Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dont Miss the Winners Part 3

My two core posts from my FACEBOOK page today were these...

My LOTD would have to be ALWILDA in the 14:20 @ Ayr ( currently 1.7 ) Firstly this will trade higher both pre and in running imo and secondly this looks wide open with a few choicely bred types....win or lose this has to be laid...
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Result = UNPLACED = BooooooM ;-)

Clint Smith
Hi Guys , my First Horse for today is what you may say is a speculative punt , Firstly my view , This horse exactly 2 years ago was racing for M Stoute and off an incredible 40lbs higher mark!!..Now with Bradley and is generally frustrating as fuck for both the owners and backers , is a class animal but never seems like it can be bothered ;-( , Once rated at 87 and now off an incredible 49 if ever this horse was going to start to turn a profit it would be now it has now where else to go and its lto run hinted at a slight return to form and it was a very promising effort ( albeit on the poly ) , the Horse in question is BOTANIST in the 14:00 @ Bath and is currently 15.0 on Betfair although i will have a small go on this i will be having a bigger EW lump at BFSP and cross my fingers and hope it gets a decent break , i have just spoken to the owner via the medium that is twitter and his main remark was the following.." @snipersnipes I have no idea to be honest, he's the best horse in the race ability wise but does not put it all in, open race for sure! "....So it is a bit of a hit n hope but the price allows for a bit of flexibility in your approach....Good Luck if your on..
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..Result = 3rd @ 21.0 ( hit 2.30 ) = BoooooooM ;-)

and one of Guys also tipped up the following....
A bit of an angle from her indoors(well the bookies) John Weymes goes 260 odd miles down to Bath with Almaty Express 2.00 and Twinwood Star 3.30. He is 1/1 this season at bath and 3/13 in the last 5 seasons and generally does well with his runners when travelling any distance with his runners. Almaty Epress is a 20 time winner all be it nearly all of them are at Wolves 12/1. Twinwood Star is running in a nursery for only the 2nd time having shown nothing to get a lowly mark of only 42 however its last run hinted at a little bit of ability of this sort of mark 16/1. Both at least worth a 2nd glance, or so she tells me.
 ·  ·  · .. And ALMATY went off at big double figure odds ( hit 3.0 ) before running out the places..another great day , ;-)


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