Friday, 25 May 2012

Early start today...

Yup got outta bed far too early today lol , but a 7am start is good for the soul ;-) , headed off to the shops to purchase the ingredients for my full English ;-) , 2 cartons of fresh Orange Juice et al...gotta love farmies ;-) , what a fantastic day again , i will never tire of this although after consuming my monster breakfast and laying out in the sun for an hour i feel i need a proper siesta lol..feel fecked haha....having had a cursory look thru the cards yesterday i was mostly unimpressed and today i feel much the same , three cards full of mediocrity which will be hard to dissect without spending hours back reading thru the cards and form and as i have no reason to produce any cards today quite simply i shall not , i may well post a few race reviews with some analysis up on the FB page.
Yesterday was good for level stakes backing on the back bets but the EW and outsider selections failed a bit but was expected tbh but due to a very strong start i made double profits again which is a billy.
Two horses today which im interested in for a variety of reasons are Michaelangelo ( 2.2 ) and Fathsta ( 10.0 ) , Michaelangelo is very well regarded and shaped with great promise fto behind Mariners Cross and Noble Mission and i think this should be and prove to be different class this is my NAP for today and then we have Fathsta a horse with no real recent form but has however been running ok , more importantly it is now racing off a 20lb lower mark than this time last year and is racing off what can only be considered a feather weight , this will be winning soon without a doubt...just on ew like a lemming ;-@@.

Now some news did anyone read about this
..No i didnt think so as the BBC decided NOT to broadcast in case it come across as Racist ffs!!! what a big bunch of Wankers!!! , basically a dad and his son minding there own business watching the CL final in a boozer were dragged outside ( along with others ) by a gang of 20 Black youths armed with bats and Knives and stabbed to death for no reason and not one of the cunts has yet to be charged......fuck me if it was 20 white lads the " Bruvvers " would be burning cars and swinging from the trees , its just a fucking outrage how ridic Racism has become in this country , black, white or yellow i dont give two fucks who you are however i am bothered by what you are , and these people regardless of race are nasty murderous shites that need to be named , shamed and locked up not glamorised.......Just an utter my blood is boiling im gonna have to go sit and chill outside for another hour ...;-P.
If anyone wants anything specific posting tmrw or any race meet to be especially covered then drop a note in the comment box...


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