Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Photo Finish

Morning All , i write this a bit bleary eyed and still hungover , had a great day and night yesterday , the night for me was to act as a chaperone for my Dear friend Sledge who was having his first date in a gazillion years and it was a partially sighted one at that ( not a full blind date as they had swapped texts for 7 days prior ) and he was nervous ( bless @ 40 ) but needless to say it went perfectly well and he got chauffeured home at 9:30am ;-).
Heres a Pic of Sledge with his comedy Goggles on ;-) ...

And to any of you that Play Words for Friends you will appreciate this highest ever single word score!!.......257!!!

Onto yesterdays action , the usual Boo Hoo'ing from the Animal rights brigade after two horses died during the National , which was expected as they talk shit every year and wont stop till it ceases which wont happen , the race itself was superb imo , only 15 finishers from a full field of 40 , plenty of fallers and Brought Downs , super exciting and i had a good run from my Shakalakaboomboom until it tired 2 out and limped home 9th , great run and probably the best finish from the race i have ever witnessed ....It just doesnt get any closer than that!!! , i have to say a big well done to Seabass and Katie Walsh , great ride and performance vwd, earlier on in the day we saw some more amazing runs from the Hendo stable most notably for me was Simonsig , next year will be an amazing one imo.
Profitwise yesterday was again superb , hit all the right notes and called all the right tunes , very happy , today however we have a very flat and tepid fare on offer with only Leopardstown offering us any flat action so i have a feeling today could be very low key , whilst i continue to do some race reading i will let you enjoy some of the picture highlights of yesterdays Big Event.


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