyhouse 21:00
Strange Finale with imo the race revolving around Kastania and Sam Lords Castle , between them cost just shy of £1,000,000!!! yes mega money for two horses that in monetary terms have fallen very short , both will want to win just to increase their paddock value , and i think the winner will be KASTANIA , who will enjoy the step up in trip the most , That said i wont be backing either, instead i will be LAYING CASIMIR ROAD for £200 @ BF SP ( max liability £1k ) - ** Adjustment - Have just layed it for £75 @ 14.5 - Result = 1st - Kastania @ 2.01 = Won £75

Hopefully tonight will be a GREAT night and we can look forward to sunnier days ahead...
Gonna be fucked tmrw...playing tennis in the morning against the mighty SLEDGE and will probs get tonked outta sight 0-6 , 0-6 , as i havent played in over 6 months and im currently super un-fit!!.....oh dear.....
Have a pleasant evening guys and Gals..ttfn ;-))

Total Profits for tonight = £786-00 ;-)...Smiling again...


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