Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Typical Example..


Quite often i have ( and im pretty sure you all have ) had a selection or a fancy for a race and priced it up and when the price was in your opinion good , you jump in....only to see it suddenly drift....a lot of folk " bottle it " at this point and try to jump off thinking the market is always right however quite often is the case in these open affairs it means nothing...and today i really fancied VOLITO as it was carrying good CD form, was in form and well in on a feather weight plus it had Jack Garrity's 7lb allowance giving it a huge chance and this morning i thought i will have £50 if it hits i jumped on at 5.1...only to see it drift to i jumped in again as this was now brilliant value....and then it goes on to win comfortably at an astonishing 6.73 !!!....Message to take from this....dont let the market put you off , once a decision has been made stick by it....its a long term winner....


Copy Halt