Sunday, 2 September 2012

Just the one..

One big tip today was posted yesterday on the fb page and it come third @ 41.09 ( 7.60 )  we have another single Gold selection for tmrw and that is.....only available via if you want tmrw's top tip then email me and i will send it back ;-)...
Other than that its been a busy few weeks sorting accounts out, tracking data and race watching all the day to day humdrum that goes along with my work but i have had a few games of tennis and there has been a big improvement in my game over the summer and the latest game ( today ) was testament to that , we had rallies with power, finesse , spin , top , lobs and dinks...excellent stuff and yes i did win today 6-3 , 6-8 , 6-2 and it was a toughie , as they usually are but still great fun.
I am well over due a monster rant and im sure one wont be far away , a lot of the shit in the news lately makes me so mad i cant write let alone think! , on a sounder note i have been tracking voyager 1 and 2 as they leave our Heliosphere and enter inter stellar space which i think is both fascinating and wondrous with some incred pictures being sent back, its such a shame our life on this mortal coil is so painfully short ;0(.
Having been grimmed for the third and final time ( this time for £8k ) i have now shut down my Paypal account and wont be using it again ..ever..ridic scenes..ggrr..the law is an ass!!.
Quick recap on the season thus far and its been eventful, confusing and trite , High Points ..well obv Frankel the wonder horse and possibly Camelot but as daft as it sounds im not over enthused with Camelot just yet as i thought this years Derby was..well as my great friend Sledge would say..Dogwank!! , in fact all the classics this season have been a shade disappointing with all the best races coming from the lower lights and usually being won by a Gosden runner!.
i said pre season to follow J Doyle and that has been proved to be a good call as he along with switcher G Lee have both been superb and my breeding stats have been a brilliant help to me this season and the first season i have used the collected data for full on betting and trading, very pleased with the results.
Bit disappointed with the mid season Trolls claiming my race cards only pic favs out etc etc troll troll and then wanting to initiate communication after the abuse of them even went to the wordpress page to comment...but after speaking to my friends and other associates i found it within myself to ignore the tools and  move on but i still cannot understand the Internet and the Haters, the Trolls and the argumentative sorts  , surely if you dont like something you dont continue doing that thing in this case reading , why splurge hated and bile into print, modern day bullying i think , the rise of the keyboard warrior!!..tossers!
The weather this year has tbf played fucking havoc with all the early season stuff and then thru till end of June , then it would be soft/firm/soft/firm...making race predicting harder than ever sometimes just plain impossible.
I still think its a shame there isnt much banter on here ( one of the main reasons the posts slowed as i got fed up talking to myself when there were other avenues available ) and the Americans..i seemed to have developed a bit of a following from over the pond but they never talk?..maybe bots?..i dunno, shame tho at least AVERAGE GUY found the time to say Hi ;-)..
Dont forget guys n gals if you would like any specific race reviewing just ask , if you would like to join the FB page..enquire , ..right time to go as im rambling rather incoherently now , drink poured , film on pause, food is ready...excellent, night all..see ya thru the week ;-)


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