Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mawning Yawning Mawning Yawning FFS GTFOOH LOL WTF!!

Hola Bola and Morning all , the header for todays Post may be going a bit fecking mental or it be may the way forward as i have today decided to GIVE UP SMOKING!!...oh Man oh Man....Im the most Impatient person i know in fact whilst im writing this im already annoyed that im not already " Healed " ..this is going to be a long , fraught and painful road i know but waking up and wheezing , lack of general fitness , baccy fingers , ruined shirts , standing in the cold , making a filth of my new decorating , stink and the general urghness has led me down this path , i know that a part of me will always be a smoker but i also know im stubborn enough and strong willed enough to fuck this off from the get go!!!...so here we go Day 1 ...Lets Kick this Shit!!!

Had a couple of really Nice hits yesterday , 3 solid bets which included 2 x win bets and 1 x Laybet which resulted in 2 x Winners @ 15.5 and 4.6 and a Winning Laybet ( Beaten 1.74 Fav ) so all was good yesterday on an otherwise tepid and lacklustre day.

Today does not appear much better although i will give it more focus....
Hmm well on the Flat we only have Southwell and with just the one Maiden to work on it wont take Long...
Southwell 14:10 Silver Blaze - 1st @ 2.94

Over the Sticks....
14:30 Exeter - Themilanhorse should hose up  , has tons in hand and only has to complete to win : 1st @ 1.70

So on a quiet day that will be all for now, Daily Best Bet is Posted up on the New PRP site ,
Chill out and Look forward to a Great Newmarket!!..all starts for me tmrw.....Nell Gwynn and the Duty Free is my Flat season starter....ttfn x

2/2 for today is a steady return and a nice little double ;-)...Happy Days.


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