Tuesday, 22 March 2011

WoW..what a day ...

Sorry no early musings today as i had no idea what time i was going to be back , my car failed its M.O.T badly , needed considerably more spent on it than it was worth so chopped it and bought a nice cheap little Mondeo , cheap to run , service and everything else , so hopefully that will give me plenty of nice hassle free days of motoring...;-)
Anyway i digress , i got back just after 3 after missing loads of the earlier races and all the winning Favs and got stuck in , made a very steady £5 on first race and settled down to get on with some serious trading , although i dont quite know what happened , not in the zone? ,  rushing ? , whatever it was i quickly spunked off £140+ in two races.....FFS!! , i sat the next out , got a brew and decided i needed to get my shit together , so come up with an action plan that involved backing a horse i figured to be way overpriced then lay in running....this worked a treat and i quickly got back £107...then had a couple of minor slips in the euphoria of winning , then settled back down...Now sitting down this aft i set my self a target of £50 and stop , so to find that after my last of the day my P n L was £49-36 was a very pleasant surprise.....wd me i say....But ffs i rly cud do wi out all the arsenumbing swings...must learn the lessons and concenfuckingtrate!!....cannot do this slapdash, thats all bollocks......
I wont be around at all tmrw as i have a very important meeting down in London...and in all honesty i prolly wont be back now till Sunday at the earliest , so enjoy the rest of your week TTFN ;-))


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