Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Its Tues and...

Had my First Tennis match of the year against sledge ( http://sledgetrader.blogspot.com )  , He won 3-6 , 7-5 , 2-6 , but tbh i kinda chucked last 4 games in as i had no movement left in my legs....Shudda called it a draw and quit at 1-1 ( he wud have taken it lol ) , but well played as usual mate , some great rallies .

On the Trading front , the racing looks rather low on quality today and the NH  scene looks dire but hey ho thats the way its gonna go some days , just gonna have to try and pick up bits and pieces where i can , the magic £50 looks like its gonna take some earning today......Lets see...;-)

Have a good day all....

**Right o , its 16-39 and ive had enough today...very hard going , but expected with the quality on offer today , however i cruised past my £50 target for today gleaning a quite respectable £61-42 so cant grumble , no real big swings today and everything pretty straight forward..
So Just needed 2 hours 39 mins at work today ;-))...Not a bad way to earn a living IMO.


Copy Halt