Friday, 8 July 2011

Yeah that's me today , my own fault really staying up till 3am watching films.......
On the Racing front we have 3 grade A racing meets today , Ascot, York and Newmarket , the blog will again focus on the first three races at each venue.
On the news front , finally the NotW has been found out and been forced to close...Sunday Sun wont be far away imo....And the Ecohr has ordered the British Govt to pay compensation to any families that have suffered loss in the Iraqi war , not our own troops , nor  our civilians or journalists only the Iraqis !!?, WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!.This makes me feel sick , this country has lost its backbone , it should stand upto the non elected court and tell it to fuck right off , gimme the power i would gladly do it...Brussels , the court and the sycophants that surround the whole eurozone parliament are a joke, they are just there to pick up the pay and plenty of it  , we pay money on a daily basis to India and China , send troops around the globe , get pestered by Nato , at the same time we are broke , in debt , have failing schools and Hospitals etc etc etc...we are the most taxed nation on Earth , we need a civil uprising imo!!.
Rant Over....
Lets Look at the horses....


13:20 : - Lay - Psychics Dream - £75 @ 8.8 - Result = Unplaced = Won £75
Has some ok form and is by no means a back nos , however its sectionals and finale only very modest at best and with having most of its form on the AW its almost impossible to say just how much she has improved after winning as that was over 6f and most of her runs have been over 7f on the AW, there are others in this race with more scope , greater potential and better form , therefore this is a very positive Lay.
Tough call to pick the winner tbh , my money would probably ride EW on ISHBELLE @ 21.0 or Higher.
You could also Place Dutch,  Ishbelle and Chokurei @ 5.5 and 3.0 for a fair profit , this is also a solid looking bet.
Tough start , but plenty of angles to attack.

2ndChokurei (IRE)15/2

13:50 : - Lay - Coeus - £75 @ 14.5 - Result = 1st = Lost £1012-50
Coeus , slow horse with sub standard form , previously beaten by bilko pak who is no more than a very low grade h'capper this will not win .
From this big field there are only 2 horses that interest me enough to back and they are Swiss Dream ( easily the quickest ) and Forjatt ( badly hampered lto , but does have a touch of class ) , if and in a race like this its a big if..if the race is run trouble free then i would expect a massive run from both of these.
But it is a big open affair and close scrutiny of the form allows at least 6 of theses a chance.
they would be imo , The two i have mentioned , plus , Lexis Hero , Steps, St Augustine , Lokis Revenge and Barnet Fair.

Weighed In:1stCoeus9/1Full Result  
2ndLexi's Hero (IRE)12/1
3rdMurbeh (IRE)16/1
4thDesert Law (IRE)12/1

** What a fucking disaster....not just for the blog account, but my own personal account, took a hammering there...Gutted ;-(

14:25 : - BACK- Shumoos - £150 Win @ 4.2 and £250 Place @ 1.74 - Result = 3rd = Won £35
14:25 : - LAY   - Russeliana  - £150 @ 8.0 - Result = 2nd = Won £150
Awesome horse in a brilliant looking renewal of the Cherry Hinton , Some very very good Horses here but Shumoos impressed me so much fto that i will not desert her now.
The ones to consider and watch for are , My Propellar ( won by 17 lengths fto and could be anything ) ,         Miss Work of Art ( Loved by Fahey ) , and Inetrobil ( very quick with good form ).
Russelianas fto win over 6f was a surprise as she wasnt expected to be either a) so forward or b ) so quick , however she took a long time to get going thay looking like a step up to 7f / 1m+ would be ideal , racing against true speedsters she will be found wanting today , but whatever happens keep an eye on her for the future over longer trips.

Weighed In:1stGamilati14/1Full Result  
3rdShumoos (USA)5/2fav

** Just got away with that as i thought Russeliana was looking the winner all the way until it got collared...Fuck me, what a day!.

Newmarket PnL = £752-50 LOSS


14:05 : - BACK ( Place market only ) - Aliante - £50  @ 5.6 - Result = Unplaced = Lost £50
Tough Maiden , Far too many Variables to get stuck in and there is no lay value in this race.
*Load of shit...Much like today....

14:35 : - Lay - Rose Blossom - £100 @ bfsp - Result = 3rd = Won £100 
i really like, Anne of Kiev , Puff and Dever Dream here and i think the winner will come from that trio, at 6.0 , 5.9 and 8.0 this is quite an attractive Dutch option.
*Dever Dream traded at 1.1 in running, beaten in a photo.

15:10 : - Lay - Bow to No one - £75 @ 12.5 - Result = 2nd = Won £75
Tough Hcap but this struggles big time after the 1m4f pole , laying non stayers in stayers races is nimps money.

York PnL = £125 Profit



14:15 - BACK - Poole Harbour - £300 @ 1.36 - Result = UNFUCKINGPLACED = Lost £550
14:15 - BACK - Poole Harbour - £250 @ 1.48* ( additional bet placed at 14-12 ) ^^^^^^
* Drifted out to 1.64....Should i be worried or should i  back again?...!!
This will piss this ..Nimps!!.
*This day is turning out to be " one of those days"....That will be the last time i ever back Dobbs..hes a useless cunt that wants shooting!!

14:50 : - Lay - Alsaada - £50 @ 15.5 - Result = Unplaced = Won £50
Doesnt stay , out of form and trainers brother doesnt want the ride...nuff said.

15:25 : - Dutch ( Back ) - Red Seventy / Poetic Dancer - £170 / £200 for a £70 Profit. - Result = Red Seventy 1st = Won £70

Ascot PnL = £430 LOSS


That will do for now....Phones ringing , texts are coming in , msns flashing, facebook is alarming and skype is a lot of people to talk to..ttfn hfun and gl.

After the disasterous day i will be doing a spread ( first three races ) for the eve meetings as well today...


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