Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sunday Summary....

Well i have had a thoroughly relaxed day betting n not bet so much in ages and i really enjoyed it.

The Longbow account is now on its arse after i spunked a huge chunk of change away chasing loss after loss that will have to be rebuilt.
On a positive note the Sniper account is Glowing after Wins with Sprinter Sacre, Altior ( NAP ) , General Girling and Baron Alco plus i had 4 placed from 5 in EW doubles so that was a nice profit.

On the balance of play tho i have spunked too much away today needlessly but it was a pot to lose i sat down with the intention of betting it and it didnt come off another day i could have won nicely but thats racing, back to the grind tmrw, betting in frequently and pot building through the week as we look to attack it big style next weekend...well thats the theory meanwhile the Sniper account can just keep creeping up until it reaches a point where it provides a 2nd income....fingers crossed anyhoo as im getting bored wit this working malarkey!!..

righto all ttfn keep smiling n stay lucky.x


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