Monday, 28 March 2011

Morning all....

Monday morning , feeling better now after losing out in a stand off between me and 2 gallons of lager!! , back to the grind today , and a grind it will  to be for now , daily targets are revised and for now will be £50-£65 , on a five day week , so £250 pw is the Minimum , £325 would be nice , when i have increased the bank i will increase the stakes accordingly , but for now we are playing safe....17 races @ £3 a race = £51 , that will be my minimum acceptable return , obv this is subject to change as i will looking at trading more on the " in running " markets , right coffee time , i will check back later , ttfn...;-D

Well its 17-16 and thats me done for today , Made my target today , actually made £65-95 so right bang in the zone for that , actually reached £72+ at one stage but had a minor setback when i played a race all wrong....;-( , nm , still only had 2 losing bets all day and i can live with that , considering the racing was of a very poor standard today....See yall tmrw ;-)


Copy Halt