Sunday, 1 April 2012

Morning All..

Well yesterday was quite, err , well , Spectacular but tbh those days are quite rare , hitting big doubles like that are a once every 6 month trick , but the race card at Kempton hitting the first 5 winners was quite superb the donny race card with only 5 ew selections had the following..
1.EW - EDINBURGH KNIGHT - 4th ( top 4 paid ) @ 13.5
2.EW - MINIMISE RISK - 2nd @ 13.0 
3.EW - MONT RAS - 3rd @ 16.80
4.EW - THE CHEKA - 1ST @ 16.2

..So all things considered i think that Donny was also a success , can we keep this up , tbh probably not but we can still strive for this and hope that we dont have to wait another 6 months for a monster double...

Today we have a Very tricky day 2 from Doncaster with some NH fun and games over at Ascot plus i have an INFO Horse ( although im on in a dutch ) for the 12:30 @ Saint Cloud.

Today at Donny -

1.Born to Surprise -
Has this won already?...looking at where the money is going it looks home and hosed already? , when a maiden has been so heavily punted its to get away from especially in such a weak looking race , Mutafaakir Looks to hold a solid chance on ownership / breeding and retained jockey but is very weak in the market which doesnt inspire confidence although at 2.36 for the place its certainly tempting imo its a better bet than backing the fav to win @ 1.8 although doing both could also be a fair bet , The only other 2 to mention are Star Date at ridic odds of 40.0 which will do one of two things , improve massively and give Mackay one over his boss ( Gosden ) or run last...and Finally Sequoia The Charlie Hills Runner which has a couple o bits of interesting form and is entitled to go close but i neither like nor trust either Hills or Winstone so im leaving that alone.
Win Bet - Born to Surprise - 1st @ 3.59
EW Bet - Mutafaakir - 3rd @ 7.0
Best bet - Place only on Mutafaakir - 3rd @ 7.0 ( 2.36 )
*Star Date - 2nd @ 19.06

2.Silvery Moon -
The Easterby's like to get a winner or two at their local Tracks and this could be the one for them today , ran just 5 times last year winning twice over 1m but with a running style that suggests that the 7f here should pose no real problems and can handle most ground types , this likes to be handy with the race pace and will look to try and quicken up with 1f to go if this is any worse than 5th or badly positioned after 3f i will be laying it to death , im hoping however that isnt the case and its up top and ready to pounce and at 19.0 im happy to give this a go EW, expect decent runs from both Viva Ronaldo and Aerodynamic as well.
EW Dutch the three ? 19.0 , 14.0 and 23.0 there are worse bets out there.
**Nothing from this the best run we got was with Aerodynamic that went off at 23.50 and hit 2.5 in running so good for Trading Profit ( which i took ) but faded to come in 5th so lost a bit on the places , Silvery Moon like all the " off the pace " runners never quickened up , however the prize stays in Yorkshire as Dandy Nicholls won it with Karaka Jack ( Tipped up by Phoenix Racing member Carole Jackson @ 19.0 ) .

3.Side Glance -
This has a very obvious form Chance and really only has Pentinent ( hard to win with ) and Questioning to beat and it is my opinion that if fit enough is certainly good enough and i make this my NAP for today , its 3rd behind Dick Turpin was a very nice piece of form and some of its winning form has these beaten already  , i really cant see this losing today.
Max Win Bet - Side Glance - Unplaced 

4. - LOTD - King of Wands -
I am making this Gosden runner my LOTD at 2.18 , yes it does have the past form to figure but its last piece of winning form over this distance actually has it behind the very average Just Lille ( outsider of 5 ) it has a long absence to overcome ( shouldnt really be an issue ) and still has to prove its the force of old , there is just enough in this race to say at a smidge over evens id rather have the field .
Lay - King of Wands - 2nd = Win

5.Hallmark Star ( EW ) -
This Nayef Gelding looked like it was screaming out for further last year when racing over 1m and 1m1f and both times was running on and doing all its best work at the end , you may not even see the best of this until it goes to 1m4f but todays trip fto should see it in good light and at 24.0 is overpriced imo this may be in part due to Attenborough Running here ( as well as a couple of other winners ) but at 2.42 i make Attenborough my NB LOTD as i simply wont have it today , if this was indeed all that then it wouldnt be racing here today in fact it may not even place , this is quite a tough race and very open.
Bet - EW - Hallmark Star - 3rd @ 16.5
Lay - Attenborough @ 2.24  - Unplaced

My main bets for today will be ,

Hallmark Star - 3rd @ 16.5
Silvery Moon - Unplaced

Max Win - Side Glance - Unplaced 

Max Lay :
King of Wands - 2nd
Attenborough - Unplaced

Win Double -
Born to Surprise - 1st @ 3.59
Side Glance - Unplaced 

Max Place Only -
Mutafaakir - 3rd @ 7.0 ( 2.36 )

My Single best Bet of the Day is SIDE GLANCE ( PRP Selection )  - Unplaced 


Have a great Sunday everyone , look forward to catching up thru the day ;-)

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