Monday, 4 July 2011

Early Bird...

Catches the worm.....and today i have nailed a few early prices, most notably in the 20:40 @ Windsor , there is a super hot shot running called BLESSED BIATA, now the value here is certainly not with the outright backing here, its the trade , and i would urge everyone to lay your hands on whatever money you can find and lay this at 1.19 and set a trade off @ 1.25 £1000 makes £50 , the easiest £50 EVER!!..the more you can trade , the more you can make , i have already weighed in with £1k i was considering trying a bit more and setting the buyback it higher , say 1.31....but thats just greedy , 1.25 will get matched im 99.999% sure , so as far as im concerned its easy money , worse case scenario you lose £190...its a No brainer....?!- Hit 1.26 in running - 

Another bet i like to do is the place lay of two in a race which only pays top two and both are odds on in a field where others have a chance..
Todays race in focus for this bet is the 14:30 Brighton , where i have place Layed both Pride and Joy and Tones @ 1.39 and 1.5 for £100 Each.
Your not bothered who wins and who places as long as one of these two fuck up...Long term this is a massive winner...Quite often as well the fav messes up and u get the bigger win ( especially with the NH races ). - These however did come 1st and 2nd...But no real harm done...

For the Blog Challenge today i will be posting just 3 bets.....

1.Brighton 15:00 - LAY - My Learned Friend - £200 @ 6.4 - Result = Unplaced = Won £200

2.Brighton 15:30 - BACK - STARBOUND - £200 @ 1.52 - Result = 1st = Won £104

3.Brighton 16:00 - LAY - Wom - £200 @ 4.2 ( Keep Bet ) - Result = Unplaced = Won £200 ( Hit 1.12 in running )

Gonna be taking it easy this aft and concentrate on the eve card at Windsor , thats where the money lies for me...;-))

Wont bother with the Placepot challenge as no one entered lol , but hey ho.....Got a good week of racing coming up so will keep the barrel full , Murray Lost , Haye Lost and Brown Panther was always going to not a great weekend for UK Sports...

Right off now for a brew , anyone got anything to say just drop us a line ;-)

**Additional - Roscommon 19-00 - BACK EW - COMPELLING - Currently 6.0 / 2.2
Has an outstanding chance to go in again tonight and is an absolute corking trade option if you want to make some gteed profits , this WILL def 100% trade shorter in running........I will be flabbermentalgasted if it doesnt!!!. - 2nd and Hit 1.77 in running...!!
The thing is i have this horse provo marked up at 3/1 , the SL has it as a 100/30 , the RP has it @ 4/1 and the skybet tissue is 9/ trading at 6.0 on Betfair is a MASSIVE prive imvho....5.9 on Betdaq , so lump on and trade yer titties off tonight!!

Firstly Made a very easy £504 today , Secondly Compelling was unlucky not to win and came 2nd , still EW backers and traders should have been well rewarded as it was down to as low as 4.5 before the off and and traded lower in running ( no figures as yet but my 3.0 and 2.5 trade matched ) so good solid profits there...i begged you to do this trade and can only hope u followed....


Copy Halt