Saturday, 11 June 2011

York it is Then....

After the overwhelming response ( 0 ) i have decided to post the York Racecard up today , after posting there will be a separate posting for Willow , This will need further examination as im still not sure on best  angle today...with so many races today and so many decent ones at that its tough making a final decision....
On a different note i watched Hanna Last night , obv a german film , slightly weird, a little strange but ultimately compelling , not quite  the ending one would have hoped for but still very good 8*.
Right lets Crack on with this Card.,..

York 14:10
A lady riders race to start off with , the hardest of hard starts and my initial reaction is to rec you get stuck in traffic on the way and miss the first race , however that rarely happens as if your going your there already on the lash ;-0.
I would suggest a Dutch with the Following 3 ,
1.Bowlders Magic - 4th , so did ok 
2.Embsay Crag - Fell , clipped heels.
3.Anigua Sunrise - didnt stay.
And dutch them EW , paying top 4 in races like this it sometimes pay to follow the jockey bookings and the quality of the rider , these three are top rated with very good rides given the context of the race.
Embsay Crag is the only one without course or CD form however Serena Brotherton is easily the best Jockey in the field and probs the best Female Am there is.

York 14:40
Again a typical trappy York Hcapfor which they seem to specialize in..sigh , makes it hard going tho...
With so many of these either out of form or inconsistent at best any advice must be taken with a pinch of salt.
ITLAAQ ( EW ) is my idea of a good bet in this race, trained by the in form york specialist MW Easterby and ridden by P Mullrenan ( 3 wins yesterday ) this horse was last tried over 1m2f at York and was tanking along till the 1m1f post where it just failed to say and weakened quickly, now dropped back in trip you kinda feel that MW has layed this horse out for this and at 27.0 / 5.2 Represents some great value and i think you will get a great run for your money whatever happens.
Result - Ran a great race, eventually came in about 6th, after getting a good run up the rail , was in first 4 the whole way , but last furlong it just couldnt pick up enough , good run tho.

York 15:15
York and there friggin Hcaps, for fucks sake, anyone looked at this card today?, its a bookies benefit meeting.....
The key with these 6f charges is speed and if your a fast front runner at york your not getting  caught...
There are again three horses in this field that are lightyears ahead of the rest in terms of speed,ability, scope and form and i would only concentrate on these, if the race is run true then the winner will be from this trio..
1,Swiss Dream  - 4th , so did ok 
2.Elusive Prince
3.Seal Rock
*Additional Notes for Swiss Dream...She was third in a very hot race at the course behind Thirteen Shivers, form that is working out very well, then she won really nicely at Newmarket last time.
Her half-sister Swiss Diva won this race in 2009 and family history could be about to repeat itself.
All three have run very very quick times ( winning form ) over 6f and i just wont have any other.
Dutch the three EW.

York 15:50 
Another Hcap only this time a small field and one in which i have picked my NAP for the day.
SEA MOON rated 90 should easily ( if trained on ) with natural progression make a 100+ rated horse and with entries at royal ascot next week and the Irish Derby is expected to hose up now it has its ideal ground , 1.92 is a tad short tbh i would have liked 2.25+ so may hang fire a bit and make my play later, then again after its won by 6 lengths 1.92 may well look massive....
The rest of this field are what they are , exposed h'cappers and should run to their own form , all SEA MOON  need to do is run  with the expected improvement and be fit and it wins.
On the down side , stoutey is out of form at the moment which is always a concern and its improvem,ent has to be taken on trust, which i dont like, but it really should be able to carry these over the line....
RESULT = SEA MOON 1st @ 1.72 , won very well, nice horse.

York 16:25
Finally a non Hcap...and its a Maiden, so no let up in taxing the grey matter, According to Betfair this is a 1 horse race lol with SWISS SPIRIT 1.98 , then 5.0 , and 15.0 BAR, in fact the 6th fav is 42.5 lol...Yes SS ran a vbery nice race first time out and it will take a good un to beat  her but i will never back odds on in a maiden , so what play is there?, personally i layed it massively at 1.9 and will be looking to trade  out at a very safe 2.2.......
Result 1st -Swiss Spirit , and it hit an increduble 4.7 in running...That was a Nimps Trade, easy money!

York 17:00
A nice little stakes race next and one in which my LOTD is in , MY SON MAX , has been a major disappointment running its best race for some time lto , but even so it would have to race well beyond its very generous rating of 80 to figure here with almost all the field having better credentials.

York 17:30
 And to round the day, predictably enough its a H'cap./...And i will go with the magic tri-dutch again...
1.Entitled ( should be different gravy ) - 1st ( different class )
2.Collect Art ( Rich vein of form ) - 2nd - Ran Very well , hit 1.08 in running..
3.Caranbola ( @ 46.0 worth a dabble )
Result = Finally back into some decent profit....

Good Luck whatever you do , have a great day..;-))


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