Friday, 1 March 2013

Fri Post

Been out today , had my first Game of Golf in nearlyearly two years..and for the first 7 holes i sucked royally, i was an epic fail on holes 1-7 however i picked up the bit and carried on and 8 & 9 were an improvement and then i smashed the back 9 , Tee shots were good and consistent, Chipping was solid , Putting was Well weighted and considered and all in all i was very happy, a couple of trips to the range and i should be ready to commence this years Society Comp which starts in 3 weeks and will put me right for the Lads Golf Jolly to Malaga in May ;-0 , WD to Shippers who started off tardily but gathered himself up and proved to be a class act on the back nine wp m8 and wd Sledge for playing well front 9 and enjoying the round, n1 , so bashed the Gym this week , played a bit of Tennis and got back to Golf..the exercise regime is coming along , need a good shower and relax now.
The week on PTS has started off well which is nice as we have a couple of new members from Lands afar and i hope i can continue to present them with winning opportunities and combined profiteering ;)...
Busy days racing for Saturday with a couple of smaller meetings backed up with a couple of competitive cards at Doncaster and Newbury , i will not produce any cards for these as the huge change in ground condition means that a lot of form could get turnt around and i shall just focus on my double/lay/savers and trading and put some focus into the members bets and PTS i will in all likelihood take it easy next with little doing , then i will post two cards on Saturday to sharpen my skills in readiness for an explosive Cheltenham Festival....soon be here and what a week that should be!! , so until then , unless there is any change or anything specific from you guys, have a great weekend, a great week and i will look forward to catching up with you all next week, ttfn x.


Copy Halt