Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Morning all..

And what a fucking morning too...first off , woke up with the worst hangover ever after getting completely smashed last night...Then had to put up with some nobs fucking about with the Lekky all morning, so been suffering intermittent power cuts the whole day.....Fkin Nightmare!! , heads bangin right now.....Temps dropped by 10 degrees which is shit as i love the sun and just sat out chilling...
Gonna concentrate on Dutches today , gonna have to cool the big arsed bets a bit as my trade account took a hammering , that said most dutches will be too the max so ....i had better start winning again....
The other thing is that not all dutches can be posted long range in advance due to price alterations and neg value , so i will post what ones i can and the others may well go up literally 5 mins before the off..so if your following you will have to keep refreshing.....i will do what i can..
Better Crack on.........

WHILST Writing this the powers been down 4 times.;-/..FML!!....As if this aint ard enough already!!..

 Dutch Nos 1 : Result = Interakt 1st = Won £12-85


Dutch Nos 2 : Result = Phluke 1st = Won £38-08


Dutch Nos 3 : Result = Misty Isles 1st = Won £124-71


Dutch Nos 4: Result = Lemon Drop Red 1st = Won £52-36


Obviously as we work through the day, only the first few are placed as is , the rest , well they will be placed nearer the time, for two reasons , 1) Price Movements and 2 ) will there be enough in the spares account to cover it...not gonna start chucking good money after bad.........so the final pic may look slightly different to the posted one , ......but hopefully they will all be good...need to get back to winning ways!!....

Dutch Nos 5: Result = Cuckney Bear Just Beat Save the bees...on the Nod..= Won £0.00 (  This was my Even balance call )
**This is the thing with Hindsight betting..Sigh , i could easily have moved at least £30 across to back Cuckney Bear for more ensuring a thru green and would have won at least £100+...but had it my mind that it wasnt that good...Ho hum..the idea of these is to ensure a profit and not a break even race..will look at this in future....This is a work in progress.....


Dutch Nos 6: Result = Petomic 1st = Won £40-46
Love the punter/s who had £951 @ 14-37..;-)


Time is now 15-27...Upto press , all is good however i have been winning the minimum i possibly can , could do with a couple of £100+ wins to lift the account and give me some cover....on the plus side, wage wise, 1st race today made a killing , love it when its as easy as that....
Got the right ol munchies now, should have had a full english this morning like i planned..oh yeah couldnt..no friggin Electric!!..still , may go n' make some cheese on toast to set me on.....

Just Layed Munawib in the 15-30 Brighton for a Holiday payed for amount.......


Good Start so far 6/6 , that what i like to see...;-)...Should do this more with a Hangover!!..

Some Later ones , ..

Dutch Nos 7 : Result = 1st - Welsh Inlet = Won £90-44


Dutch Nos 8: Result 1st Mandalay King = Lost £1915-00
Well that bubble has well and truly been burst......Oh dear , just thinking whilst i type on exactly what my next move shall be......obv the 365 challenge bank is now depleted....do i top up with another £2k or stop , ...i cant rly decide at the mo.................................decisions decisions..........................Just Kinda sat here staring at the screen just now............thinking, .........thinking , aside from this im running quite well and di win rather big laying Munawib and Firefighter today , total returns on them alone was £xxx , plus another £xxx ( ish ) profits from other races means i could in effect just right today off as a no show, and i would only really be topping up for about £600 from my personal kitty.....
...........(..= thinking )....Fucking hell ( talking to myself ) , what a fuck up.....always that one bet to kill ya , but that is the risk, and there is always risk , no matter how much i try to narrow the angles there is always that 1% that can and does bite yer on the arse....i have decided , to continue this, i will top up the account with £2k , this will be my final top up and i will alter the challenge to show it as a £5k start up....now if this goes , it will be at least two moths before i can trade like this again, as it takes time to build up a spare roll...so here goes...shit or bust!!

Dutch Nos 9: Result = 1st = Four Richer = LOST £264-90
Feeling a little sick now.....

Dutch Nos 10: Result = 1st - Pint Size = Won £94-72
* Also i think i shall be a bit more choosy about the races i decide to trade in , in Mandalays race the outsider was only 14/1 , so really not that much of an outsider, i will try and work on this over the night.....

Dutch Nos 11: Result = 1st - Trojan Gift = Won £173-26


And thats it for today.....;-)...Will Update with PnL later....

So not quite what i would have wanted from today , but it is a learning curveai paid a very dear price for todays lesson...

Total Losses = £2179.90
Total Winnings = £626.88
Total Losses today are £1553.02


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