Monday, 13 February 2012

You may have Noticed..

A barrage of Sponsorship Banners up for Betfair , this is due to my tie in with them ( being an affiliate ) and we are currently running a  ( upto ) 35% off commission ( lifetime offer ) , so instead of paying the normal commission you will only pay ( * book dependant ) 65% of the rate you are assigned and the way this works is like this , sign up Via one of my banners and at the end of every calendar month you will receive a payment to your betfair account for ( upto ) 35% of all commissions you have paid on any source, sports, poker, racing, whatever...Its a cracking deal!! , a market beater if you ask me!.or alternatively , after your first bet has been placed contact me and i can give you an immediate one off payment for upto £250 , and when ten times that same amount has been staked in any form you will receive another instant payment from me...Simples!.


Copy Halt