Friday, 12 October 2012

What on Earth...

Is this world of ours coming to?...I feel the need to vent a little this morning ( been a while since i last ranted ) but those stupid fucktards that go under the guise of Mulim or Islam make my piss boil with their insatiable stupidity , lack of intelligence , ignorance and vile behaviour .
Now i now they are split into 2 camps here, the Normal work a day Muslim and the Militant but the two quite often cross over and as such can easily be brought to task.
Now today sees these Morons on parade again and out in protest at the American made film that apparently ridicules the so called Prophet Muhammed....
So what if it does , what is the big deal?..did millions of Catholics or Christians start crying in their cornflakes when Life of Brian was made? by n large we all laughed our big sweaty socks off because it was funny as fuck.I quite often feel these militants and " believers " have a hidden purpose for their rantings and excuses for wanton violence its a smoke and mirrors act to deflect what really goes on in their culture and what there real objectives are.
They are all out on the streets all dressed in their PJ's with there stupid looking beards and poor personal hygiene with vented , screwed up faces of hated and misguided loyalty.The whole Islam/Muslim faith is a load of old pony much like every other religion and this is largely due to the fact that there is no god!!..when will everyone realise this ffs?? can we still hold concepts and ideas that were barely believable in the year 1500.
All religion is hocus pocus , there is no god fact!! however as a race what we all require at times is belief or self belief or an unnatural desire to attain an unnatural outcome  or any given event or moment in our lives, ie: a car has turned over / crashed and in your mind you will say something like .." i pray to god they are ok" ...this is not an acceptance that there is a god but is merely a faith orientated and more polite way of saying ...for fucks sake i hope they are ok...we pray to thin air that we can win the lottery , we clasp our hands together talking to our imaginary maker and what this does is it releases the negative energy and thoughts and installs fresh hope and belief that is not religion, that my friends is human nature.
Getting back to Muhammed ( so called Prophet )  this orphan boy from Mecca was in training to be a merchant between his homeland and Syria and then between the med and India was said to have had a hand in laying down the Black Stone and this was the start of his days of prophecies ...i cant explain much history on this because its all bollocks , they have no historical or accurate data to back any findings or facts up everything that has been said has been pretty much made up and lets not forget that in years gone by , well we wasnt really that well developed  and well lets put this into context...some 2000 years later we are still burning woman on a stake because we believed them to be god how as a race did we make it this far?.
Then these not so fair minded fuckers in modern day are running round , shouting " in the name of Allah ".....may as well be Fred...blowing shit up , terrorising lives and livelihoods ,  and general talking of bollocks.
If i had my way i would Ban all religions across the board and open up houses of peace and Rest for those seeking solice and solitude.
Why do the Muslims feel they have a special reason to protect or disagree against actions or words in a world ( mostly) where free speech is normal , they have no respect for life , a poor view on judgement and the treatment of their woman is appalling..they need educating in life.
To summarise..ALL RELIGION is bullshit..get a grip!

Next Mini Rant is aimed at British Gas who today have announced another eye watering 8% rise in Fuel Prices at the same time as announcing a first quarter Profit of £252M ( taking the proverbial i think ) but the profit although large isnt what really fucks me off, my anger is 2 fold , Firstly why is it whenever we have a core fuel increase ( the bulk items required to make fuel ) the prices have shot up ( huge increases in the last 5-10 years )  but when Oil prices have subsided we have never seen the prices drop back down!..why?..this has been nothing short of theft and the Govt will do nothing!! , and Secondly why are the Gas/Electric businesses world wide not for profit ( NFP ) Surely its been our right as a race of people , as human beings ( of any accidence ) since the discovery of fire and its abilities to stay warm , to stay fed ( where possible )  and housed ( this is another issue ) Water/sewerage/Gas/Electric should all be NFP imo and centrally run in this modern day and age its appalling that we have people of any age or standing going cold or hungry , why can this not be changed?..why are so many people filled and fuelled by greed and power?!, this needs to be changed NOW!!!.
I did want to discuss rather loosely quite a bit more today but i have seemed to have run out of cheerio for now , have a great day folks and lets get together and Kill Newmarket tmrw ;-)


Copy Halt