Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has had a cracking weekend so far , weather aside its been great so far ;-) , had another solid day yesterday even after having my usual sat pre racing cidre's!!..All the big bets come in and the losing ones were minimal so very happy, got a bit of a Smörgåsbord with the racing today , so there will be no cards produced  and the PRP bet will be posted up shortly i will however highlight one from each meeting today including a special Info ( from idk ) horse from Longchamp...

1. Longchamp : 15:10 - EW - Kalahari Gold - 3rd @ 7.8 ( 11/2 ) - ( Ran a great race with the first four split by less than a length )
This owes us nothing as we have done well with this , a CD winner and previously a Listed Group 1 race winner ( Dubai Duty Free Stakes ' Newbury ) this horse had and has obvious ability and although 7 is still in very good heart and is currently holding its form very well and with the brilliant Jarnet taking the ride this looks EW Banker material.

2.Musselbrough : 13:50 - LOTD - Mad Jazz - 2nd - ( Easily beaten 5 Lengths ) @ 9/4
Just watched the re run of this race and yes it did swerve when the gates opened and yes it did try that extra bit to maintain a racing gakllop and stay in contention but the whip was out after just 2 furlongs , then at 4 was pushing and shoving and going no where whilst Vanessa ( races today ) was up front disputing lead and just losing 2nd spot nr the line, i can see no reason whatsoever as to why the form should be reversed and either of the newcomers would only need to be rated around 65 to see this off imo , Vanessa is the most likely winner but i feel the Lay on mad jazz is the bet.

3.Plumpton : 14:30 - EW - Wayward Glance - NON RUNNER - 
Now this was a toss up between having this in as an EW or Featherintheattic as a NAP ( 1st @ 2.72 ) , tough call Feather' really shud be winning his race but this at 6.0 looks a decent bet , rated as high as 83 on the flat and imo easily the best of these on the flat but it has shown to be very novicey / borderline poor at Jumping with plenty of mistakes per round , that said it still ran well enough to come 3rd lto only getting beat a couple of lengths after making errors at the last 2 hurdles , If Best has managed to iron out the jumping quirks then this must surely have a leading chance , The place only @ 1.82 looks skinny as i would want 2.02 or better so wait till that improves , but as an out and out EW bet looks good .

4.Towcester : 14:10 - WIN NAP - Vendor - 1st @ 1.18 ( Won as it liked )
Now i know @ 1.18 some people will say " whats the fucking point? " , well the point is look to have a keep bet at say 1.20-1.25 and a bit more on at 1.5 ( not that it will get matched imo )  this is buying money , you are effectively backing @ 1.18 that Vendor will complete his round of Jumping because thats all it has to do...put £100 on , Collect £120 then go and buy a few drinks or the mrs some flowers ;-).....This is an absolute certainty ( bar falling or bd ) .
* Backed at 1.20 and Place laid @ 1.06 ( falling cover ) For a £100 Profit or £0

5.Cork : 15:05 - EW - Shake the Bucket - Unplaced ( @ 8.86 , Traded for 4/5ths of the race at 4.2 so great trading opps and i did ok on the trade with the single making a fair profit , ruined my Trixies tho...oh well lets see what Kalahari Gold does )
The Key to this horse is the ground , good or better and it runs well, yielding or worse and forget it and this won at Tramore on its penultimate start over the sticks before pulling up lto on unsuitable ground , has been running really well thru the winter at Dundalk is super fit and fresh and this family owned, trained and ridden  beast should give a decent account.

6.Fairyhouse : 15:25 - EW - Please Talk -  NON RUNNER ( 13:11 ) - 
Carberry has deserted Tom Horn to ride this ( line thru mr murphy shows this to be a wise move ) and at 15.0 looks a seriously good EW .


So there we are 4 x EW bets , 1 x NAP and 1 x LOTD , i will be laying the lotd , i will be emptying my wallets into Vendor and having a " fun " £5 EW lucky 15 and a £25 EW acca on the 4 EW bets , have a great day, chat soon....
*Got this in time so bet is now a £10 EW Trixie and £25 EW Treble....*

**Now my bet is Just fooked ;-( ( 2 Non Runners today ) ...Oh well..might see if i can find something to go with the other 2....

***Stuck Go Go Green in ( 14:20 muss ) in for the EW Trixie *** - 1st @ 13.5 ( Dead Heat , Grr...But did great on the single Trading the photo @ 1.5 ;-)) )

Good Profits all round today ;-))..roll on Tmrw...


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