Monday, 9 February 2015

There Ya Go >>>>

So as i kinda almost expected the dip into Sunday Irish Racing was a Joke....form is a joke and then they just go round in a circle sharing winners out between each other....
Its the same on the flat although in truth AoB does win with his more professed types but even then 2nd and 3rd strings win their fare share its just a joke and that will certainly be my last look at anything Irish unless she is double D and not wearing any panties ;-).

So its back to reality and a dull average Monday awaits...but surely there must be at least one bet worth having ??...well let me see now.....

A half decent punt is a Double on the Favs in the first two races at Plumpton as both look very strong in weak fields whilst TRYSTER looks good at Wolverhampton and this can be doubled with WINTER QUEEN ( Possible 4 fold also looks a fare bet in truth ) and you can cover the cost of these bets by Laying Telegraph in the finale.

Enjoy your week and see you at the Weekend.


1  2nd
2. 2nd
3. 1st
4. 2nd




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