Thursday, 3 March 2016

What did you Miss?


Kestrel Call is an out n out SL however the mid range to this market is very weak and for that reason even at 1.98 i am leaving this alone. - Unplaced @ 4/5F

ANCIENT CROSS at 5.5 is a massive SL ( anything over 9.4 qualifies as huge or massive ) and this HAS to be Layed ( or traded , whatever floats ones boat ). - Unplaced @ 6/1 2ndF

Claude Greenwood is currently on the margins..just about sneaks in as an out n out SL however i would probably just trade this at 4.2 rather than Lay unless the market straightens up significantly.

Captain Revelation is another borderline although the current 4.50 makes little appeal as i would ideally want or expect 4.2 or slightly lower knowing that if it goes in the 3's then the market will become unbalanced for the wrong reasons.


ZANSTRA is a strong SL here at 8.6 but its always a nerve jangler taking on Dicky Johnson riding an in form horse but then i dont bet horses i bet against the market and the force is strong with this one.- Unplaced @ 15/8F

Hollywoodien is another strong looking runner that comes in at 8.2 on the SL scale  ( bit like the scoville scale but without the chillies ).- Unplaced at 5/2F

Nexius follows that and is another but this is slightly higher at 9.1 and at 3.10 makes lots of appeal in what will be an attritional race. - Unplaced @ 7/2F

Aptrix is on the margins as this 7.2 selection is another with a very poor mid range and is best watched for now unless the market turns dramatically for us.

This will do you today, have a taste see how it feels and what you think and let me know how you got on, ( Results Later )

TTFN ;-)

BooooooooooooooooooM 4 From 4 ;-)


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