Thursday, 23 June 2011

Late Today..

Been to hit a few buckets this morning , come back and feel completely wiped out , had a nap and feel a little better, but there is def something amiss wi me just now , cant nail it down , but i know....
Anyway moving forward i will Highlight my 4 fav bets for today , ...shortly...BrB...;-P

Back.....its currently 13-18 , so not a lot of time..but fuck me, so tired at mo!!...Feel Exhausted ;-( ,
But i digress , lets move on to todays Highlighted bets ( from next Mon we will start a proper P  n  L )..

Warwick 14-20
KAWSSAJ a very hot 1.41 fav , but it does have a feel of unbeatable about it , ran over 1m lto just got outpaced final few yards after taking the running up 2f out , only has Sea Soldier to beat , should win very well.
Max Bet £500 Win - Result = 2nd ( to sea soldier ) = £500 LOSS

Warwick 14-50
Hooty's Agogo  , quite often finds nothing at the business end and has traded short in its last 4 races after being bang there , only to weaken in final few yards...This for me is a BTL , so i will BACK this for £250 @ 3.5 and leave a keep lay set at 2.5 for a £100 all green. - Result - Unplaced = LOSS £250 ( Only hit 2.74 )

Warwick 17-15
ARTIC CAT is my LOTD @ 5.6 Layed for £217.25 - Result = 3rd = Won £217-15

Newcastle 14-45
Electric Qatar - LAY @ 2.12 £200
Just too short a price in this maiden , i would gladly have evens the field over evens 1 horse in a race like this, win or lose , you must simply always play these like this , you will be a long term winner. - Result = 3rd = WON £200

Tbh i have seen loads of bets for me today, so i think i am going to be quite busy......a great day for the layers me thinks ;-)

TTFN Folks, have a nice day...

Not a brill day, but nor a disaster, in hindsight i should just have win layed Hooty's...but hey ho , and my Nap didnt really seem to like the ground...So blog shows a loss today....;-)(


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