Friday, 29 July 2011

Just the one for sat ...

Let's hope we can do better today after finding Neebras yesterday!!, I really thought Western Aristocrat was a good thing today and just couldn't see Neebras reversing his form, I was wrong, and not for the first time , so on we march,
Today's Max lay will be in the 15-10 Goodwood , I have Layed , Snow Fairy for £500 @ 3.2 and set a keep back bet of £370 @ 4.2 for a profit roughly of either £110 or £130 , IMO It will struggle for pace here and as it likes to race off the pace I feel a trade is a cert so that's the way I'm playing, actually gonna proba have a full day at it tmrw so youse see me on , if ya do give us a shout , whatever ya do have a great day ... See ya soon x

Ker-Ching, Snow fairy loses , but more pertinently the trade was matched in the first 15 secs , so a very easy £130 made, happy days :-)), blog account back on track and now on 19/21!


Copy Halt